RingerX VIP Allows You Customize Ringing & Vibration Behavior For Calls & Messages

Have you missed an important call because you forgot to turn on the ringer on your iPhone? Wouldn’t it have been nice if you could have set the duration for which you want the ringer to be turned on, at time of turning on the mute switch?

The good news is that a new jailbreak tweak called Ringer X VIP developer by @_Yllier_ allows you to do just that and lots more. It allows you to customize ringing and vibration behavior for calls and text messages.

Here are some of the things you can do with this jailbreak tweak:

  • You can mute all the tones temporarily via Activator, which also allows you to set the period of time after which you want all tones to be turned back on again.
  • It also allows you to customize the following for individual contacts:
    • Automatically mute a call from a particular contact
    • Set custom volume for a contact when the volume is turned on
    • Ability to ignore the mute switch for important contacts, so you don’t miss a call from your boss or wife/girlfriend
    • Ability to always enable vibration mode on your iPhone when you get a call for a particular contact
  • Assign custom ringtones and text tones to a Contact group
  • SBSettings toggle to quickly enable or disable RingerX VIP

RingerX VIP is compatible with iOS 5 and works with SMS/text jailbreak apps such as biteSMS, Messages+, RealSMS and tweaks such as CallBar and iBlacklist.

click on the image above to see a slideshow of all the screenshots

You can check out the video of RingerX VIP in action below:

Ringer X VIP is available in Cydia for $1.99. The developer has also created a detailed how-to guide (follow this link) to use the features.

Let us know what you think of the jailbreak tweak in the comments.

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  • D-R

    now that is a one amazing app.

  • Micrinko

    Could be Useful

  • W

    Does anyone know if there is an app that will me allow certain emails from MS Exchange to still ring even if the phone based on the sender or subject line when set to silent, this is similar to a BB feature? Thanks.

    • fas

      i dont think so…

  • Hans K

    In theory an excellent idea and product. In reality it slowed down my iphone to a crawl. I uninstalled after a couple of hours of agony. But otherwise excellent.

  • Hans K

    Again….in all fairness I fixed it, I think. After I deleted the software I decided to try again. That time it works fine, no detectable slowing of normal operations. And it seems quite useful, especially in cases you’d NEED such features. Good to have!

  • Patrick

    Initial install of the software boggs the system to almost a complete halt. A reboot is necessary to get it back up and running. It’s ridiculous because since there has been a couple updates I hate having to update to get through how slow it boggs the system.