Springtomize 2 Updated to Add Support For iPad And iPhone 4S

Springtomize 2

iOS developer – Filippo Bigarella recently released a major upgrade for Springtomize 2 – his popular jailbreak app that allows users to customize almost each and every aspect of iOS.

The latest version includes a number of new features and adds native support for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 1.

Here’s the list of all the new features, improvements and bug fixes:

  • Full iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S compatibility
  • new options for the coverflow dock effect, including 3 different modes and the ability to adjust different aspects
  • landscape / portrait options for icons for the iPad
  • transparent notification center
  • hide dock shadow
  • hide AM/PM in status bar
  • random icons flipping while coverflow effect was enabled
  • icon image effects not applying to webclips
  • dock icons disappearing after hiding dock under certain circumstances
  • folder labels not hiding in the dock, when “Hide Labels” for Dock was enabled
  • the user is now informed if the daemon is not running when toggling substrate addons
  • notifications on lock screen misplaced when top bar was disabled
  • automatic backups not working on some devices
  • folders shadow not hiding properly
  • notification center transparency only half screen in landscape
  • AM/PM flashing back on the status bar
  • top bar not hiding correctly
  • fixed misplaced icon when 5 rows was enabled on the iPhone after 1.2-1 update
  • improved icons resizing settings
  • improved performance

Springtomize 2 is available in Cydia for $2.99, which is quite cheap when you consider that individual features such as coverflow dock are available via jailbreak tweaks like Overflow (now Cascade) for $0.99.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • humor4fun

    do not update! causes instant Springboard crashes

    • The cover flow dock is so gay, is that just me? If it were coverflow…..witch it not that would be cool. Wish I had that one thing to make me jailbreak. I’m let down with stipid not so elegant tweaks. : (

      • Rey rey

        It’s just you, stipid.

        • dR435t4

          No…. it is stupid… and so are you rey…

  • Chris Williams

    i did the update yesterday…and it works fine..”HAS” worked fine.but i like the Tweak.

  • diablozoe

    I don’t know why he took the status bar color change option out?

  • Richie

    1 thing they REALLY need to fix is RESIZING the icons and what I mean by that is say if I resize the icons to 60%, if you look in the FOLDERS the Apps are soo small compared to what you changed it and I tried all of the resizing methods to fix it and there is NONE! PLEASE fix this! It soo annoying

  • JJ

    Iv always had a problem with Springtomize 2 because it never let me change the number of lines in the notification center. The number of lines i changed it to for when i get a message or something never took affect before or after the update. Also, after the update, the respring button does not work anymore either. Any ideas on how to fix this?