iPhone Daylight Savings Time Bug Strikes Again

iPhone Clock

The Day Light Savings (DST) started in the US few hours back when the clocks moved forward from 1:59 am to 3:00 am.

However, some iPhone users are reporting all sorts of problems with the DST changes. 

TUAW reports:

Several readers report that rather than jumping forward an hour last night as expected, their iPhone clocks actually shifted in the wrong direction — back an hour — because the automatic time zone adjustment went wonky. A reader in Nashville has a phone that thinks he’s in Mountain Time; a reader in Florida’s phone is convinced it should be on Chicago time. Our colleague Mel Martin lives in Arizona, which mostly does not observe DST at all; nevertheless, his phone (which had automatic time zone settings & location settings on) incorrectly jumped forward one hour.

This meant that the iPhone alarms went off at the wrong time for some of the users. This is not the first time that iPhone has been hit by the time bug, iPhone alarms had stopped working when we entered the new year and a DST bug had also affected iPhone users in 2010 and 2011.

In most cases, restarting the iPhone or enabling/disabling “Set Automatic” (timezone) settings (Settings->General->Data & Time) resolves the issue. It is also possible that some of these users are on an older version of iOS, which doesn’t include a fix for the DST issue. So if you depend on your iPhone alarm clock then please be aware of the issue and possible workarounds to fix it.

Were you affected by the issue or your iPhone clock moved forward by an hour just fine? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jacky

    Lol just fire the guy who do the time app, it’s been 2 years or so and they still haven’t fixed it. lame.

  • Troy

    I’ve had every generation of iPhone and here in AZ where we don’t observe daylight savings time, the phones always move an hour. It’s correctable by just setting the phone to manual then back to automatic which is probably why it hasn’t been a priority to fix, but still annoying!

    • Dennis

      In IOS 5.1, “setting the phone to manual then back to automatic” doesn’t work. Keeps setting time to “Denver” which is on Mountain Saving Time. Need to keep on manual which is just way too 20th Century!!

  • Jailbreaker

    I always set my alarm for 6 am. This morning the alarm went off at 5 am! wtf! Btw, I live in Florida.

  • Adam

    My phone alarm when off at 5am Sunday which was the proper time. But after that everytime I would unlock the phone it would jump back an hour. Very strange.

  • Sabrina

    My iPhone did fine on Sunday but reset monday morning making me late for work

    • Susan

      My iphone was correct on Sunday but the alarms on my phone and my husband’s were turned off for the weekdays. We were both late for work today.

  • Drod

    My iPhone did the same thing ….was correct on Sunday — sprung forward 1 hour but sometime Sunday night changed back 1 hour and caused the alarm to go off 1 hour late Monday morning!!

  • fas

    How dies it happen so many times?

  • Lahey

    It doesn’t happen, we’ve addressed the issue. People are probably lonely or confused.

    • Drod

      It did happen and I’m not lonely or confused….my husband and I have the exact same phone – both our phones updated fine on Sunday but on Monday morning my phone had reset and was reading an hour earlier — my phone said 4:30 when it was really 5:30am and we were an hour late this morning….about 7am it reset and added that hour back!

      • Lahey

        Make an Apple store appointment.

        • Stephanie Hudson

          Apple isn’t gonna fix crap…they never have, nor never will…
          As soon as it hit midnight on 3/11 my phone’s time was pushed forward 2 hours. I live in AZ, by the way, so I don’t observe DST.
          Anyway…this happened to me last year so I tried the work around that everyone was suggesting online just like i did last year…going in and enabling/disabling the “set automatic” (timezones) setting…only this time it didn’t work like it did last year. And yes, I am on the most recent software available (version 5.1).
          The issue that I’m getting is that when I go into Settings –> General –> Date & Time…I turn the “Set Automatically” button to ON. Now, sometimes it will tell me I’m in Cupertino, CA and sometimes it will tell me I’m in Denver, CO…I don’t know why it does that because I do have my location services turned ON so it should realize that I’m in AZ but it doesn’t.
          Anyway, the reason why I said that Apple won’t do anything is because I’ve already tried. All they told me was to keep the “Set Automatically” feature off and to make sure that I just set my clock manually…VERY inconvenient as I do travel a lot. It’s not fair that they CHOOSE not to fix the issue (or my phone) but to just give me a work around because the people at Apple are too lazy to do anything about it.
          HOW many years has this been happening??? WHAT the F***K is the issue Apple??? REALLY!!!! I didn’t pay this much money for a phone that can’t simply change when it’s supposed to for DST.

          • Stephanie H

            Oh, yeah…and I did try the whole “Switching the phone to Airplane Mode” along with turing the phone off then back on…Still having the Cupertino/Denver issue…It’s complete b/s…

  • marduk191

    Mine worked fine on my Ipod Touch 4g 5.0.1. Hrm. Matter of fact I’ve never had the problem on any of the IPT on whatever firmware was around at DST time. I can’t vouch for any other products as I use android for Tablets and phones.

  • Drod

    My husband has the same phone/ same carrier and the phone sits 5 feet apart on the dresser was fine- updated Sunday to the correct time and had no issues on Monday???

  • Lahey

    See explanation above.


    I had the time zone automatic OFF and it made the change correctly.

  • Cooper

    iPhone 4 running 5.1. No problems.

  • haha.. just go with it, have an extra hour in bed and blame it on your phone to the boss.. simples..

  • Michael

    I’m on my 3G and 4 it had the problem of not setting off the alarm during DST and New Years. So far with 4S everything has been working.

  • KevinK

    haha…everybody complaining that they’re late to work…then they get to work and complain on this site. I want that job.. plenty of play time

  • Cj

    I think apple does this to try to force people to update and lose jailbreak

  • Brian

    I had the issue hit my Iphone 4s this morning, so its not just the older ios afected.

    I’m in california (my location often gets set to Cupertino (CA) for time zone. But this morning it was set to Anchorage, Alaska and thus the time on iphone was wrong (and I was an hour late to work).

    Switching to manual in settings does set it back to San Jose, but when I put back to automatic it goes back to Anchorage. I saw suggestion to turn airplane mode on then off which forces new celular connection and that did the trick..it set timezone location back to cupertino,CA with correct time.

    I agree, 2 years is too long for a bug. Pls fix before March 2014.

  • Jack

    Mine did it Sunday by insisting that I was in Denver instead of Chicago. I could manually change to Chicago and it was fine, but as soon as I let it pick the time zone, it jumped back to Denver. The only thing that fixed it was rebooting the phone. When it rebooted, it correctly picked Chicago. I did not try airplane mode.

  • darbu00

    I’m in Phoenix. My phone incorrectly jumped ahead one hour on Sunday morning and every time I turned the time setting back to Automatic it went right back to Denver time. It was not until Monday (when I left my house for the first time since the DST change) that it finally updated to the correct time and it also put me into Cupertino timezone. I suspect changing cell towers may have triggered this but, of course, don’t know for certain. Of course, both timezones are incorrect for me as Denver is currently observing Mountain Daylight Time and Cupertino is on Pacific Daylight Time while most of Arizona ALWAYS observes Mountain Standard Time (the Navajo Nation in both Arizona and New Mexico does observe daylight time that is why I say most of Arizona). I didn’t specifically look but I do not recall my Macbook Pro, which is also set to Automatic, having any issues. Apple really should be embarrassed by this.

  • Dan

    Interestingly, I had it hit yesterday afternoon — the 24th. The daylight savings switch worked fine up til then. I’m in Mountain time and around noon time advanced an hour to Central time. Turned off Set Automatically and it went back to Denver. Restarted phone, tuned on Set Automatically, and it goes to Chicago again.

  • Eric Franke

    Resetting the phone, then setting the Automatic to manual gets the proper time, yes. But when moving it to automatic again jumps the clock 2 hours back again. So it is not solved. Funny enough the Clock application always shows the right time, and not the internal apple time. Unfortunately the alarm clock looks at Apple time. What is the fix now??

  • John Hancock

    Here in Sydney we just went OFF DST (April 1). Here’s weird, the “Sydney”, “Canberra” and “Melbourne” clocks in the “World Clock” screen all showed the right time — one hour back. But the little time thing at the top of the iPhone frame showed the wrong (DST) time. The phone knew what time it was in Sydney; it just didn’t know that Sydney is where it was at the time. So I did the manual change (Turn off “auto” and reboot) — and now the little frame clock was OK, but the “Sydney” world clock was an hour ahead. I finally gave up and just set the whole thing manually. Not impressed, but very amused.

  • John

    Check your time settings, I did some traveling and my time zone was set to Jakarta, after I fixed that problem solved.