iPhone 4S Customer Sues Apple For ‘Deceptive And Misleading’ Siri Ads


The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is being sued by an iPhone 4S customer in New York for ‘misleading and deceptive’ Siri ads.

WSJ reports:

A New York man represented by Robbins Geller is suing Apple for false advertising, alleging that the company’s commercials convey a “misleading and deceptive message” about Siri’s capabilities.

Frank M. Fazio, who bought his 4S in Brooklyn in November, is part of purported class of people who feel suckered.

Here’s an excerpt from the lawsuit filed Monday in a federal court in California:

[I]n many of Apple’s television advertisements, individuals are shown using Siri to make appointments, find restaurants, and even learn the guitar chords to classic rock songs or how to tie a tie. In the commercials, all of these tasks are done with ease with the assistance of the iPhone 4S’s Siri feature, a represented functionality contrary to the actual operating results and performance of Siri.

Apple launched Siri – the personal assistant feature as a beta feature, which is currently available exclusively on the iPhone 4S. It can currently understand and speak the following languages: English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia), French (France), German (Germany) and Japanese (which was added in iOS 5.1). It also doesn’t support Maps and local search with Yelp outside the U.S. Apple had said that it plans to add support for Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish and bring Maps and local search support in additional countries in 2012

While Siri has received rave reviews and is one of the major reasons why iPhone 4S’ is selling like hot cakes. However, some iPhone 4S customers have been quite critical of it, so it is not surprising to see Apple getting sued for it.

It will be interesting to see if Apple will be able to get away by saying that Siri is a beta feature, especially when the beta tag hasn’t stopped Apple from promoting Siri in the iPhone 4S ads.

What’s your take? Sound off in the comments.

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  • @iLikeTech_

    I use siri on a daily bases. I don’t have any problems with it. I don’t think the person sewing apple is going to win. I would understand this if apple had claimed that siri could do things that it cant, but it can do the things apple has claimed it can in the commercials. Siri is still in beta for a reason, its not perfect, but for the most part it works like it is suppose to.

    • Jason

      +1, the only people i have personally seen having trouble with siri is immigrants with thick accents.

    • Ryan

      did you write this comment on an iPhone with autocorrect function ON? lol

    • keoxes

      Nope, it still doesnt do everything , here in UK. for e.g. will not find restaurants or location based search for businesses.

  • fas

    If I could, I would too do the same. Siri does not work, period, atleast not with non US accents.

  • augustine

    The only thing this guy will get is a Shirt 🙂 don’t like it? return it, and get a Droid …. I use siri all the time and it works 99.9% of the time and I have a slight accent.

    Now if you have a heavy accent like for example asian people, the ones that do have a heavy accent, then you are out of luck, not even humans can understand them, much less a computer
    And asian was just an example, Any one with a HEAVY thick accent can’t expect voice recognition to work

  • Steve smith

    The guy suing is the reason why our legal system is so screwed up.Like Augustine said, if you don’t like it return it. What a complete jerk.

  • Marcio

    I’m Portuguese and its not fair that we pay the same for one iPhone 4s without portuguese available on Siri!
    Without talking the places Siri can’t find on Europe!

    • Olaf

      You knew that before buying it. Stop buying the latest and greatest and you don’t have to complain about it.
      It’s not Apple’s problem you are Portuguese, or any other language that is not yet supported.
      Where does this sense of entitlement come from? It was YOUR choice to buy.

      • bryce

        WELL SAID! funny how he is typing english..

        • Olaf

          LOL Very true!

          • Marcio

            The question is:

            It was better if Siri available on AppStore!

            So if we wanted an 4s without Siri it will be cheaper!

            Your point is selfish!

            My English sucks but who cares!

          • Olaf

            Marcio, it makes no difference. Siri or not, since iPhone 3G, the prices have all been the same. So why should you get an iPhone any cheaper because it doesn’t speak Portuguese. Looks like you might be the selfish one.

    • Trevor

      Sorry to bust your bubble. But you truly didn’t pay for Siri. You payed for the NEW screen, A5 Chip, and a much better camera. And if you truly just wanted the same phone without Siri just get a iPhone 4. It’s just as good without Siri. Yes you lose a few things with some speed and some looks with camera and screen.

      • City023

        Really , cause I havent seen ONE commercial that points that out! Not one commercial on camera,A5 chip or better screen. Sorry to burst YOUR bubble. APple is selling Siri. And may I add, why don’t they talk about the worst battery iPhone has ever had. They have to upgrade to 5.1 to see the difference in the battery if there is one. But then again, you lose your jailbreak!

    • Jason

      Thats cuz only small percentage of people speak that language, lemmi guess… your pretty good @ playing soccer er “football.”

      • AppleCider

        Foot+ball = football, what the f is “sucker”??

        • correctEnglish

          Association Football as opposed to Rugby Football …

      • Marcio

        The Portuguese is the fifth most spoken language in the world.The sixth most used on Internet.Ahead of Arabic.And FRENCH!

        • Olaf

          I speak Portuguese. But what is your point? Who’s to say that that language won’t be supported in the future? Yet you still think you deserve a cheaper phone price?
          Again, YOUR choice to buy. The company sets the price and YOU accept by buying the phone, even with “missing” features/languages.

    • Ash

      If you can type in English then maybe speaking English would help. And seriously if siri doesn’t work do the less high tech thing and look up stuff in the yellow pages… You do have up.com apps. Lol it’s not a big deal, get over it. I Would be more upset that the tones go off while talking on the phone then Siri not understanding your accent! And my husband has a thick accent and it understands him fine. Maybe your English is just that bad. And unless you live in another country and specifically talk that language, then I suggest while in America, learn English!

  • This is crap! Do you’re research before buying a product. Goto the store and test it! I had an iPhone 3GS before my iPhone 4S. I absolutely love my phone. Yes, Siri has some problems sometimes, but it clearly advertised that it’s in beta!!! Bottom line… This guy isn’t going to win.

  • Manda

    Siri doesn’t really work with Non US accents. The British guy understands me a little …

    • Freddieboy

      Spot on Manda I have a Scottish accent never use Siri now after months of frustration

  • Dean

    I don’t understand why people are saying it doesn’t work properly outside the US. I live in Australia and Siri understands me perfectly.

  • Ashton

    The Americans are a poor race and rely on needing to sue people on a regular basis to earn money rather than actually working for a living. As if you would sue someone because it doesn’t help you learn cords or how to tie a tie, its a phone for gods sake!!

    • Scott

      When did we become a race of people?
      The whole world sues each other, its not only our country.
      Some people for like bashing others because they are small minded.

      • ijohn

        No. We just love to sue people. It lets the world know how dumb our crossbred/inbred “race” is. We average $700-$800 per person per year in law suites.

    • SBNP

      1 guy sues and you stereo type Americans? FWIW Ashton, Apple products are designed and developed in America. Apparently your elite race didn’t educate you to this fact!

      • Fingers21

        Our ‘elite’ race is bloody useless! We don’t even have the balls to stand up to our own government for raping us of all
        Our money! We sit back thinking someone else will do it for us! From a British soldier, the uk officially has gone to the dogs!

    • Jason


    • Jason

      Ouch! Funny thing to say about a country rich engough to invent, market and con non us people into thinking they can become rock gods with a help of a cellphone.

      • AppleCider

        Exactly how did they get rich in the first place?

  • Fingers21

    I bought the 4s (uk) for Siri, I was disappointed to find out that business location/maps etc doesn’t work, but at the same time I understand it is in beta and a lawsuit is just stupid! Even without the features in the uk, I use Siri all the time, sometimes just for a laugh! First couple of days, it had trouble understanding me, but it seems to have learned and never fails now! I do have it set to English (Australia) as it seems to understand me better?!

  • It won’t call me Rock God….

    • Fingers21

      Mine is set to call me big bollocks! And it works just fine! It’s amusing to say the least! See, Siri does have some good functions in the uk!

    • Retribution1888

      It will if you use that name for your mobile number in contacts!

    • Jason

      Nice, but you have to say “From now on, call me Rock God.”

    • Jason

      It doesn’t mention if there was something specific that he was unhappy about. Besides, their gunna ask him to try it out in court, and apple will bring their own set of people to try it out in court. Just like some in-ear headphone don’t work with “funny” ears, this will b the same.

  • Melvarius

    maybe he asked siri to weckomend a westewaunt. a la kripke in in the big bang theory lol.

    • Fingers21

      Haha! Funny episode of big bang theory! 5* for that comment!

    • AppleCider

      Maybe Siri kept winging the wong wumber 🙂

  • Frank

    Siri is equal to angry birds just another crap app to keep the people dumbed down.

  • Joey JoJo

    I don’t know a single person who uses Siri on a regular basis and I know at least thirty people with a 4S. I ask people all the time and the answers are the same – “It’s too slow.” “It rarely understands what I said.” “It sucks monkey balls.” etc

  • HumanCentiPad

    Siri can find me hookers in a 10 mile radius, but can’t locate any gas stations while standing on Queens Blvd. Epic fail!

  • HumanCentiPad

    Check out Voice Actions. Shell do whatever you ask of her

  • Rapplestillskin

    This is something I’ve been thinks would happen because when I had my 4S and would use Siri no matter what you say or how you say it Siri will always ask you for a confirmation after a request witch you would have to stop what your doing and tap a button for a text to be sent or anything like it. I traded my 4S in less then a month of having it to att a got me a 4 instead…. Apple is nothing without Steve jobs calling the shots, the people running the show now just want money! Jobs would never be thinking of making a smaller iPad or a real TV… What’s next? Will probably have to walk up to the tv and tap the screen to change Chanel’s? Cable tv is not ready for a touch tv just like cell networks are not ready for any lte 4g bull….. The last I checked I was happy with the speed of 3G. Faster means faster to reach the data cap or throttle point. Are we all that impatient? I say anything from apple thought up after jobs passing is a waste of money.

    • ACD

      First of all, you can tell Siri to send whatever it is you are sending without having to physically press anything. As advertised, you don’t need to do anything except hold your phone to your ear to get Siri to work completely. Second of all, sorry to break it to you, but Steve Jobs did in fact plan the smaller iPad and the real Apple TV. In fact, he readied Apple’s product line-up for the next couple of years. Know what you are talking about before you say anything. Cheers!

  • Rock Cod

    I just asked Siri to call me rock god, and it called me rock cod. I like that, from now on I’m called Rock Cod.

  • Iso5.1

  • Jairo

    I use Siri on a regular basis. Being that my iphone 4S is a Global Phone i was able to use it with a cut out sim card in the Dominican Republic with a data and voice plan. The only down side was that SIRI claimed not to work or connect to its servers. I thought since the 4S is a GLOBAL iphone then all its features were supposed to work as long as you were connected to wi fi or DATA plan but it didnt work.

  • Louis

    I hope the people suing Apple don’t see the Lowe’s ad that shows a woman coming home and unrolling a carpet type item and as it unrolls across her bare yard it is full of flowers and all kinds of vegetable plants. Gee how deceptive … for people without a grip on reality.