Apple Hiring Engineers to Work On ‘iCar’ Infotainment System?

Apple iCar Infotainment system

An Apple China job posting on LinkedIn suggests that the company is looking for people in the automobile industry to work with them, on what is presumably a project to develop a car infotainment system.

The job posting was first discovered by Chinese site Car News China on the “China Automotive Professional” group on LinkedIn. The posting wasn’t put up on the group directly by Apple though. Instead, a Chinese HR company named Allegis-BN, which apparently works for Apple, posted the requirement.

Apple's job posting

The posting says Apple is looking for a Supplier Quality Engineer/New Product Integration supervisor who is familiar with CNC/die casting/stamping/plastic injection. The posting also notes that the candidate needs to be fluent in spoken Chinese or have prior working experience in China.

Jalopnik breaks down the cryptic terms in the posting, in the context of an Apple made car peripheral:

That could mean they’re looking for the kind of person you’d need if you were trying to manufacture a device to fit into a car dashboard — or that the type of person who knows his way around a CNC machine in automotive applications could translate that skill to other non-automotive uses. This could even just be the consumer electronics juggernaut of cool, trying to build a prototype of a previously-developed concept.

Apple has a great ecosystem of mobile devices that can play music and videos, connect to the internet as well as be controlled by voice. These are some of the primary requirements of an in-car infotainment system, and Apple has an expertise in all the three. Add to that their great sense of simplicity and design, and we have a great product, which could even emulate the success the iPhone and iPad have achieved.

Of course, that’s getting too ahead of ourselves, but a Siri-equipped car would be killer, just think about it. Not to forget, iOS’ multitouch interface with gestures, which, with each iteration, has become even better. In fact, the iPad along with Siri and a few specially tailored apps would be the perfect in-car infotainment system, at least in the near future.

What do you think?

[via Forbes]

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