New iPad is Here: Lines From Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, France, Germany, Canada & US

Not surprisingly, lines for the new iPad have started as it goes on sale in 10 countries. In fact, those waiting in the line in Australia have already managed to get their hands on the third generation iPad.

As we mentioned earlier, with shipping estimates for the new iPad slipping to 2-3 weeks, one way to get your hands on Apple’s new iPad is to stand in line outside the Apple Store or other third-party retailers.

That is exactly what many users are doing as you can see from the photos below. The lines are no where as long as the iPhone 4S, but we expect them to grow as we get closer to the launch time.

Here’re photos of the lines outside Apple stores:

Line outside Apple Store in Tokyo (via The Next Web)

Telstra is having a launch party in Australia via MacStories

Line outside carriers retail store in Singapore via CNET Asia

Apple’s Hong Kong retail store is discouraging people to line up for the new iPad

But as you can see above, that hasn’t stopped people queuing up anyways via Engadget China

Line outside Apple Store in London via MacStories

Line outside Apple Store in Paris via MacStories

Line outside Apple Store in Munich via MacStories

Line at a Walmart store in the US via Mac Rumors

Line outside Apple store at Southgate Centre in Alberta, Canada via iPadinCanada

Lone line outside Apple Store in New York via Robert Scoble

We’ll update this post with more photos from around the world. If you’re in one of the lines, please send photos to and we’ll love to post them here.

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  • fas

    The apple craze is indeed awesome.

  • BiggieSmalls

    The first I heard of people ever lining up for a product launch was for Dragon Warrior 3 in Japan. Remember as a kid reading it in some Nintendo Power magazine and wondering what on earth can posses people to line for anything. Oddly enough, now it seems expected. Fortunately, I managed to order two and will selling my extra one online tomorrow :).

    • Michael

      Ha! I remember reading the same Nintendo Power article! Man, we are really showing our age.

  • nik

    samsung must be very disapponted.. 😛

  • Jaymon

    I’m outside a Walmart damn one is loneliest number that I’ve ever seen!!! Where are my apple die hards

  • Dempa

    Got mine “white 64G/4G” in Frankfurt am Main Apple Store in Germany. Went there lunch time and they had all models in stock! No line…

  • Ken

    Thats crazy. Went to AT&T store this morning. I was third in line. Only 3 of us! I be damned if Id stand in them long lines.

  • Poor1

    No line in Zurich, Switzerland either. I arranged that the concierge of my hotel sent hotel employees to the apple store to purchase a total of 16 NiP’s (all 64Gb 4G’s) for my family and friends. Im glad my brother drives an Audi Q7 so we have no problems with storage space on the drive back to the netherlands. Tomorrow i expect to be in london and i am planning to visit the kensington applestore at Regent Street. Lets hope they are not already sold out there.