Apple Quietly Increases Over-The-Air App Store Download Limits to 50 MB From 20 MB

Apple has quietly increased the over-the-air download limit for the App Store to 50MB from 20MB.

App Advice was the first to notice the change. Apple has probably increased the limit due to the launch of the 3rd generation iPad, which comes with high-resolution Retina Display.

The download limit seems to have been increased across all iOS devices and for all kinds of content available in the iTunes Store such as apps, video and music.

If the apps or app updates are above the over-the-air download limit then the App Store app prompts you to connect to a Wi-Fi network or use iTunes to download it.

This should be good news for developers as previously they were quite constrained by the 20mb limit. As MacRumors points out, developers worked hard to keep their apps below this over-the-air download limit to avoid any impact on spontaneous purchases from users.

The OTA download limit is quite frustrating from a user point of view as well, so we’re sure you’re also going to be happy with the increase.

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  • Freddieboy

    We are grown ups Apple should just advise it is a large download and then let us download it if we want to. I have a truly unlimited data plan on the 3 network in th UK and it is annoying having to tether the phone to my laptop download it via iTunes and then update it. Even with the new limit the GarageBand update was over 50mb

    • ak

      y dont u just trick ur iphone into thinking its on wifi?

      • Freddieboy

        With what? I have 3G Unrestrictor but it works ok with facetime but nothing else

  • Kiwiholden

    I would like to know if it’s between 20 and 50 and have to say ok

  • fas

    Because 4G will take less time to download 50 MB then 3G takes to download 20 MB.