Some Users Reporting Issues With Wi-Fi Connectivity On The New iPad

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Users on Apple’s discussion board are reporting problems with the new iPad’s Wi-Fi reception, which they say is weaker than its predecessors.

The discussion thread was started by user stlsteve, who noticed that his iPad was registering a weak Wi-Fi signal despite the signal being strong enough to give full bars on his laptop:

“I picked mine up at Best Buy on Friday on my way to the airport for our honeymoon in Hawaii (Kauai). What a disappointment it has turned out to be. Pictured myself reading the news with it each morning over long, relaxed breakfasts and coffee and in a lounge chair by the pool. Instead, I am sitting in a baautiful restaruant typing this with my big awkward laptop. The iPad goes back to Best Buy when I get home.”

Users followed with similar complaints about a weak Wi-Fi signal, noting that other gadgets work fine on the same connection. In extreme cases, the 3rd generation iPad would not connect to the network at all, as per user accounts.

Because of the weak connection, speeds on the iPad took a hit with users reporting speeds going down by a factor of half or even more.

The problem seems to be with certain iPads and not all of them, since many users on the thread posted that they received the same signal strength on the new iPad as other devices. A user “gdtobme” went to Best Buy and exchanged the new iPad which exhibited this problem, and the replacement worked fine.

The thread has more than a hundred responses, most of them posted by users complaining about the weak reception. The issue, although not seen on all iPads, is definitely genuine and it remains to be seen if it is a hardware issue or a problem which can be fixed with a software upgrade.

Problems with new Apple devices right after launch seem to have become a tradition. Yellowish screens, antenna problems, battery issues and most recently heating issues, all have plagued one iOS device or the other at a certain point of time. In fact, the weak Wi-Fi connectivity problem is very similar to the one faced by original iPad owners, which Apple later fixed via a software upgrade.

Are you facing similar problems with your shiny new iPad?

[Apple forums via Apple Insider]

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  • Johnny

    I noticed thi also. I wonder if they lowered voltage to the wifi antenna to conserve battery life.

  • Gorspot

    Ha, they think time is a fool. I notice, but I don’t complain like woman.


  • Shakosh

    I noticed a similar problem on my iPhone 4 when I updated it to IOS 5.1 my wifi keeps dropping and switching to 3G on its own specially when I’m streaming video for more than half an hour. I reset the network settings I did forget this network I even did a restore and the problem still remains

  • John

    Mine seems a bit slow and drops wifi connection compared to my ipad 2 sitting right next to it.

  • fingers21

    This is exactly why I don’t rush out and buy new Apple products on release day anymore! There is ALWAYS at least one issue with new products nowadays. The only downside is, its seems to take apple so long to sort these issues lately, that when things are finally sorted, they’re about to release the next gen!

  • This is what happens without Steve Jobs lol.

    • Trapp

      They hope that they can ressurect stiff cold guy with overheating iPad. Thats sick Tim. He’s gone, and You are next!

  • ebak

    i have a wireless N router at home,i take my ipad with me to work(aprrox.25miles) away and i am not able to connect.why?

    • Joe joe

      No that funny hahahahahaha

  • ebak

    i have a wireless N router at home,i take my ipad with me to work(aprrox.25miles away) and i am not able to connect.why?

    • Trapp

      Try leaving the oven and an Iron on when You exit. They both stimulate WiFi strength and save battery life too! Too bad they didn’t put the info in the manual. Try and see!

  • AT&T rapes me

    Move it out of the basement it will better. I work 30 miles from home and it works great, after I moved it… Lol

    • ebak

      appreciate it.i will try that.

  • fas

    Looks like a software update will be pushed soon.

  • michael dow

    this is very true its take longer to connect to my wifi and it takes hours to download apps i smell update

  • Carl

    That’s what happens when people work 24 hours a day at fox con lol

  • Mike

    My signal is half what it is on my other devices. Something’s wrong for sure.

  • Romulo

    If I was in my way to my honeymoon, the last thing I would notice is a flawed wifi connection in my new iPad. Just sayn.

    Btw I received mine 4 days ago. So far so good. Noticed it has more UI lag than the iPad3. Battery is a bit shorter, it gets warmer from time to time and new apps take a lot of space. A nice upgrade, but the other way around.