SwipeShiftCaret: Jailbreak Tweak Allows You to Move Cursor by One Character With a Swipe

Cydia app

Looking for an easier way to move the cursor by a single character to the left or right? Then there is a jailbreak tweak for it called SwipeShiftCaret.

SwipeShiftCaret is a jailbreak tweak that allows jailbroken iOS device users to move the cursor by a single character to left or right by simply swiping on the virtual keyboard.

The nifty little jailbreak tweak does not add an icon or provide any settings in the Settings app, but as you can see in the demo video below, after you’ve installed this jailbreak tweak, swiping to the right will move the cursor by one character to the right and swiping to left will move it to the left by one character.

SwipeShiftCaret is available for free on Cydia.

Based on our testing, it works quite well in most apps except the Messages app. Hope the incompatibility with the Messages app is addressed soon.

Do you think this is a easier method to move the iOS cursor by a single character?

[via iDownloadBlog]

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  • genXhippie

    A swift update is definitely called for. It does not function in messages (of all places), where it should obviously. Great tweak otherwise, thank you

  • fourtwentybuddy

    Excellent! The native way is really difficult to be precise with – swiping is more natural in iOS than pressing and holding. Appreciate the price – Thanks!

  • fas

    Same thing available on Android.

  • Michelo

    I tried looking for it searching in Cydia but it did not find it. On which source is this? Does the SwipetoMoveCursor tweak achieves the same?

  • Pointless

    I love how half the videos on this blog cannot be viewed from ios devices.

    • Panthera3000

      I’m watching it right now on my ipad

  • Stephen

    I gots to get this

  • Apple Lover/Hater

    iPhone +1
    Blackberry 0

  • titanss

    Not in the Bigboss Repo?

    Where can we get form, Source?

    • You don’t need to add any source. Kill Cydia running in the background via the multitasking tray and launch it again. You should be able to find SwipeShiftCaret.

  • anujjie

    does it work on messages yet?