Samsung Galaxy Note Vs iPhone Street Challenge [Video]

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It looks like Samsung is finally tired of making fun of Apple fans after this, this and this ad.

In the new ad, which appears to be a staged Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone “Street Challenge”, Samsung tries to highlight things that can be done on the Galaxy Note, which are not possible on the iPhone.

We gave Android users just a few hours to play with the new Samsung Galaxy Note. Then we hit the streets to see how other smartphone users stacked up against the Note’s groundbreaking S-Pen in some simple challenges. This is what happened…

[via iClarified]

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  • you just got samsunged! oh wait… there’s an app for that.. lol. such a terrible actor.. love how she blatantly tosses up the iphone logo just so people can see.. oh no, it’s a stylus!

    • Samsung Lover

      Love iPhone. But love Samsung Galaxy-S much more!! You apple freaks will buy ANYTHING apple puts out. Well, there are Samsung worshippers like us too. We sometimes frequent this website to check out what the Samsung-bashers have to say. SING IT AGAIN, SAM!(SUNG)

      • Iphone

        i just switched from my jailbreaked 4S to galaxy S2 and then no regrets , can do everything i want my way now !!! i am not an apple freak from now on , but i have to say everything with apple logo can be well sold , i changed my 4s with s2 plus 80 euros , realy good

  • Seb

    Ridiculas !!! You could do all of that on an iPhone ! These ads are getting really silly now! I’m all for completion in the market as its good for every one but this ads are poor!

    • BigBossSnake

      What about Siri? Google had it all along already. So are you meaning ‘What’s the point of the ad’ when Google Androids could do what Siri does too?

  • be noyles

    wow save 300 or so dollars and put android on a nook 3g its the same thing

    • themajesticking

      I have always been an avid iphone fan but i just recently gave up my iphone for a galaxy note and the biggest selling point is that my internet speed averages 15mb up nad 15mb down. They didnt even touch on that

  • everyone who ever owned an iphone and switched to android is probably shaking their heads at Samsung.. who do they think they’re fooling? Android doesn’t even have half the apps iPhone has and what they can do.

    • Nosferatu

      I’m not πŸ˜‰

      <– Galaxy S2 πŸ™‚

      • iPhone is the best

        There is no task on android less than 5 clicks it’s stupid, it’s not user friendly,

        • Nosferatu

          lol..not true. Right from my lock screen I can launch the camera, email, sms, phone, etc. Home screen I’ve got those handy things called widgets as well which is more than what iOS has.

          • @iTaos

            Why are you on an iOS website Mr. Fandroid?

          • Nosferatu

            @Taos because I used to own one and a not so tech savvy friend of mine relies on me to help with his jailbroken iPhone4

          • Fu Nosferatu

            GTFO Nosferatu. IDOIT!

          • Dr. NO

            So I could use all your stuff without even unlocking your phone. Sounds really secure.

      • Brett

        Then why are you on an iPhone based website?

        • Juan

          Yeap. Why dont you go to a samsung website ? Stupid ad.

      • Mikeyxx

        Nope, not me either. But I do miss a few apps.

        LG Optimus 2x

    • ummm I used to use Android, 4 consecutive androids b4 i got my iPhone 4 to try it out and see what the hyoe is all about. I still say that android is 100 times better, even after I got my iPhone 4 jailbroken. I just dont have the money to buy a new phone every month.

    • BigBossSnake

      Do you own all the apps on App Store? Geez

    • Iphone

      i am happy that i switched to android , it is hard to do but finally you realize that you free now u do not need anymore those fancy apple products there are more and more better , just my thoughts

  • Player

    Is easy to find a person that does not know how to use a phone, not just an iPhone any phone, that girl did not even know how to unlock it. Lol

    • G.4


  • Dwerg

    I would rather slit my wrists and bleed out in public than be seen with a Samsung phone! iPhone can do all that and more if they didnt ask the most retarded person in the usa to use it!! Well done Samsung you just proved why your products are inferior to any and all other brands, by creating ads like this. I just hope you wake up soon and take your heads out of your you know what…

    • Yeah, you’re right, iPhone is made for retarded people, that’s the reason you can use iPhone. Be Smart. Be Android. Open your mind to a world of possibilities.

      P/S: I used to have iPhone, but then I evolve.

      • Wite Boy

        i had a iphone 4 for over a year then switched to a Galaxy S2 for about 9 months. now i have the 4s, in no way is Android better, you might have devolved in intellect if you think other wise. a jailbroken iphone is way better then any android phone. and the app quality on the droid market f*cking s*cks. its like a bunch of 4th graders making apps on it.

      • James

        How can you evolve if you were “retarded” in the first place!

    • You should stop using your brain so much and just go and slit your wrists…

    • Jack

      “I would rather slit my wrists and bleed out in public than be seen with a Samsung phone!”

      Samsung should use that in it’s marketing campaign!

      • Wiilt

        Smh……. back to root terminaling my iphone…

  • dman

    Just switched from iPhone 4S to the Note and I love it. I have been an iPhone guy since they arrived on the seen. Has been a bit of a learning curve going from iOS to Android. The best thing about the Note is the real-estate the size of the screen is awesome to surf the net and to play games on. The freedom of not having to use iTunes is also a big plus. The iPhone is a great device but so is the Note. Whatever works for each individual.

    • Max Chin

      I agree with you all the way. I give up my iphone 4 for note. love the colourful screen. and most of tthe apps are not big. only a Few mb.

  • Sam

    Samsung sucks. iPhone is the best. I have been using since the first generation and changed every time they launched the new model and i simply love it. Apple is the best. iPhone, iPad, Mac I use these three and Samsung is sh*te. Poor advert. Did not prove anything.

  • Koolalexd95

    You can do all of that with an iPhone plus more! Plus even more if it is jailbroken! You just have to know how to use the phone, I’m 16 almost 17 and I know more about iPhones than that chick. They just found an idiot that didn’t know all the phones features.

    • Max Chin

      Not everyone likes to jailbroken their phone. Too troublesome.I did that and I know.

  • Charles

    Give that stupid girl the samsung phone and she has no chance of figuring out how to do the stuff the guy did.

    • Yo-daddy67


  • android

    iphone is a great phone ive owned the past 2 generations. The note is a great phone too but the screen size and freedom is fantastic.

  • baba

    The phone is too big, and common a stylus?? The girl should just put her phone in the pocket and ask the Samsung guy to do the same….

    • RLBalt


    • Paradox

      +1 the samsung is not a phone … its a tablet with phone capabilities built in… it would be like walking around with a kindle held to your ear … Bigger isn’t always better. is there some cool features .. maybe … but seriously the bigger is better concept is getting rediculous.

      • BigBossSnake

        Mate, I used to have a 7″ galaxy tab as a phone. When I got a Note, I was actually worried that the phone might be too big for my pockets. How was I surprised that it fitted snugly into my pocket with the freedom to move around still. PS – it’s real light too

  • Brian

    It fits just vfine in my Jeans pocket!. I also have switched from Iphone to the Note and love it. Screen size is great and having no nrestrictions Apple puts on it’s phone users is great. Just getting to now how to use the android OS but can already do more then i could with my jailbroken Iphone.

    • Wiilt

      lololol…. when it comes down to it. they have the same capabilities. this ad just struck me as really funny! XPa

      • Nosferatu

        easily drag/drop files from phone to a computer and back? simply playback any file formats (flac, mkv, etc.)? widgets? flash? removable battery? easily customizable (yes that includes you jailbreakers)? add/remove/edit program permissions? Titanium Backup? LTE? NFC?

        I can go on but I’ll stop there lol.

        • Brett

          Again, why are you on an iPhone website?

        • conspiracy theorist

          allow me, heats up in your hand, poor GPS reception, weak 3g reception, plasticy, real ugly, irresponsive screen, slow, stolen apps from iOS, weak android market place, very laggy, buggy, doesnt know what it wants to be(phone or tablet). please DIE. if samsung passes for a phone to you, you are the sort who pees sitting down πŸ™‚

          • stone

            Um, No. My Galaxy Note does NONE of the things you just described, plus I’m getting 55Mb downstream, 45Mb upstream. People keep comparing the number of apps between Apple and Andriod. Who has 250,000 apps on their phone? I’m a former Iphone user, and I was able to find all of my Apple apps on Android. Your blanket statement about a phone that you obviously don’t own only illustrates that you are drinking the Apple Kool Aid like a true Fanboy.

    • Baba

      @brian, than your one these guys who were their pants to hide their disappears, the baggy pants r gone long time ago, grow up my friend

    • James

      let me know when you can talk and surf the net at the same time…..

  • JB

    Find somebody that knows how to use an iPhone. Then challenge them.

  • RLBalt

    “Ground Breaking” s-pen? ( that’s what they call the stylus). What a bunch of jerks. The (horrible) idea of a stylus has been around since the Flinstones. That girl is either stupid or a horrible actress. And that phone, or should I say tablet, is huge. Can it even fit in pockets? iPhone is the best. People are just haters.

  • Steveo

    Pathetic Samsung. Just simply pathetic. I have free apps on my iPhone that can simply & quickly do all of that. To even try to say that an iPhone can’t edit a power point file or Jpeg file or PDF file is just a pathetic lie. Come on guys. Put out a real ad already. All you can really say is the screen is bigger (and the battery probably sucks balls). I personally don’t want my phone to be any bigger than it already is.

    • dman

      I have to laugh at you guys who talk about the iPhone screen being perfect size but when they bring out the next iPhone with a Larger screen thats all you will talk about.

      • Nosferatu

        LMFAO! So true.

      • Bill

        A phone shouldn’t be that big, a tablet is what you get if you want a decent size screen, the iPhone is perfect because it sits in your poket without a problem and does evrything that is needed, if you wanted to write a document or read a 10000 word book you do it on a tablet or pc, not your phone despite how big the screen is, with the note you just look like the guy from trigger happy tv ( shouting hello!)

        • dman

          lol ok Bill I guess when the new iPhone has a larger screen you won’t be purchasing one because the one you have now is perfect.

  • James

    -Hey can I try your stylus?
    -Sure! Now I don’t think the iPhone can…
    (woman throws stylus at traffic)
    – Rematch b*tch!

  • Darrel

    I read all the notes before this one and then I watched the video. I agree with the general consensus that the girl’s an idiot. On Feb 13, I realized I would not be able to get to a store to buy my fiancΓ©e a Valentine’s Day card (don’t worry, she couldn’t get me one either), so on the morning of Feb 14, I dl’d a greeting card app, produced a fully customized e-card for her and sent it from the app. Took me about 20 minutes start to finish. And that’s with an old iPhone (3G). Yeah, she’s an idiot.

  • Macca

    The note is just to big, you will have to use two hands everytime you use It. Your thumb won’t reach across to other side of keyboard.

  • Orob

    samsung or iphone .. Who cares? They are freaking phones oh boy i’m free i’m free i can do what i want… Yes you can. now move on with your life if you want to be obsessed with something there are alot of other things in the world just stop comparing phones it is gay.

  • Tama

    if You guys Look at the End of the Video, at the bottom, u can read that Galaxy user was Brief of the exercices and got a lil training and on the other side, The Girl didnt get any and used her own Iphone.
    Anyway, just to say im a Fan of Galaxy but this Ad really Failed !

  • Creative

    I could never get a Samsung, I’m to creative long live the iPhone!

    • ROFL!

      “Im too creative” Are you serious? What does that have to do with owning a phone?

  • Eric

    Take the guy who built the samsung galaxy note vs a girl that doesn’t even know how to text on her iPhone and make a street challenge. Sounds fair. That chick was stupid as hell and her phone can do a lot more than she knows.

  • Bshaw

    The girl in the video was not stupid she really didnt know how to work her phone. Most females dont, they knew (samsung) what they where doing.

  • John

    That samsung is stupid big!

  • Rico

    Still using my iphone, its true about the user friendly use on samsung devices. But from what i think apple needs to improve on transferring data between comp and iphone. Cause so many of them avoiding the unique steps they just preferred usb .just a ideaa, to make iphone ruleeeeeee n kick samsung butt

  • MOY


  • Rob

    Im a Linux user and I’ll never ever use android for 2 reasons there devices are more exspensive most android tablets are cheaper to make than the iPad and but are being sold for the same price as an iPad do no value for money 2. Updates are a lottery system and most lifespan of android device are less than a year b4 u have to upgrade

    • dman

      How can you say that the iPADS oR iPHONE cost more to manufacture when they are maid in China @ a factory where they pay employes squat… (Updates are a lottery system and most lifespan of android device are less than a year b4 u have to upgrade) I guess everyone updating their iPhone every year are new customers ya right …

      • Paradox

        More goes into cost than labor fees…. R&D and materials to start. Doesn’t matter what country they are made in when it comes to that.

        • dman

          then why doesn’t Apple make their products in the USA ?

  • R U Serious

    R U Serious, android people on iphone site talking about how good the note is lmao but there on an iphone site, no wins…BTW most of them probably work for android trying to discourage even a handful of people to jump on their corny bandwagon like in that video. Then we have a comment from a guy that says not everyone wants to jailbreak their phone too troublesome and he knows that we know that he’s a liar and has never jailbroken anything cause it couldnt possibly be any easier. Now the ios guy that has widgets on his lock screen, R U Serious, not only can we customize that, ours looks better and we can use notification center from there also, wait you dont know what that is lol…Last but not least, I work in Manhattan in that area, let him stop me, and promise you all on iphonehacks, my iphone will embarass any phone he pulls out, promise that, im god with the 4s…

    • What the

      Amen….aah….I see the light….aah….Must be the iPhone 4s god….aah….He has arrived…aah…join me in….aah…hymns….aah

      • What the

        Sent from my iPhone 4s

        • What the

          Oh yeah….aah

  • KewlGai

    Comparing a Samsung Note and an iphone is stupid, i have all the iphone form 2g to 4s and samsung galaxy y to galaxy note. all i can say is that its the os that really counts. using siri is just plain stupid, using skyvi is better. all in all I love my iphones better than my samsungs.. android is just a second option in my book. IOS is a winner!

  • SeenDaLight

    so you can draw on a photo… who gives a f…………….

  • Now that’s what I call stupid chic!

  • letshavemeforabreak

    i have been using iPhone and android.. and now back to iPhone.. iPhone is definitely better i say… as much as android can do all that… i’m saying do we really need all that? those are just crap apps.. and why trouble your hands with a stylus? and as for flash websites… they don’t really load as well as a computer cause in the end i still prefer to use my computer to access them… and how many flash websites are you accessing everyday? plus more websites are iPhone friendly…and a big phone in your pocket/hand.. tiring.. embarassing to hold a huge phone.. πŸ™‚ and that is just a few things android can do but not necessary… iPhone have apps that can do what samsung can… only a true iPhone users know that… so stop trying to bring iPhone down.. everyone who thinks android is a better phone is in denial… i must say… plus battery on an android is 10x worst than iPhone… i couldn’t even last half a day with an android.. and they take too long to update a firmware that needs to be updated… by the time a new firmware is released they come out with a new phone for it… they really know how to suck your pockets dry… just saying.. have a great day.. whatever phone you choose to use is really up to you… as long you’re happy… cause i am certainly happy with an iPhone.. i can do so much with an iPhone than an android…

    peace out..

  • Gerard

    If that tablet, I mean phone was so useful and cool it would be able to stand out on its own. There would be no need to compare.

  • LoganExplosion

    Aww snap. Bust out the Jncos

  • Mr james

    She should have just asked Siri. Problem solved Lol.

  • Juancito

    Whats wrong whit Samsung? They insist giving more publicity to the iPhone. iPhone is the best for me πŸ™‚

  • Pandaa xo

    I’m going to put this as simple as possible. Coca cola and Pepsi go at it? People say ones better. Coke is the top selling company in the WORLD.. Apple is 4th. Andriod is only god knows how low. Apple makes 1 phone a year, andriod makes how many? 10? 15?. That alone lets you know what the best is money wise.

    Technology? Come on people ok you have an open source :)? Let’s compare app store ? Let’s compare Ram Speed? Let’s compare camera quality ? Just stop it people androids have there own fan sites

    Go THAT way >>>
    Stay out the friendly apple forums. Where people can afford GREAT quality phones

  • thenip

    fu*ken lame!!!!!…samsung tries so hard, i guess that’s commendable lol

  • mohgui

    obviously the challenges are biased to the capabilities of the Galaxy Note… and the girl is just dumb.

  • John B

    I like the silly android vs. iphone debate, and this may have been said (too many comments, yet I add to it) but I was a hardcore android user until I switched to Iphone 4S. I loved how customizable everything on android was, and the widgets were nice, but the Iphone is, in a word, seamless. Perhaps it is my OCD, graphic design self who gets so dismayed when a screen stutters between panels. I feel like most android phones need to be rooted and overclocked to function well and a new home skin certainly helps, but compared to the app ecosystem and the seamless integration of services apple supplies? I had to switch. I love that android develops new techniques to old problems and it helps to move the industry along but what once started as a dream of a carrier-free world turned into horrible bloatware, terrible build-quality and the user satisfaction is marred by production cycles and only maintained by zealots (as I once was).

  • Ronald

    I thought we were making the phone smaller and thinner from the good old school cell phone and try to diminish the use of stylus? Now theyre getting bigger and bigger again! Whats next? Ten inch phone??

    • Paradox

      Yes add Skype to your iPad and hold it unto your ear … its way better than the tiny Samsung note.

  • Ronald

    I thought we were making the phone smaller and thinner from the good old school cell phone and try to diminish the use of stylus? Now theyre getting bigger and bigger again! Whats next? Ten inch phone?

  • Ronald

    I thought were making the phone smaller and thinner from the good old school cell phone and try to diminish the use of stylus? Now theyre getting bigger and bigger again! Whats next? Ten inch phone?

  • Monkeyboy

    One thing Android can do natively is dictation in Chinese. I do business in both Chinese and English and on Samsung Galaxy S, I can send emails and text messages in Chinese by just talking. Voice recognition in Chinese is superb for Android. That piece of crap Siri can’t understand Chinese. yes, you can jailbreak and it will understand Chinese, but it’s mostly a dictionary function and does not write down messages. By the way, I carry both phones 4S and Galaxy. Tried Dragon dictation and it’s a 4 step process, open app, push record, push done, select type of message (sms, email) then send. Android, just push, talk, send.

  • genXhippie

    I own a jailbroken iP4S and a SGS2. They’re both have their pluses as well as minuses imo. Yahoo it, for yourselves.

  • Stupidity is dominant

    The idiocy with people who believe ads like this is he same sort of bs you believe when you see politicians … Samsung sux.. Let’s try this for a test..launch navigation and ask
    It your locations ..(u might wanna grab a beer or
    Coffee) fact

  • Stupidity is dominant

    The idiocy with people who believe ads like this is he same sort of bs people believe when they see politicians … Samsung sux.. Let’s try this for a test..launch navigation and ask
    It your locations ..(u might wanna grab a beer or
    Coffee) fact

  • Stupidity is dominant

    The idiocy with people who believe ads like this is he same sort of bs people believe when they see politicians.Samsung sux.Let’s try this for a test..launch navigation and ask
    It your locations.(u might wanna grab a beer or Coffee) fact

  • Macsimos

    This was a terrible advertisement. It only shows off a few features of the next sized tablet. This commercial basicly compared a phone that was turned on to a phone that was turned off. I just can’t see lugging around that phone. It’s so big it probably comes with a fanny pack because it probably won’t fit into any normal-sized pockets.

    What’s up with the stylus? I thought technology progressed to capacitive touch screens.

    The fine print at the end of the video says it all!

  • flami

    I doubt the dumb girl knows how to use phone…She could have used siri to piss off on Android, hehe…

  • fas

    That lady is so dumb!

  • SBNP

    Who makes a waterproof case for the samsung that mounts on my MotorBike?

    Maybe they should show this guy 10 minutes later not able to make a call cause his battery is dead?

  • Razza111

    All i can say is what a fruit loop she is?

  • mahdi

    that is an disgrace because a normal iphone can do all these things and even more and even a jailbroken iphone can do any thing you dream of on a phone thats why samsung are crazy now to do any thing to prove that they can challenge the iphone but for sure they cant

  • James

    Ok androids keep waiting on apples handmydown apps, remember they where made to work on an iPhone before you loaded it on your droid. Funny I was just talking to my friend at the same time I was writing and sending this, can you do that?

  • Alo

    What ever they said, go iphone.who care about android stupid

  • To

    But does it blend?…
    Horrable ad, atleast makeit believable, not a woman who never held an iphone in her hands before… She couldve atleast said “but can you fit YOUR phone in your jeans pocket?”

  • jetblac

    I have a Galaxy Note and an iPhone 4 … I love them both.
    A really big iPhone with a stylus would end the debate though πŸ™

  • Hacker

    I love iPhone for its apps and for 3rd party store cuz there is no cydia for android yet and because of cydia I have an android ui on my iPhone but I do love android too cuz I love widgets it like have everything live which is something Steve jobs boring old man doesn’t understand keeps the same boring style since 2007 dam it’d good thing he’s dead maybe apple will finally change something and he saids no widgets,no flash which I know is dead cuz of HTML but android could just uninstall it and flash would have been handy all those years and if Steve were alive they would have patch the jailbreak already cuz Steve is an idiot who believes cydia is a mistake but if it wasn’t for cydia helping iPhone would have been dead for me crazy thing about android you could get free apps too but it is a little harder to do but it get be jail broken too but they called it rooted and for Siri well very soon it will be available as a download for android but it’s called utter not Siri and it suppose to be just as good but bottom line is I love both but I feel sorry for apple because they were samsungs biggest customer cuz Samsung makes the display,chips,components and apple trusted Samsung to keep all there secrets but they were betray by Samsung and now they know how to make displays just as good because apple basically trained Samsung to become a monster but the good news is apple will come back from the dead because they have the best engineers for inventing new ideas that blow people’s minds but I got to admit android took the last round with the note as they learn from there master apple how to add more things with a better style and for the apps I don’t ever play any games anymore cuz they just get boring so I rather pick up a play station v portable as the graphics blow the smartphone games away finally glad to see Sony back from the dead now apps dont matter anymore keep up to date people and the only thing I love do much about my iPhone is an app called iMovie which kills Netflix and Hulu combine and it’s only for iOS and it’s free and all screeners I finally don’t have to download anymore

  • AJ

    Samsung go built some more LED TV’s, u r good in tht..

    Also apple does not have to air these kind of ads to sell there products..
    They’ve already sold more than 94 million iphones in just a small span of time..
    Hope samsung can try to reach that mark probably in 2-3 years time with these silly ads.. Lol.. πŸ˜›
    Tomorrow they wil try to compare there laptops with iphone/ipad i guess.. Hahaha..
    Oh yes they dont have product like ipad also.. πŸ˜›
    Try hard SAM(SUNG)..!! Wish you Luck.. πŸ™‚

  • nigel

    I owned all versions of the iphone up to the 4S. I got tired of the static screen with no customization. Just a bunch of icons that wiggle when to long press them. Please! I was so tired of it. Like a sheep just following all the other sheep around with my cute little apple phone. I tried to justify a reason for buying into the same thing year after year. Until, I tried the Galaxy Nexus. Now I have a phone that does what I want it to do, not what apple wants it to do. Bottom line… Try an android device like the Galaxy Nexus or the Droid Razr 4G. See if you will ever go back to apple again.
    This is my honest experience and opinion.

  • james braselton

    hi there your right apple makes 1 phone per year android has a ton of phone releases per year and lots of them are in 3d not 2d like apple here is proff 3d phones are becoming popular lg optimus 3d lg thrill 3d lg max 3d lg cube 3d htc evo 3d htc evo 2 3d sony arc s 3d apple is way be hind 3d phone market i have lg thrill 3d phone 3d is way batter then 2d