New iPad Runs 10 Degrees Hotter Than iPad 2; But Within Operating Temperature Limit

Ever since the new iPad has been launched, several users have been complaining on Apple support forums and MacRumors forums that their iPad feels a lot warmer than iPad 2 after extended usage.

While most users are reporting that the new iPad gets warmer than the new iPad 2, it doesn’t get hot, not even laptop warm, some users are reporting that it getting too warm, making it difficult to hold the new iPad.

One customer complained: “Mine is overheating. The heat is reduced when the brightness is reduced but what’s the point of that? It drains the battery fast too . . . I am going to wait one week to see if there are any solutions from Apple, if not, they can have it. I am very disappointed.”

Another customer complained: “My new iPad (verizon 64GB) definitely got significantly warm, almost too warm to hold warm, when running on LTE.  Not even doing a lot of downloads (just browsing twitter) but having the LTE radio on seemed to cause it to get noticeably hot.”

To investigate the issue folks at took thermal images of both the new iPad and iPad 2 with an infrared camera and ran the GLBenchmark for five minutes to confirm that the new iPad is indeed hotter than iPad 2.

The hottest point on the new iPad was the lower right corner, which reached 33.6° C (or 92.5° F), whereas it reached  28.3° C (or 82.9° F) on the iPad 2. The difference between the two was 5° C (or ~10° F), but within the operating temperate limit [32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)] on the new iPad’s tech specs page (not sure if that is too close for comfort).

If you have got the new iPad, let us know if you have noticed the issue in the comments section below.

[via Engadget]

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  • Zak

    Mine gets warm but not HOT
    but I live in England so it makes a nice
    Hand warmer in the cold wind 🙂

    • Trip

      I used to live in uk. I wish we iPad back then. It was very cold there in winter.

  • Trip

    I found the new iPad no different to my previous one.. However I’m not always running on LTE.
    I think my iPhone feels hotter on heavy use..

  • Colp

    Mine was very hot on Friday after buying it, though screen was up full and WIFI was working hard backing up from iCloud

    16GB WIFI only

  • fas

    Wait till u see who hot the iPhone gets?

  • Gillian

    iPad, it’s new and hot!

  • mkimid

    Why need to test ? Internal energy is converted to light and heat while using.
    70% more power consumption than ipad 2. It means more heat … Hmm

  • Tom

    how hot will it get in the summer then….thats when my ipad 2 got incredibly hot too

  • sean

    33,6 C isn’t even body temperature.. i’m not buying the ”too warm to hold”

  • Zed Sefi

    I got the WiFi version only, not the 4G LTE, so I am not experiencing a lot of heat compared to other people, but I gotta say I have noticed that it feels indeed warmer than my iPad 2. What’s more, the back area gives me a feeling of static electricity which is a little bit annoying, like ants walking on my fingers lol (this only happens when iPad is charging thou).

  • Sonny petro

    The new iPad 2? LOL

    • killertypo

      that’s what it is. It is the new ipad2, because it’s not called the ipad3. 😉

  • Val

    Can this overheating issue could affect the quality of the New iPad after a period of time? This will surely affect the sales of this new tablet. I think the best solution would be to extend the warranty of the New iPad, but it would be better if they will recall every device and let the consumers wait for the improved version. Just my opinion!