i4Siri Makes it Easier to Use Siri on Non-iPhone 4S Devices

Folks behind i4Siri – a project dedicated to bring Siri to non-iPhone 4S devices like the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and iPad 1 have recently announced the availability of their replacement Siri servers and jailbreak tweak.

With i4Siri’s servers, users can use Siri on their non-iPhone 4S devices without requiring an iPhone 4S. i4Siri supports the following features:

  • time
  • timer
  • notes
  • ‘smart’ siri
  • www search
  • dictation
  • phone calls
  • jokes
  • alarms
  • weather
  • where am I?
  • Reminders (not completely working)
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Location Searches

i4Siri makes use of Spire – the jailbreak tweak created by Ryan Petrich, that legally brought Siri to non-iPhone 4S devices. However, Ryan’s jailbreak tweak worked with a proxy server, which needed information from an iPhone 4S for authorization to use Siri. Currently i4Siri is available for free, but they plan to also launch a premium version soon.

Folks at i4Siri manage the proxy server so users don’t have to worry about getting hold of someone with an iPhone 4S.  Since i4Siri doesn’t use Apple’s servers to process information, they claim that their service is legal.

Privacy has been one of the concerns of such as service, however i4Siri claim that “any information passed through the device and our server is kept strictly confidential and not logged. “

Instructions on how to install i4siri on your non-iPhone 4S device is available on their website.

Ryan had managed to legally bring the Siri port to iOS devices, as the tweaked version of iOS 5.0.1 that Apple had released in December came with decrypted ramdisks. But since iOS 5.1 released few days back comes with encrypted ramdisks, it is highly unlikely that the hackers will be able to legally bring the Siri port to non-iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1, which is another reason why iPhone Dev team has warned jailbreakers to avoid updating to iOS 5.1.

[i4siri blog via Redmond Pie]

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  • Victor

    Ryan’s tweak did not need a proxy. It did if you are an iphone 4 user, and you wanted to use the official siri servers. I’ve been using spire for months with eichoerchen’s siri server on my own computer. No proxy.

  • Ciprian B

    Does not work that good. Siri keeps telling she has a problem and cannot take the request right now.

  • Ruben

    Ditto, server must be overloaded

  • fas

    Does it work on the new iPad

    • Ruben

      The new iPad has Siri. You don’t need this hack

      • Lee

        iPad 3 has Siri dictation not Siri itself

    • Lee

      IPad 3 will not. Bc it will have 5.1 on it. Which most devices have a semi untethered JB for it but as far as the 3 having one I’m unsure of. But when there is a JB for it then yes you will be able to use Siri on it. I would advise waiting till a full untethered JB and they can get around the ram disk issuse that will be the only way likely hood will be some time

  • GG

    IPad 3 or the new iPad

    • edctk

      MAN!! i’m confused with that too

  • -X-

    Siri hack works half-ass. Answers at first after 15 second delay…and then just apologizes and quits. Like someone else said, server is prob overloaded.

  • Stanley

    Does anyone know if this works over 3g?

  • Rick Agee

    Siri is not that much better it self. It never understands, and is down quite a bit.

  • Frank

    Siri is nothing but a toy like angry birds

  • Bris

    i hope they make this public so you can run your own … their servers are SLOW

  • Mitch

    Ok I tried it on my phone … Epic fail! I’ve tried it 2 times. Epic fail! I tried it on my iPad 2 same crap fail fail fail!!!! What does work is Spire with assistant connect. Now that work nice. I know it suck that you have to have a 4s user to send you the cert but it’s better than i4siri hands down. Now I was really hoping this work! But it didn’t . I dont even know how some people get it to work. I have been reading around and all I see is how much people say it does not work. Well all I can say is I’m using spire with assistant connect and it works like a charm. I glad I didn’t donate to this kind of failure. I would be mad as hell. Then again the people that donated most likely are the ones that get it to work. Just saynnnnnnn !

    • Wiilt


      shut up. program your own shiz mic a bob

  • tomdotcom

    ‘The jailbreak tweak created by Ryan Petrich’? Corect me if I’m wrong, but I thought it was Grant Paul (chpwn) who brought us Spire. You might want to check your facts.

    • Actually it was both chpwn and Ryan Petrich who worked on it. We’ve updated the post appropriately. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Ciprian B

    ask siri “should I jailbreak” :))

    • OGT

      She said “YES”

  • OGT

    Yep! Does Not Work..!

  • sean

    works for me

  • FredMc

    I got the Siri port installed on my iPhone 4 (5.01) Ok, installed the certificate, but still can’t any searches to work….It takes a lOng time and eventually says “I can’t do that right now” or whatever

  • zawar

    look this is the worst thing yet it sucks
    keeps on saying it cant take an question right know
    nice joke

  • HumanCentiPad

    Works nicely!!

  • medowance

    Errrrrrrr……. understood that i4siri unable to connect to thier server but.. is the dictation working??

    to me.. it did not work as after i gave a sentence and done.. no text was shown…


    • Ruben

      Dictation is NOT working either. All day i tried both dictation and siri kept getting the “I’m really sorry about this, but i can’t take any requests now…” Siri itself takes a long time to respond also.

      It has also made my iphone super slow i feel like im working with the iphone 2nd generation.. anyone else having this super slow issue?

    • Jim

      Dictation is not working for me either. The purple dots go, but then nothing shows up. I’m hoping this is a server issue. I have had some success with things like setting a timer and it worked well. I see some great promise. Think I’ll give it a week or two before I remove it.

  • jays_on

    installed sorce then try to install i4siri and keep getting “404 not found”. tried restarting to. Did they already get shut down?

    • Slick1474

      Same problem 404 not found, nothing installed…..

      • Dennis

        use idevicedaily.com/repo. The i4siri.com/repo has problems or they already moved the files over to idevicedaily.com

  • Ruben

    If you follow their twitter they acknowledged the fact that their server is overloaded so they are asking for donations $$ for better servers.

    I just tried it again and it worked twice. It’s very slow tho.

  • John

    I got it to install on my iPad 2 this evening. However, the siribserver is overloaded nd can’t answer questions. I can’t get it to install on my iPhone 4, though.

    I can’t wait to see how well this works after the initial rush dies down. If it works ok, I’ll donate.

  • Muha

    Its crap, not working! Ive been trying for a whole day now all i get is a sorry can’t connect message.

  • shivam

    works great for me

  • Mickey

    Have tried to install it multiple times through Cydia but I get an error everytime. Iphonehacks is there a different repo I can download it from? Thank in advanced.

  • Iceman

    Is there any other Repo where i4siri is listed for download??
    The current repo is not responding and has a “404 not found error”


  • Dennis

    For all the people who have problems getting I4siri to download on cydia. Use idailydevice.com/repo. It seems that they moved the files over to them to host.

    • jays_on

      no such repo…?

    • jays_on

      Can’t load i4siri if you use gevey sim with furiousmod apparently. Only get error trying to instal=(

    • Mickey

      Thanks for the repo but you typed it in incorrectly. The repo is idevicedaily.com/repo. Siri works sometimes but it takes a while for her to respond back. Hey it’s free right

      • Dennis

        Oops! sorry about that!

  • PasserBy

    Server overloaded but have had responses.

    Haven’t been able to get correct answers for:
    – Tell me what the weather is like in London
    – Remind me to call mum
    – Set up a meeting at 9

    Things that have worked:
    – Who are you (comes back I am i4siri or something)
    – When was you created
    – What is 15 degrees in Fahrenheit
    – Why do you talked rubbish to me (comes back Ok let’s talk about you)

    It’s free so can’t really complain; cant hope for more though.

  • Matt

    Just installed and it is a little slow, but works!

    • PasserBy

      Can you confirm you this can
      – tell you the weather for London
      – set an alarm
      – set up a meeting

      I don’t think these work.

  • J. Gracia

    Waist of time, second time i tried to install this thing (if you cant remember back in december this thing was also supposed to work). Both times didnt work, great thing that it looks like siri but simply doest have the background to support all of us. Waist of time.

    • YourHighSchoolEnglishTeacher


  • Marc

    Working great for me

  • paul

    After installing I got it to work so it’s all good only problem it stops my tomtom from working. Anyone else have this problem

  • bilbo99

    I haven’t got it to work once yet on my 4. On top off that, ever since install, several apps (engadget, Facebook, Opera mini, The Weather Channel) crash on launch. I4siri was the only change I made. I tried uninstalling it but it left remnants behind like Siri in Settings. Its also brought my phone to a crawl.

    • kartik

      for that you’ll have to remove spire as well!!

  • dmarjhund3

    ive installed it and the certificate, its works but siri never did really answered my questions, its always ‘sorry i cant answer you right now, etc etc!. whats wrong?

    • dmarjhund3

      ive also removed i4siri repo and replaced it with idevicedaily repo, uninstalled i4siri and back again, stilllllllllllllll siri keep saying im sorry…………..try again later lol!

  • Matt

    does everybody have to keep loading the certificate?/ Or did I install something wrong?/ or something missing??

  • Munkle

    Imagine being able to install Siri on your iPhone 4. Now imagine that it actually does something other than telling you that it can’t help you right now and that you should try again later. Awesome, right?!?

  • Munklet

    This would be cool if it worked.