iPhone Dev Team Warn Jailbreakers to Avoid Updating to iOS 5.1

Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Redsn0w

With less than 30 minutes to go for Apple’s iPad 3 event, iPhone Dev team has just warned jailbreakers to avoid updating their iOS devices to iOS 5.1, which is likely to released this week.

iPhone Dev team have provided the following details on their blog in a post titled “March Mayhem”:

As the whole tech world waits for today’s Apple Event, it seems like a good time to remind both veteran and amateur jailbreakers about the fundamental rule of jailbreaking:  Avoid firmware updates!

In all likelihood we’ll see the GM “gold master” version of 5.1 this week.  DO NOT UPDATE TO 5.1, because you may lose your jailbreak!  The rest of this post details the subtleties with this rule, but if there’s only one message to take home, it’s the overall “do not update” message!  Now for the nitty gritty exceptions:

  • Soon after 5.1 appears on Apple’s public servers (i.e. iTunes starts to offer it), Apple will stop signing 5.0.1 SHSH blobs.
  • If you have an iPhone4S, the basic rule above is really the only rule:  you cannot restore back to 5.0.1 once the 5.0.1 signing window is closed, no matter what (even if you saved your SHSH blobs).
  • If you have an iPad2 with saved 4.x hashes, you can in fact downgrade to that 4.x but you won’t be able to get to 5.0.1 once the 5.0.1 signing window is closed (even if you saved your 5.0.1 SHSH blobs).
  • If you have a device earlier than the iPad2, you can downgrade to whatever version you want, as long as you have saved SHSH blobs for that version.  You’ll need the assistance of geohot’s limera1n exploit with tools like redsn0w to get into “pwned DFU mode” and bypass the downgrade restriction.

As you can see, it really is a nuanced landscape so it’s sometimes hard to drive the message home to new jailbreakers.  But the basic rule is the simplest (and it’s better to be safe than sorry!):  If you update to 5.1 you’ll very likely lose your jailbreak, so don’t do it!  Exceptions are noted above.

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[via Dev Team’s blog]

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  • Andy

    If only everyone listen, theres always someone update, loose jb and cried about it.

    • JLX


      • poop

        will updating on the iphone itself change my baseband?

    • Saj

      Yup. People don’t do their research and just update. Than they get stuck, and want the jailbreak right away.lol

  • yes sir

  • fas

    Well they always say that.

  • Pegger

    There’s always those that will be forced to update to 5.1:
    – Last my iPad2 crashed and i was forced to install 5.01 again to get it working again
    if it ever happens again, i will be forced to update to 5.1

    Anyway, but like said, Never update your iOS device if you really want it jailbroken.

  • Vinny

    I thought you could still restore with shift+restore using a 5.0.1 IPSW. When did that change?

    If you can still shift+restore, then saying that we can’t restore back to 5.0.1 is hugely false.

    • elim

      i think its perculiar to iPhone 4S and iPad 2 due to their hardware config all other devices would be able to use the shift + restore method.

    • elim

      i think its peculiar to iPhone 4S and iPad 2 due to their hardware config all other devices would be able to use the shift + restore method.

  • Trizzcuitt

    looks like 5.1 has already been made available……..

  • Fletcher

    :S But It seems that I will become extremely necessary to use the new feature for



  • JOe

    my unlocked 3gs (05.14.03BB) was getting crazy today and i decided it restore with the custom firmware 5.0.1 that i created with sn0wbreze when i first updated to 5.0.1 and at the verifying software itunes gives me and error (6). now my phone is stuck at the ubs and itunes screen. any help???

  • Cash

    I have a question,
    If i buy a 4’s today, Will it be updated automatically when connected to iTunes OR Will it stay on 5.0.1 ? If its on 5.0.1 ?

    • Jason

      The iphones 4’s will be at the old firmware (5.0.1) for the next couple days, but time is running short. The longer you wait, the more iphones will be sold and the new ones will come in and replace the old ones with the new Firmware 5.1.

      When connecting to Itunes, your iphone will never automatically update, unless you click OK for it to do so. You have to approve the update. It will not just do it with out you authorization.

      • adem

        I got a new 4s and it has 5.0.1, but after activating, i was changing a couple of settings and when i went to software update, it was automatically downloading, so i had to turn off wifi, and now it is paused. what can i do now?

  • Slick

    iphone 4s white new less than a month old
    checked make sure 5.0.1
    plug in ran absinthe-win-0.4
    ran fine and when finished
    phone restarted by itself and updated it to 5.1
    i want to cry right now
    only reason i can think of wifi was connected
    but i never once press update on phone
    or even opened itunes
    why o why?

  • ibbe

    I have purchased a new ipad2.3Gwifi with OS 5.0.1 on 14th March. The seller didi jailbreak for me. The same day evening while I was using the ipad it asked me to update to OS 5.1. Iwent to the shop and asked them if its Ok to update. One guy over there pressed the update and it updated. I was holding the breath. Finaly my ipad is working perfect upto now.

  • Sean

    Whats the best jailbreak for the 4s? Ive found alot of pay sites on google, havent found much on forums or anything. Seems like the 4s is more security encrypted or.. Just to new? Can someone shoot me an email and point me in the right direction please

  • James

    The article says that updating would remove jailbreak. can you tell me what losing the jailbreak would do to the operation of the phone as i dont actually know what jailbreaking means.sorry this is my first iphone so im not very tech savvy.

  • Joel

    Does this also mean upgrading an iphone from ios 4.x to 5.0.1 is no longer possible either? (i have an iphone 4 w/ios 4.1)

    • Slick

      Unfortunately your right,
      no longer possible can only update to latest ios which is 5.1.0