New iPhone Concept: 4.6-Inch Screen, Retina Displays, Aluminium Back Panel & More

Yesterday, a report claimed that the next generation iPhone will sport a 4.6-inch screen.

Though it is hard to believe that Apple would want to add another vector of fragmentation, folks at ADR Studio have gone ahead and created a stunning new iPhone concept with a larger 4.6-inch screen.

ADR Studio had previously developed the iPhone SJ concept inspired by Steve Jobs.  They’ve described the new iPhone concept on their blog:

First of all it’s sim-less: it doesn’t use a simcard by our phone mobile operator. It can grab your data directly by the mobile network, also in 4G LTE.
It uses a new audio section, with two panel speakers, on the rear of it aluminum forged unibody.
All the controls are now on the top and the edge is so thin!

The great news is the new iPhone haven’t just one retina display. It has three ones!
One strip screen is on the top, to show you all the network infos, clocks, notifications and so on.
The bottom one is for App dock, multitasking panel and so on.
The central one is only for the desktop: more space, more freedom.

The home button is integrated into bottom strip display and it can be activate thanks to the closer motion sensor.

Obviously the new iPhone has Siri, gyroscope on 4 axis, motion sensor, as you know and the other great features of the previous iPhone 4s.

In addition you’ve a “led powered edge”. You can use it to show the strength of battery life or to show you a preferred caller: you can choose the color thanks to the led edge dedicated app.

Though the idea of an iPhone with 4.6-inch sounds ridiculous and we don’t like the bulge at the back, we will still get this one.

Let us know what you really liked or didn’t like about the new iPhone concept in the comments.

[via ADR Studio]

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    Ugly IMO

    • Xay


    • Red


      • chris


  • Ryan

    Looks like iPhone and android had an ugly baby.

    • louis

      unwanted baby

      • zion


    • Eric


  • wolverinemarky

    yea its definitely ugly in the back but i would probably still buy this lol

  • ///MPower

    WOW, thats pretty ugly. Its too complex and not simple and sexy in the way Apple is known for. The back panel is WAY too busy, putting all the buttons and crap on top is lazy and not user friendly. The virtual home button would be hard to implement. For example, you open an app and what, it is displayed virtually on screen taking up valuable real estate? Or is there some kind of gesture to bring it up? How would that work? Also a 4.6″ screen is WAY too big. Apple designed the screen to be 3.5″ so that when you’re holding it in one hand, it is a comfortable reach when trying to touch all 4 corners of the screen with your thumb. The most they may go is 4 inches. The 3D rendering is very well done… but thats about it.

    • key

      you’re just mad cause you have carnie hands…

  • ItsyourBoy

    I think it looks good I would buy it and if apple made it people would change thier minds from ugly to they like it, jus like when the iPhone 4 pics 1st came out

    • Keith

      Absolutely ridiculous ! I would never buy one. Too big and very ugly !

  • dmagic1

    The back isn’t very nice but the front is great. I would love a 4.6″ screen. I don’t understand why some people are so against change. They act like they would be more than happy to buy a phone that looks like the iphone 4 for the next 5 years. Just as long as they increase the specs. I’m sorry but for all I now do on my phone, that 3.5″ screen just isn’t cutting it anymore.

    How does this look like iPhone and android mix? Some ppl say anything. Looks nothing like andriod.

  • OGT

    Here we go again…!

  • Sam

    Very nice. And who say its ugly go fu. Ck your slif

  • Mcsteven

    Yeah here we go again.. The new iPhone will looking absolutely nothing like this. They will NEVER go to a 4.6 inch screen. That’s way too big and bulky. Remember, Jobs has the iPhone line already picked out for the next few releases. So it’s gonna be a Steve Jobs approved iPhone. Not some android apple hybrid like this pic..

  • Anj9686

    Front look beautiful rather than the back

  • Tre

    Ugly bulky takes away from sleek and pretty. Junk android wanna be.

  • Juan

    Awful I don’t like at all

  • mkimid

    It is a just artwork, Impossible to implement it.
    actually, Professonal industrial disigner make a design which can be implement able. But, it is just idot drawing for looks fun.
    But, it is hard to day it is good or ugry, because of it is depend on the personal favorites.
    Anyway, I hope to see kind of REASONABLE drawing or concept.

  • mkimid

    Apple has trapped by “retina”
    1. To use higher power process and LTE, they must increase the capacity of batter or they need to change the chemistry such alumiul oxide base cell.
    2. They can increase the size of screen with the same number of pixel. And they may call as “Still Retina Display Because of more than 300ppi”
    3. They can not incrase the pixel, because of non-integer ratio interpolation will reduce the sharpeness and they need to give up the major advantage of retina display.
    4. Or when running the apps, it will have a ugray black band area similar with iPad with iPhone software.

  • mkimid

    Actually, they are trying the differently such as
    1. Eliminate SIMCARD or reduce the size, it will make a big trouble in the worldwide. Because of pre-paid user is much more than post paid user in the world. They want to use the standard card not just some specific
    2. On chip RAM and Other utilities, and give up some functionality such FM tx/rx
    3. Use the thiner component such as front glass, sensor, and LCD
    Anyway, i think apple is getting much higher stress than before.
    We are just looking for their ‘different think’
    Actually, I do not interesting this kind of idiot concept drawing, it makes me disappointed about this website ~~~

  • Louis

    I told my friend to keep his horny EVO away from my iPhone. What a monstrous baby they made. It’s too big. The twin speakers are ok but unless they are Bose it will still sound terrible without headphones.

    • j meister

      Bose? Seriously? If you think Bose speakers are worth anything in their price class you are just a marketer’s dream.

  • You

    iPhone users are dumb they don’t know what’s good anyway.

    • Wiilt

      *dumb, they

      What are you doing here besides acting like an obnoxious and squirmy troll?

  • Wiilt

    1: More similar to the next HTC.
    2: Over complex – Not following the “Apple simplicity”.
    3: Too thin – would snap like a twig (not even talking about power).
    4: Digital home button???
    5: Bulge In the Back – It will rock back and forth (which it can’t afford, since its thinner than an anorexic post-it).
    6: No SIM card? Sounds like a exploit hotspot.
    7: 3 displays? Overkill. It would take ALOT more memory (which would probably not fit in this leaf. Not to mention the battery.)
    3D rendering like that would be nice, but that is not coming any time soon.
    8: LED edge? I already mentioned BATTERY and SIZE (which both apply to this idea). Whats the point of this?

  • Sorry guys but it is the worse expectation of what iPhone 5 would be. Plus orrible design. iPhone is iPhone don’t dare to make it look like Android TM…..:$

  • Jim

    Ugly phone? Not as ugly as the grammar in the article. Bloggers really ought to take ten seconds to run spell and grammar check before publishing their articles.

    • Wiilt

      There is poor grammar in your comment, Jim.

    • Rob

      Did you mean “to run a spell and grammar check” or “to run spell and grammar checks” Jim?

      • djdehkx

        It can parse successfully, if “spell and grammar check” is a noun-phrase like “Photoshop” or “Angry Birds”.

  • pakaku

    This is the absolute worst iPhone mock-up I have seen in a really long time.

  • Ang

    Love a bigger screen

  • fas

    Looks terrible, really horid, sorry.

  • Matt

    Oh no!! Ugly!

    Who bets the next Apple iPhone will be the ‘much awaited for’ iPhone 4S.1…. “The one that we all need……”

    New features are something pretty cool like the ability to ‘use more like a regular phone again’, whoop! 😉

    Written on my Apple iPhone -_-

  • Matt

    Oh no!! Ugly!

    Who bets the next Apple iPhone will be the ‘much awaited for’ iPhone 4S.1…. “The one that we all need……”

    New features are something pretty cool like the ability to ‘use more like a regular phone again’, whoop! 😉

    Written on my Apple iPhone -_-

  • Leroy Brown

    4in max, and all glass, no metal or cheap crappy looking plastic.

  • Yuse 2 b ripped off

    Front is ok back is ugly I would like to see a phone which can turn a flat surface into speaker

  • Jays_on

    Finally a concept that actually looks sweet!

    • Jays_on

      I just love that someone finally realized you don’t need an inch of wasted space at each end of the phone. If you compare iPhone 4/s to other 4-5″ lcd phones they are nearly the same size because there isn’t wasted space for a bezel.

  • Andy

    Apple should make bigger screen iphone.

  • Edub

    The size is ok. I honestly wouldn’t care about a redesign but would appreciate LTE. Coming from Android , that was the main advantage over the iPhone in my opinion.

  • Sako

    In one picture home button shows on right corner, in other pictures it’s in the middle :)anybody noticed?

  • Tony

    Looks very cool. The back, I like. It might be easier to grip. Would be the first in line to get it. Oh, please include a swype keyboard option. Swype is so cool.

  • Ez

    If apple puts out a gigantic paper thin phone they can keep it as fa as I’m concerned

  • Macsimosmacsimoaa

    The concept isn’t bad, but it highly resembles Microsoft’s Zune Hd. The only differences are its wider, longer, has a larger screen, and external speakers. Compare the images at the link below.

  • baba

    Too ugly, I won’t buy it for sure…

  • Kwopau

    Meh. I like the front design but needs a physical home button. I don’t like how the home button would stay in the middle of the dock. I don’t like the curve on the bottom.
    The back just look f’ing UGLY. I like the 4/4S form factor, so I hope they keep it that way. I am sure the physical home button will still be there.

    • Kwopau

      Definitely won’t be buying this if this was the real design for the next one.
      Also, I would rate this 1/10

  • Pandaa xo

    I know it’s concept art, but everyone who says its ugly would be the FIRST people on that line waiting over night like dumbasses lol.

    It’s a nice work of art bravo to you

  • Macsimos

    It’s not a bad design. It definitely resembles the Microsoft Zune HD, just wider, longer, has external speakers, and a larger screen. Check out the link below for images if found.


  • brit

    Its beautiful… like the read-headed step child that you beat in a trailer park.

  • Steve

    I think apples only lacking in the screen department. Although the sleek styling may not be top priority I would still buy an ugly iPhone with a larger screen then the same ole same ole!!! I think this prototype is awesome and well designed!

  • Ness

    This is the most inspired, truly beautiful phone I have ever seen. I would pre-order this phone on day one!
    Truly an amazing design! I love everything about it, how slim it looks, the led edge both for color and small info screen, and the edge to edge screen!