New iPad’s Retina Display Under The Microscope

new iPad

Retina display is easily the most talked about feature of Apple’s new iPad, in fact, it is so stunning that users who are not planning to upgrade to the third generation have been strongly advised to avoid getting a glimpse of it.

We have seen several side-by-side comparison of the new iPad’s Retina Display and iPad 2’s screen, but Lukas Mathis – a UI designer wanted to figure out how it stacks up against iPad 2’s screen under a microscope to give us another perspective.

Mathis writes:

It’s easy to conceptually understand the idea of quadrupling the pixel count, but once you actually see what this means, it’s frankly pretty astonishing. The iPad 2’s pixels look gargantuan next to the diminutive pixels from the third-gen iPad.

Mathis has also compared the third generation iPad’s Retina Display with iPhone 4S, BlackBerry Playbook and Kindle Fire’s screen.

Kindle Fire

BlackBerry Playbook

You can visit Lukas Mathis website to see the comparions of the new iPad’s screen with Google Nexus One, PlayStation Vita, the older generation PlayStation Portable, Sony’s Xperia Play, Nintendo 3DS and HP Veer.

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