Rumor: Apple May Launch New Device With 5-Inch Retina Display in 2013

Japanese blog – Macotakara reports that according to their reliable source, Apple is working on a 5-inch device with Retina Display that will be launched in 2013.

Macotakara reports:

According to reliable Chinese source, LCD supplior of Apple seems to be developing 5-inch Retina Display.

The product which has 5-inch Retina Display is expected to be released in 2013, and resolution of this LCD will be 1,600 x 960 pixel (800 x 480 by legacy majour) or 1,280 x 960 pixel (640 x 480).

We’ve heard several rumors about Apple working on a 7.85-inch iPad mini and a 4-inch iPhone so far, but this is the first time someone has claimed that Apple is working on 5-inch device.

If the device comes with a 1,600 x 960 pixel (800 x 480 by legacy majour) or 1,280 x 960 pixel (640 x 480) then it would mean that developers would have to design apps specially for it. We find it a little hard to believe that Apple would want to add another vector of fragmentation by launching a 5-inch device.

If this bizarre rumor turns out to be accurate then we wonder what Apple will call this new new device with 5-inch Retina Display. iPad mini? iPad nano? iPod touch something? Any guesses?

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