Deck: Jailbreak Tweak Adds Hot Bar to iPhone SpringBoard

SBCoders have just released their jailbreak tweak – Deck in Cydia. Couple of weeks back, SBCoders had given us a sneak peak of their upcoming jailbreak tweak

The new jailbreak tweak adds a hot bar to your jailbroken iPhone’s SpringBoard.

The hot bar can be accessed using Activator controls, which means you can configure it to access the hot bar from  the Springboard anywhere in the iOS.

With a cleaner UI and new features, it allows you to access useful system functions right from SpringBoard

The jailbreak tweak also allows you to customize the system functions and apps that can be accessible from the hot bar via the Settings app.

You can check out the demo video of the app below:

Deck is available on Cydia for $1.99. Deck is a nice option if you’re looking for a quick way to launch apps and system functions and don’t want to clutter the iOS Notification Center by installing custom widgets that bring some of this functionality.

Let us know what you think of the jailbreak tweak in the comments.

Tip: After installing the app, if the hot bar doesn’t slide out when you use the Activator actions, then disable and enable the Deck tweak via the Settings app (Settings -> Deck -> Enable On/Off toggle).

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  • Iappreciate = gay.

    I think apple will need to reimplement the thought process due to the dream tream. 5x is out now, babies. Everything we thought we knew is out the window. Once push comes to shove, where will musclenerd be then? A6 perhaps?


  • Charlie

    You can’t use it anywhere, only on the springboard.

    • Yeah, fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Lahey

    This reminds me of the Samsung I used four years ago. Very nostalgic. Then again, I still have that Samsung and decided against it way back then… in favor of Apple provided phones. Sorry, not buying.

  • Andre Dominic

    Can anyone tell me what repo i need to add to get this bad boy? Thanks. 🙂

    • You don’t need to add a repo. Kill Cydia that may be running in the background from the multitasking bar and then relaunch it. You should find it this time.

  • Maxtor182

    Definitely needs an update. After I use Deck, my springboard icons don’t work and I have to respring

  • Maxtor182

    Launch application just opens SMS

  • afgdgcx

    I wish people designing their own UI for an iPhone would pay more attention to the existing UI on the iPhone.

    In the Springboard and apps that ship with the phone, there are very, very few unlabelled icons. In fact, there are many places (the back button, for instance) where text labels are used instead of icons.

    The only unlabelled icons I can even think of are the airplay, lock rotation, play/pause and the camera one on the lock screen. Everything else is a plain text or a labelled icon.

    But without fail, when someone designs their own UI, they populate it with confusing, undiscoverable, picture-only icons.

    Please at least try to look like the OS you’re running on?

  • Belu

    It should be anywhere. I can’t find it very useful on the springboard where I have all my apps and I have toggles in NC. Sleek, but not useful as it is

  • fas

    I think this is not needed as much.

  • Didn’t supported for iOS 5.1 🙁

  • Loui3

    Not compatible on 5.0.1 ! Please Fix this Saurik!

  • Elvis

    Dont really need it

  • Thank you for the tip about toggle off/on if it wont work. I have been trying for ages to get it to activate and now it is working great. Thanks, Josh

  • Jared

    Thanks for the update. Now it opens when other apps are open instead of just at the Springboard. Very slick-looking and useful tweak for those who want to change things around. Obviously, not for everyone.