Former Apple TV Engineer Claims Steve Jobs Had Rejected The New Apple TV Interface

Apple launched the new Apple TV alongside the third generation iPad at the media event on March 7th, which brought 1080p playback capabilities to the device and a revamped user interface. Apple had also released Apple TV software update 5.0, which brought the new icon-based user interface to the second generation Apple TV.

Former Apple TV engineer Michael Margolis claims that the new Apple TV interface designed were tossed out 5 years ago because Steve Jobs didn’t like them.

Margolis goes on to say that “now there is nobody to say ‘no’ to bad design”.

We actually like the new icon-based user interface. It also seems to indicate that apps may be finally coming to Apple’s setup box.

[via Macgasm]

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  • Tim

    In the words of the famous scooby doo……”Ruh Roh!”

  • Devin

    Yuck, looks like it was made for three year olds.

  • It sucks

    I believe it, the old interface was much cleaner with the text based menu. it was a lot more apple’s style. The giant icon that is there now is too cartoony

  • Joey

    Agreed. New interface stinks. Not polished.

  • hxclos

    In all honesty, both UIs suck. I mean they’re really nothing to be proud of. I guess that’s why they call it a hobby. I especially dislike the preview menu at the top. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the AppleTV needs an AppStore.

  • Nosferatu

    never used it I’m more of an XBMC guy but I can say from experience I used to use a large poster art based menu system to navigate my collection and while it looks nicer (like this UI) I found the more text-based interface (old interface) to be more effective for navigation purposes.

  • simo

    Now it all makes sense. I think the new UI looks absolutely hideous. I am not a fan of the old UI but the big ugly buttons look very cheesy. Also why change the front screen and leave all the other screens unchanged. I for one have downgraded again and back to using PLEX client.

  • Gernoit

    Whatever…. more mediocrity to follow.

  • helnaw

    Steve was correct, the new interface stinks. At least make the icons movable.

  • fas

    Whatis happening at Apple, no one to say no nomore.

  • I can see why he rejected it… I hate it NOW…but if apps are to come and I can create folders, I love it.
    Things to notice…It blends iTunes and other like Netflix in the headlines making it easier to confuse purchase for subscription.
    ALSO… Jobs denied 1080p a few years ago too. He denied what needed to be denied WHEN it needed to be denied. I’m taking that good ole stance where I believe Apple knows what’s best for me and I DONT want apple to turn out like facebook where every change is scrutinized and fought even though they hated the change they are fighting to get back when it was introduced.

    • kmanvan

      “I believe Apple knows what’s best for me ”

      lol indeed.