Next iPhone (iPhone 5,1) Coming Fall 2012 With 4G LTE, 3.5-Inch Screen, “Micro Dock” Connector

iMore reports that according to their source, the next iPhone (which they’re calling iPhone 5,1) will be available later this fall/October will feature the same 3.5-inch screen or very close to it, support 4G LTE networks and come with  a new micro dock connector. 

Rene Ritchie of iMore writes:

So to sum up, iPhone 5,1 is on track for:

  • Similar if not same sized screen (currently 3.5-inch but not set in stone)
  • 4G LTE radio
  • New “micro dock” connector
  • Fall/October 2012 release

iMore had correctly predicted the date of the iPad event and that the new iPad will support 4G LTE networks.

iMore had previously reported that Apple was planning to replace the standard 30-pin dock connector that is used in the iPhone, iPad and iPod with something more compact. However, replacing the standard 30-pin connector would result in compatibility issues with existing accessories that make use of the dock connector (unless Apple also provides a convertor). Apple has been quite prepared to take such hard decisions to achieve the goal of making their iOS devices thinner and smaller in the past. For example: Apple was one of the first companies to start using the micro-SIM card. With the introduction of PC Free features such as Wi-Fi Sync, AirPlay and iCloud, the importance of the dock connector has changed, so the possibility of a smaller dock connector cannot be ruled out.

As we had mentioned yesterday that though the 4G strings that were discovered in iOS 5.1 did not confirm that the next iPhone will support 4G LTE networks, it was quite likely with the launch of 4G LTE iPad.

It remains to be seen if Apple will stick with the 3.5-inch screen, it is quite evident from the comments from some of our readers that it is quite high on the wish list for many users.

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  • olavvogelaars

    awesome ! 🙂

    • nauip

      Yay! We get to buy all new accessories for the “micro-dock” and put up with the same old 3.5″. Remind me again what’s wrong with USB connectors?

      • high horse

        the PROBLEM with them is that Apple will lose out on extra revenue. it’s Apple’s problem, which in turn makes it our problem

        • fas

          Apple behaving hungry off late.

  • sidenine

    Adapt or die Apple. 3.5″ screens are way too small for this day and age, especially when Android phones are 4″ and up. I left iPhone a year ago and moved to a 4.3″ screen, and can’t even comprehend how I ever put up with a 3.5″ screen. Anything bigger is a bit too large I think, but 4.3″ is perfect and I can still easily use it in one hand. I do love the iPhone though, and would gladly come back if the new iPhone has a bigger screen.

    Here’s hoping.

    • Chris

      Same here…I now use a HTC Sensation and like the screen so much better than the iPhone.

    • Yoda

      Amen! Android has been doing it right with the big screens (4.6 / 5″). I’m going to ditch Apple if they do a cop out of 3.5″ again. Total bs!

    • high horse

      i hate Android for the most part, but that Samsung Note is really enticing! i held it in a store and it doesn’t seem to practical to talk on, but for everything else it seems great

    • Nosferatu

      I agree 4.3″ is the perfect size. I use a Galaxy S2 (AT&T variant) and it’s easy to handle. Next to my old 3GS and my friend’s ip4 it’s not “that much bigger” for the amount of real estate you get. Most of the larger screens (4.5″+) have a smaller bezel so the dimensions of the phone are about the same as a 4.3 but just more real estate towards the display.

      I agree with the other poster, I don’t know how I handled a 3.5″ for over 2 years it feels so tiny.

    • Jason

      Just for the record apple is the trend setter in this market. Apple still reigns supreme apparently no matter how many tablets/music players/phone are produced by a set of companies. With apple being the sole company of i-devices it will continue that way till google (including the rest of the world) come up with something new and fresh, quite frankly i don’t think their up to that task.

  • AC

    Hmm, so same phone but different look…. need to bo with bigger screen…. after playing with Samsung Galaxy S2, the iPhone looks and feels like a little toy.

    • OGT


  • tang cahyadi

    If apple do not improve they product . Apple fans/customer will leave them soon . Like new iPad a lot of complaint . Will see what issue for new iPhone . For sure if 3.5 inch screen or not new design people will disappoint

    • Wiilt


    • Augustine

      No they won’t. IF YOU WANT A BRICK then get a samsung. while 3.5 is not the best size, it does fit nice in the pocket…. 4 is ok… anything over that is just a mini tablet

  • Hmmm?

    What’s the point of these predictions? It’s a 50/50 chance for a launch date in June or Octobober. Plus LTE is implied especially with the IPad (2012). And I highly doubt they will leave it a 3.5 inches without sacrificing battery life and using LTE. 4 inches minimum or else I’m switching. Had an iPhone since the 3G and still have irritating experiences with the onscreen keyboard which I’m sure can be fixed with more real estate. I’m sure they can sacrifice some DPI by increasing the screen size but keeping the same resolution.

    • Augustine

      NO POINT. you are right. it is just to bring traffic to the site. i don’t blame the site operators at all. but you are right.
      One thing you are wrong tho, is the 50.50, it is more like 0.5/99.5 wrong. look at all the iPad 3 sh*t that was published here….

  • appel fan

    i wish as well apple will come out with 4inch screen for the iphone it will be awsome. couse 3.5 inch display dosent make it for me ether but 4in and up should be the standerd i think

  • Keaey Hechem

    Apple always and forever! All can go crazy about this and that and leave but not me. I fall in love with Apple since the ipod classic & still going strong. Android can always have a better hardware or software features but the feeling isnt the same.

  • IndyBoy

    Got super excited when 4.6″ rumor came out…was going to ditch Android for this but with 3.5 …no thanks

    • mkimid

      Everybody has different favorites, I like the current size.

    • dmagic1

      I feel the same. I’m still on the iphone 4, I tried the Note but it was too big. A 4.5″ or so would be perfect.

  • Steven chow

    According to my source, the next iPhone will be called “the new iPhone” with double the speed and better graphic. Camera will be 10 mp with 5 mp front facing. Same battery life, and redesign with gorilla glass. Connector will remain the same.

    • Jason


    • Someone Smart WHo doesnt comment here

      the iPhone 4 (and 4s) use gorilla glass, actually. steve jobs was the one who resurrected the dead company Corning who was about to apply for bankruptcy. gorilla glass 2 is likely for the new iphone though.

  • BlueDream

    the next iphone at least should be 3.8″ ~ 4″ display (keep retina), A5x processor, 1G RAM & LTE with improve battery life. If they want to keep their grip in smartphone world.

  • BlueDream

    the next iphone at least should be 3.8″ ~ 4″ display (keep retina), A5x processor, 1G RAM & LTE with improve battery life.

    • Someone Smart WHo doesnt comment here

      A5X would offer little advantage over the A5 on an iPhone. the A5x merely doubled the graphics from dual core to quad core so that the double-resolution retina display would perform just as well as the iPad 2. since the new iPhone will either have the same resolution, or only SLIGHTLY higher (doubt that though), it will probably introduce the true A6 processor. maybe not though. 1 gb ram is definite, LTE is definite, bigger battery is very likely, and hopefully the screen will be 4″ with a slightly larger body overall to allow for a better battery. also, the LTE radio may be part of the 3g radio if it comes in the fall, so battery life may not be that bad with LTE. 3.9″ is still above 300 ppi btw, so thats a possibility too

  • Clo004

    If we see a 4G LTE iPhone I wouldn’t be surprised if it came with a bigger screen. A larger screen would mean more space for a bigger battery which I can only assume would be needed since LTE is still such a hog.

    • Chris

      I agree with you. Changing the screen size now would make more sense due to the the need for more space to power the device with a lager battery. Larger dsp, same battery life, 4g, new design

  • Rho

    If the new iPhone looks like that then I’m sold! (Ok not really). Just tired of all the boring designs of Android phones. The rumoured Galaxy S III images look downright depressing.

    Btw Apple might want the screen to remain at 3.5″ so that if you need something bigger for web browsing or videos you can go get the iPad. Great strategy, it’s been working for them so far.

    • Augustine

      right on

  • Moe

    Definitely a nice design in the posted pic!! Also, I wish the new iPhone has a bigger screen than 4″. I’d definitely upgrade from my 4!

  • mabbent

    The physical size of the phone is of greater importance then the screen size, if the screen can be enlarged without increasing the overall size of the iPhone, great! What would be the reason for increasing the sensor size of the camera, at this point the lens/glass is the limiting factor and I don’t want a thicker phone. The only valid reason to change the sensor is if it’s cheaper to go with a larger sensor. The front camera is really only useful for FaceTime and Skype, I’ve had no problem with quality of the feed on either. No need to increase the amount of data transmitted during video calling, expecialy once it’s allowed on cellular networks. Not a fan of USB connectors, for those who use the phone while plugged in, the connector tends to brake to easily.
    Let’s lobby for an improved user interface. My list of wants; Real multi-tasking, select which Apps do or don’t multi-task, pull down menu to control all radios, better e-mail management and folders in folders.

    • Jason

      When it comes to UI’s you need to talk with software development. Few people are swooned in my such things unless its enterprise and security co-ordinated friendly. I could use with a louder speaker though.

  • Jdub

    Time for the 4″. Name it iPhone SJ. I’m in!

  • Antiphone

    3.5 inch screen? Only for an Ifag.

    • Jason

      If it was a brutha’s iPhone i’d would be 12″

  • If next iPhone is 3.5 in size I will not buy it as simple as that. Samsung here I come. Let’s hope by then a model after Galaxy S III will be available ….Galaxy Nexsus 2 ? 😀 But I am hoping for 4.0 – 4.3 inch screen size ……

  • blueDreAm

    same to me….will upgrade my 4S IF 4″ ~ 4.3″

  • Jason

    I say they’ll call it the LTE iPhone, rolls right of the tongue x_X

    • Someone Smart WHo doesnt comment here

      iPhone 5 or iPhone 4g, i can 100% guarantee that.

  • JJ

    Hmm. Gee. Wasn’t it only a couple days ago we were “on track” for a 4.6 inch screen in a new iPhone “5” concept phone? I love these speculations. They make me laugh.

  • Augustine


    99% of what is posted everywhere is all bullsh*t and not prediction at all

    • HB

      I agree 100%. All of these concepts are ALL BULL. Until I see Apple unvail it, I won’t believe JACK!

  • webcrawler

    3.5″ is perfect for me – a 4″ inch iphone will look like android and Steve Jobs dont want that Amen 🙂 for large display i have an ipad

  • Kimk69

    Anyone ever think that these could be bull s**t leaked stories. (Fake) so that when apple surprises us with a 4in. Screen we will be amazed and run out to buy it just for that reason. Lol.

  • Mihai

    Noooo wtf, we want a 4 inch screen!!!! It would be awsome!!!!! Let them make the iphone in 2 ways with 2 types of displays

  • HB

    As an android phone (HTC EVO 4G) and an Apple ipod touch owner, I can say that since June 2010, I’ve been really happy with my EVO. The EVO set the standard with the screen size, the features and the MP of the camera (8). I rememeber when I bought my EVO, ppl were laughing at me saying, “Why did you buy such a big phone?” Now they are the same folks who are CRAVING for a bigger iphone. Now, my ipod touch gets used more since I got Apple TV and I like the fact that I can use it as a controller. Other than that, the iphones just look “cool” and they RESTRICT the user’s flexibility in terms of what they want to do with their phones. Why mandate how I can use my phone when I shelled out my hard earned $ for it? Lastly, my contract will be done in July and I’ll be waiting around to see if the next iphone 5 will disappoint like the 4S did. If the following isn’t on the next iphone, I’m getting the next best ANDROID phone (Any one seen the HTC ONE? OMG it’s friggin awesome!): 4G LTE support, 8MP+ camera, A BIGGER PHONE, NFC capability, QUAD CORE processor w/ AT LEAST 1.5GHz, and FLASH SUPPORT. I mean Apple, get with the program already…….

  • Smiley

    I love apple and would love the new iPhone to get a bigger screen. Apple was the first to shock and awe everyone. But if all they do is give a little cosmetic redisine of the phone (such as 4G LTE, quad core chip, and a slightly thinner phone with same screen size) then they are only playin catch up with the phones that are already out there. They need to shock and awe again and change it up. Otherwise people will get bored and move on. It’s to easy. Just give the people what they want already and you will be praised for it!

  • Sorry Charlie!

    If the iPhone stays with the same size screen as 4 yrs ago. Reminds me of an out date pc where the screens were so small. Now under the hood it is nice, but who wants a fast pc with a screen for kids. But maybe that is who apple is tailoring to? I still have my 3GS and if they don’t make the screen better I guess I’ll move on too. Small screens and I know aPple sees the inquires, so my question is, so does apple listen or do the typical Apple!

  • Love it! I really don’t like the teardrop shape idea, or the stronger glass (I repair phones) but the rest of it looks awesome.