Report Claims Next iPhone Will Sport 4.6-Inch Retina Display

Now that the third generation iPad has been launched, its time to gear up for the sixth generation iPhone rumors.

Reuters reports that according to a South Korean newspaper, the next iPhone will come with a 4.6-inch Retina display.

Reuters reports:

Apple has decided on the bigger 4.6-inch display for its next iPhone and started placing orders to its suppliers, the Maeil Business Newspaper said, quoting an unnamed industry source.

We’ve heard several rumors of a 4-inch iPhone, but the next generation iPhone with 4.6-inch is hard to believe. Last year, it was rumored that Apple will launch a redesigned iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen. We all know how that turned out.

However, a 4-inch iPhone cannot be ruled out completely as iLounge who had heard from their reliable source that the third generation iPad will be slightly thicker, which turned out to be true. The same source had also claimed that the next generation iPhone will not look like the teardrop design that was rumored in 2011, but will sport a 4-inch screen and will be 8mm longer than before with a metal casing  (probably aluminum).

Here’s a comparison of iPhone 4S (3.5-inch screen) and Galaxy Nexus (4.65-inch screen) to get an idea.

What do you think of the possibility of the next iPhone sporting a bigger screen? Do you prefer the current 3.5-inch screen or do you want a 4-inch or even a 4.6-inch screen?

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  • jay

    a 4 inch would be perfect imagine just a minut whit a 4,6 inch i???what would it be called ?? an Itvphonepad

  • GJ

    I prefer smaller screen due to easy operation by one hand. On other side of the coin bigger screen is better for reading any text without zooming (books, email, news, e.t.c.)

  • jay

    is there gonna be also an Ipurse to be able to carrey the Itvphonepad??

    • haha

      unfortunatly no my friend, too big to fit in an ipurse so apple will release an ibackpack to put youre itvphonepad in, isorry…

  • Hooman

    you know that’s not a Nexus S that’s a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S has a 4″ display, However Galaxy Nexus has a 4.65″ one.

    • We’ve fixed it.. thanks for pointing it out.

      • Hooman

        anytime 😉 … still my favorite hack blog

  • Monstar

    I would very much prefer a 4″ display over the 4.6″. I really don’t want to carry around a device that large.

  • OGT

    If it will support retina display! Every AT&T unlimited users will be throttling to 3G if iPhone support 4G.. Lol

  • Tre

    4 in is fine and any bigger it better come with a heck of battery. I had a Galaxy and that was a pain carrying around. So keep it simple. Beside bigger screen more power and I don’t see a wall plug anywhere.

  • fas

    Nope, it wont be more than 4 inch.

  • blueDreAm

    CORRECT … would be failure if more than 4″…but it will be nice if hologram concept applied…NFC & LTE is a must…

  • Nothing is impossible.
    Wondering if it doesn’t look like the teardrop design, how it’ll look like?

  • Chris F

    A 4-inch display would be perfect, but anything large enough to sport a 4.6-inch display would either be too wide to hold comfortably as a phone or too long for a reasonable aspect ratio, unless they’re going with a full-face display and no physical button on the front. But the latter is such a radical departure from current iPhones that I doubt Apple would do it.

  • Vlash

    If it’s anything smaller than a 4.3″ screen, I’m moving to an Android phone this fall! 4.6″ would be really sweet, so If they came out with that I’m going to reconsider buying the Galaxy Note. I’ve tried out 4.3-5.3″ phones with one hand, and it’s not a problem to use (at least not for me, and I don’t have particularly large hands).

  • Fingers21

    If it gets anything more than 4″ they can keep it, I won’t buy it. My 4s is the perfect size for me, it sits in my hand perfectly and I have no problems reading text.

  • Strulf

    Very unlikely. 4″ at the most. Apple already stated once that bigger screens are unhandy to use.

  • Midian

    If its not bigger than 4″, as much as i love my iPhone and apple products i will get the HTC one X. have you seen that thing? its looks amazing and the camera is so snappy.

  • silverwin

    one thing i am sure, the 6th gen iphone will be called “NEW IPHONE” lol

  • Brett

    Really? one of my “sources” said it would have a 12″ touchscreen.

    • ijohn

      The voices in your head don’t count.

      • Roscoe

        The voices in my head said they do count…

  • Joe

    Apple will never admit that bigger screens are better for some people. It’s moronic to think that there is a one size for all when fingers can vary in size by so much. I am stuck with a keyboard that is the same size that my kid would use.

  • mkimid

    Maybe possible, to support LTE and advanced processor, Apple need to use the bigger battery, they may need to increase size. But, they will lost the retina display or they will claim ‘Still 300ppi” with same number of pixel.

  • Cody

    One thing is certain, after using the new iPad and going back to my iPhone 4, it’s frustrating. I find myself questioning how I ever typed on such a small device before. I feel like Apple’s going to go with at least a 4-inch screen, if not bigger. I’ve got older friends that even with the iPhone’s font size at the max, still have issues navigating through certain menus of the iPhone simply because not everything is magnified. With an increased screen size it could mean an overall size increase on the GUI for the iOS. But being a bigger guy (6’5″) I’m not really hindered by having a larger device in my front pocket whereas a girl or some young teenager probably wouldn’t have the needed pocket space. Personally, if they made a 5-inch iPhone, I’d be first in line for it. If I could affordably use my new iPad as a phone, I’d probably consider it. On second thought, caring an iPad into a nightclub isn’t exactly practical.

  • Yuse 2 b ripped off

    you never know it might be true bigger screens seem to pop up everywhere a lot of people watch movies and play high quality games plus it can accommodate a lot more power hungry hardware if they did I’d certainly buy one I’ve stuck to my ip4 because I did not see much apeal on 4s so a bigger screen and high end quality pc style hardware gets my and many others vote it also would appeal to business users

  • Sharpshooter

    Apple made a market study that cost a whloe bunch of money to come up with the perfect size for a mobile device, they know the current size fits almost every hand confortable, why would they ruin something that today seems to be perfect, the next screen will be as large they could possibly make it within the current dimensions.
    If anyone thinks otherwise, explain your theory!

  • budi wibowo

    4 Inches is not enough, bigger is better. believe me

  • ITcrowd

    The bigger the better. 4.6 inch definitely. Surprisingly very high amount of users like 5.3 inch Galaxy Note, despite first reaction “It’s way too big”. After couple of days they like it very much and can’t go back to smaller screens.

  • G

    I heard from a source that the next generation iPhone is going to be called the iPad Mini

  • Investor


  • Frank

    Well I played around with the galaxy note with one hand no problem . Looks a little stupid up to ur ear but I have been using headphones most of the time now anyway but it was great to work on typing was so much faster cause of bigger keyboard. Think I would not mind the bigger size since I do a lot of surfing the web Maybe offer both let the masses decide.

  • Pandaa xo

    You guys honesltly sound like idiots. What are you wearin the worlds tightest jeans!??!. It’s still portable it’s not like there giving you a damn house phone >.>. You complain so much. If you don’t like the new design if it does reach 4.6 inches there’s a million other phones out there go buy a Nokia

  • Robin

    It’s about as likely as the new iPhone shipping with a stylus.

    Honestly, where is the basic common sense filter? Apple don’t join in the specs races or cater to every possible whim of the market: they choose what they think is best, do that particular thing better than anyone else, and make billions as a result. The only way you will see any increase in the size of the iPhone screen is if it stays within the same physical dimensions, but the aspect ratio and total span of the device will stay the same (for one hand usability – nothing to do with the size of your jeans). Apple’s response to those saying “if it’s not at least x inches I won’t buy it” is “ok, don’t buy it – millions of other people will”.

  • Lock at the Picture. I think is it copy by from Samsung Galaxy S2 and I don’t think they will make bigger 4inch then up???? The 4inch not release now 4.6 inch ??????????????

  • Me

    There is no way that that rumor is true. iPhone users don’t know what 4.6 inch is. They’re too dumb.

  • KR

    they will kill two birds with one stone
    introducing the new 4.6″ iphad
    for you looking for a phone its a phone!
    for you looking for a smaller ipad its an ipad!