Apple May Launch 8GB iPad 2 Alongside iPad 3 at Next Week’s Event?

According to Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, Apple may launch an 8GB iPad 2 alongside iPad 3 models at the media event next week.

DigiTimes reports:

As Apple has scheduled an event on March 7, sources from its upstream supply chain pointed out that the company is expected to launch two iPad 3 models – a 16GB version and 32GB version.

In addition to iPad 3, Apple is also expected to unveil an 8GB iPad 2, allowing the tablet PC series to cover different segments and to defend against Windows 8-based tablet PCs, the sources noted.

This is not the first time, we’ve heard rumors of Apple’s plan to continue selling iPad 2 along with the third-generation iPad.

The speculation that Apple will continue to offer iPad 2 when iPad 3 is launched does make sense to us. The strategy of offering an older generation iPhone at a lower price when the new iPhone is launched has worked out extremely well for Apple.

Another reason for offering an 8GB iPad instead of a 16GB iPad 2 could be to avoid disappointing users who may have recently purchased an 16GB iPad for $499. An 8GB iPad would also help Apple to drop the price of the iPad all the way down to $299 or $349 (rather than $399 for a 16GB iPad 2), which would be an extremely attractive price point for users looking for a cheaper tablet. It will also help Apple to compete with rivals such as Amazon who launched their Android-based tablet – Kindle Fire last year for only $199.

We also expect Apple to offer iPad 3 with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage capacities, but DigiTimes has made no mention of either a 64GB or 128GB iPad 3 in their report.

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