61% Users Have Already Upgraded to iOS 5.1 Thanks to OTA Updates – What About You?

Over-the-air incremental updates was one of the major features introduced in iOS 5. iOS 5.1 released couple of weeks back was the second OTA update to be released by Apple.

Even though iOS 5.1 didn’t include any major new feature and jailbreakers were warned to stay away from it, David Smith – developer of Audiobooks app (App Store link) reports that quite a large percentage of users have already upgraded to iOS 5.1.

Smith who gets approximately 100,000 downloads per week for his app, shares some interesting statistics about the adoption rate of the latest iOS software update:

  • More than 50% of the users had upgraded to iOS 5.1 within 5 days, which was almost as fast as users upgrading to iOS 5.0.1 released back in November.
  • In 15 days, nearly 80% of the users eligible for the OTA upgrades have upgraded to iOS 5.1 and at this pace, Smith expects most users to upgrade to iOS 5.1  sometime in the first week or two of April.
  • The overall adoption rate of iOS 5.1 software update was 61% when you include all versions of iOS such as iOS 3.x and iOS 4.x.
  • In comparison iOS 4 had taken almost 1 month to cross the 50% usage mark.

The numbers clearly show that the OTA update feature has helped in improving the adoption rate of the latest iOS update, which doesn’t come as a big surprise. Smith points out that this is significant from developers point of view as it allows them to drop support for older versions and focus on updating their apps to take advantage of the new features introduced in the latest iOS software update.

Are you surprised by the high adoption rate? Have you upgraded to iOS 5.1? Let us know in the comments.

[David Smith’s blog via MacRumors]

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  • TheRealMoe

    LOL how is it so hard not to update? some people amaze me…. if they dont want to upgrade why accept it…..

  • who

    nope, waiting on the unteathered jailbreak…thats why.

    • Prckybgd

      Totaly Agree!

  • genXhippie

    Nope. I won’t do it until a jailbreak materializes for iOS 5.1. 😉

  • No way… Untethered Jailbreak must be released

  • Jairo

    I rather not. Update 5.1 has nothing major compared to 5.0.1. If siri was to speak spanish and understand it or even work out of USA then i would comsider updating to 5.1 for now Jailbreak seems like a bettet deal since theres no limit to what i could so with my iphone 4S. Apple always wants to be in control of my iphone even after i paid full price.

  • sHAsHiLx

    iPad2/64gb/3G – sitting at 5.0.1, not upgraded to 5.1 because I need jailbreak and ability to receive SMS using SwirlyMessage

  • Logan Salad

    Just bought my iphone yesterday, came with 5.1 on it. Really waiting for any jailbreak to come out for the 4s.

    • Shane

      I am with you Logan…. I would be happy with a tethered version…

  • mkimid

    some questionable,
    How they have to measure the version ?
    using WebServer or Just some specific apps ?
    if it has been collected using Major Webserver such as Google,
    It is pretty accuated, but, if just use the Apps, it is just a potion of Apps User.

  • mkimid

    Wow, don’t misunderstan,,
    I agree the convenience and trand to update of OTA.
    I am just staying about the sampling method for statics.

  • Andy

    So i guess only 39% user jailbreak there idevice? Otherwise they wont be stupid enough to upgrade when theres no new jb available.

    • Shane

      Your grammer lets the rest of us know, your IQ…..

      • K20DC2R

        I think my IQ dropped a few points as well just trying to decipher some of these posts 🙂

        Anyhow, im sticking to 5.01 on my iPhone 4, definitely not updating to that ios 5.1 update and losing my jailbreak. But my new iPad gets very little use without a jailbreak :/

        • Ios hunter

          Lol. You could use it as a cutting board like the old guy in the video. J/k don’t do that, it breaks my heart to see that video.

      • Beer

        And your spelling is a reflection of your I.Q. too! Grammar is spelled with an “a” at the last syllable.

      • Sisco


  • Weebsurfer

    Waiting on untethered jailbreak, but might settle for tethered if there’s enough reports of actual battery life improvements!

  • Trillpolo

    Anyday now with that iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak

  • why

    Wow I can’t believe people are still downloading 3.0’s why?

    • Kraken

      iPhone 3g…

      • Thor

        Gave old 3G to my son on 4.2.1. Really slow. Painful Apps supporting this iOS are dwindling. iOS 3 even worse for apps.

  • rico

    61% total of un jailbroken idevices.

    • Adam

      False, there is a 5.1 tethered jailbreak for all devices except A5 and A5X devices. Good day sir.

  • Thor

    Last time I saw a statistic jailbrake adoption rate was 10%. So I guess 5.1 should top out at 91%. 1% are really rich, really stupid or both.

  • lordapes at gmail

    i jailbreaked (jailbroke?) my ipad2, hence i regularly update my iphone os. i updated to ios5.1 on my iphone4s and i can really say that the battery drain problem has improved substantially.

  • fas

    Upgrade was required due to battery issues in iOS 5.01

  • Trapp

    U all suc

  • Kraken

    “Smith points out that this is significant from developers point of view as it allows them to drop support for older versions and focus on updating their apps to take advantage of the new features introduced in the latest iOS software update.”

    This bothers me a lot. I was planning to stay on 5.0.1 until iOS 6 came out. In the past, as long as you were on the same major version, most apps would work. Apple really should let you download older versions of apps if the new opes are no longer compatible with your current iOS version.

  • Jim Flamish

    Im keeping iOS 5.01 on my iPhone 4s and not
    Upgrading to 5.1. It is working great with no
    Problems. All I hear is about all the safari security problems with 5.1 and I don’t want no part of that till they get the problem fixed.

  • Hirt

    A tethered jailbreak is like robbing the bank for $50. You have to keep doing it every time you want more money

  • dabloc

    Ok, question. I’ve updated my Mobile Substrate and tested it out. I turned my device off and the back on holding the UP volume. It worked, as my Tweaks etc. were disabled. Now here’s the bad news:
    I cannot get my tweaks towork. I still have my jailbroken apps etc. I restarted my phone 3 times and each time it hangs at the Apple Boot Logo. The only way i can start my phone up now is by holding down the volume button at the startup. If this is the case then using this feature is not worth it. How do I get my tweaks to work again? I need an answer ASAP. Has anyone come across this issue?