83-Year-Old Woman Suing Apple For $1 Million After Breaking Nose on Glass Door of Apple Store

CBS New York reports that 83-year old Evelyn Paswall is suing Apple after walking into the glass walls at the Apple Store Manhassett on Long Island. She smashed her face into the glass door and ended up breaking her nose.

The Apple Store has the ultra-clear floor-to-ceiling glass walls at the front and rear of the store.

CBS New York reports:

Paswall claims that she didn’t realize that she was walking into a wall of glass as she approached the store, and says that she broke her nose as a result of the collision.

Her suit claims that “the defendant was negligent … in allowing a clear, see-through glass wall and/or door to exist without proper warning.”

The 83-year old woman who had gone to the Apple Store to return her iPhone is suing Apple for $75,000 towards medical expenses plus punitive damages for negligence totaling $1 million.

Interestingly, as MacRumors points out, Apple had installed white stickers as you can see below after visitor collision last year. But according to the plantiff’s lawyer, any markings are insufficient.

Check out the surveillance video showing a visitor walking into a Apple store’s floor-to-ceiling glass wall (via ifoAppleStore):


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  • CristV

    she has to be running to break her nose, plus u have to realize coming into a store that there is in fact a door, i think she did it on purpose, just get get some money, work your own money lady, you’re to old for this crap

    • City023

      What an idiot! Do you know how weak and bridle the bones are of an 83 year old. And guess what? $1 million is lose change for apple!

      • dravenb4u

        CristV – Agreed 100%, she’s looking for a payday.

        City023 – you are correct, the bridge of the nose is a weak point period especially on an 83 year old, but even though $1 mil, is pocket change for apple, that DOES NOT make it right for her to sue for such a ridiculous amount simply because she can.

        My thoughts, courts should file in favour of Apple, and Apple in a showing of good faith, should offer to pay her doctor bills and give her a free iPad or something. This even though I firmly believe that the fault is her OWN and not Apple.

  • No 83 year old lady is worth $1 million in a lawsuit like this, sorry.

    • j meister

      I guess you’ve never heard of a GILF

  • Amit

    Lmao… Normally a door is placed in the middle not the corner and I don’t think she was faking it but 1million for a broken nose ? Only in America can people make obscure claims and WIN! The only thing she deserves is a t-shirt and a apple sticker to put on her forehead .

  • ow


    • Indeed…

      • dravenb4u


    • Wite Boy

      its not only America where stupid law suits happen. nice try

      • iRockU

        “ONLY IN AMERRICA!!!”
        -Don King

  • Michael

    She and her lawyer know they won’t get $1,000,000. They are just betting on getting a settlement.

    What they probably didn’t factor in is that Apple has most likely already paid more in lawyer services for the year for services to be rendered (retainer) or salary for lawyers that work directly for Apple.

  • Jason

    Good greif 😉

  • MOY


  • MOY


  • Your daddy

    Hey Ow, how about to walk your self into a glass door.

    • MOY


      • happenstance

        let me guess… 13yrs old? 15? (tops)

  • jussayin

    If that was in NL they would just say look where your going…endex!!!

  • DoctorTim

    Frivolous lawsuits are not just a. American phenomena. Here in China they don’t have good Samaritan laws and people fake injury and sue their “rescuers” so often that no one will help someone who is hurt anymore. You read stories of children run over by cars that are left in the street out of fear.

    • jl

      I heard the reason why nobody helping the poor little girl that run over by a car, is because if you take any body to a hospital/medical clinic and that person don’t have any insurance coverage or money, you are liable for the bill, I heard this is true in Asian country.

  • We need death panels for people like her

    • aemil

      whats _wrong_ with you. wow.

  • Djlooni

    I believe her!! That happened to me at a bp gas station with the diference that i didnt sue anybody!! And by the way,im not old. I just didnt see the clear glass door!! Funny huhh

    • Pat

      yes, everyone will believe her if she asked for a reasonable compensation other than 1million.

  • JJ

    If she was “returning” a product to the store, what are the chances of her being at this same store on a previous visit? Did she forget where the doors are? Get a life old bat!

  • Jim

    I had a similar thing happen to me in a Summerfield Supermarket Store in Brixham UK…. it was no joke…. and I was so p!$$£d off….wish I had sued the a&$e off of them….

  • Lg1

    My grandma is going to buy me a house, a car and yes a new ipad… Lmao

  • brett

    maybe she will die soon….

    • aemil

      really? geeze dude. grow up and try being a bit human toward others.

  • Dan

    Only in America…

  • 4s Owner

    Ha ha Samsung need to get this in their next advertisement!

  • John

    83 year old woman returning her iphone? hmmm…..

  • Iso

    I wish Apple would rip her apart in court (though I doubt they will). At most (only out of the goodness of Apple’s heart and for good PR) she should get coverage for treatment. Just because you’re senile or blind doesn’t mean you should make a million dollars off breaking your nose.

  • silverwin

    She only deserve an apology from Apple, BUT 1 million for her nose? Seriously!!!!? She’s overacting.

  • Ed


  • hah

    $75,000 towards medical expenses for broken nose? no wonder she is suing the Apple.

  • sandman1318

    As the article points out, the Apple store already had white stickers on the glass as a warning though the lady claimed there was no warning. Perhaps Apple should remove the white stickers and replace them with a huge “skull and cross bones” sticker. That probably would have scared her away and she never would have walked into the glass. Problem solved. 🙂

  • Ronald

    Send it to funniest home video!!!! Maybe she’ll win

    • dravenb4u

      The prize money could take care of her doctor bills… Problem solved.. as in family feud .. GOOD ANSWER.. GOOD ANSWER…

  • fas

    Frnakly, it looks more like an attempt to leverage Apples cash rich position for self gain.

  • Zangy


    I mean, how BLIND do you have to be to walk into a glass door/panel?

    They need holdings, hence metal on bottom, it is INSIDE a building, so there are clear limits to where the building CAN be.

    This person, I would have loved to have gotten a video to send to americas funniest home videos… It would have been priceless!

  • Will

    Ok… what’s the point in a clear GLASS window if it’s not CLEAR!!!
    But then again, people have sued and won for spilling HOT coffee on themselves.

  • Torcheredsoul

    Wow! This is why this country is the way it is! No one can take responsibility for there actions! It’s always somebody else’s fault!