Redsn0w 0.9.10b6: Tethered Jailbreak For iOS 5.1 For iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1 And iPod Touch 3G / 4G Released

Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Redsn0w

iPhone Dev team has just released a new version of Redsn0w to jailbreak iOS 5.1 that was released just few hours back.

Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 supports iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1 and 3rd-generation iPod touch. It doesn’t support iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or the new iPad (3rd generation iPad).

iPhone Dev team has provided the following details:

Because of geohot’s limera1n exploit, those with devices earlier than the iPad2 can test the 5.1 jailbreak waters if they really want to, using redsn0w 0.9.10b6.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • This is a *tethered* 5.1 jailbreak for non-A5 devices.  You’ll need to use redsn0w to “Just Boot” your device every time it power cycles, otherwise jailbreak apps won’t work (neither will Safari).
  • If you use ultrasn0w for your carrier unlock, be sure to use a custom IPSW to get to 5.1 first!  Don’t ever restore to a stock Apple IPSW!  Use redsn0w’s “Custom IPSW” button to create a NO_BB_* version of the 5.1 IPSW and restore to that instead of the stock one.  (That option is available only to 3GS and iPhone4-GSM owners.)  ultrasn0w itself will be updated for 5.1 in the next few days (same baseband support, not 5.1’s baseband).
  • If you’re lucky enough to have an old-bootrom 3GS, this jailbreak is actually untethered (redsn0w will figure that part out automatically).
  • While we were at it, we added @pod2g’s steaks4uce exploit to support MC models of the iPod touch 2G (whose last firmware was 4.2.1).  So now redsn0w will auto-detect and jailbreak all versions of that older device.
  • iBooks won’t work until a future update of redsn0w

Please note that Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 can only perform a tethered jailbreak on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1 and 3rd-generation iPod touch, which means that you need to connect your iOS device to the computer on every reboot. So if you’ve jailbroken your iOS device running on iOS 5.0.1, you are better off avoiding the iOS 5.1 software update, which doesn’t include any major feature.

However, if you’ve accidentally updated your iOS device to iOS 5.1 then you can use Redsn0w 0.9.10b6. You can download Redsn0w 0.9.10b6 using this link for Mac and this link for Windows.


If you need help in jailbreak your iOS device on iOS 5.1 then checkout our detailed step-by-step guides:

iPhone Dev team hasn’t provided any update on the jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5.1. We’ll let you know as soon as there’s any update so stay tuned at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or add us on Google+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via Dev Team’s blog]

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  • Kyoura

    Shut up and take my donation.

  • Gordii

    Ashame they cannot give the 4S any love since the battery issue has been fixed…

    • Wiilt

      you just took two completely irrelevant things and made me want to smack you in one, incomplete sentence.

    • hunter

      what do i click on to download

  • Sohail Choudhary

    Since I have upgraded my 3gs i have been facing trouble…processings slow n abnormall SMS tone

  • fas

    That was so so quick.

  • Isn’t this release available for the iPod Touch 4g?

  • Tiranous

    so if i update my ipod 4g i have to boot it every time it turns off from redsn0w?

  • Fred Dombrose

    ‘ So if you’ve jailbroken your iOS device running on iOS 5.0.1, you are better off avoiding the iOS 5.1 software update, which doesn’t include any major feature.”

    But the iwork and iMovie updates and iPhoto need 5.1.

  • jOE

    so here’s what happened. yesterday i tried to restore my unlocked 3gs with custom 5.0.1 firmware i created with sn0wbreeze and at the verifying firmware with apple i got an unknown error (6). The phone is now stuck at restore mode. I tried to kick it out of restore mode using the restore fix in redsn0w without luck. i then tried to restore using the custom 5.1 firmware created with redsn0w that just been released. Itunes can’t get pass the verifying process after extracting the file and gives me unknown error (3194). Is there any help??? TIA

    • Ashbel

      Try on a pc or mac that you never had your iphone conected be4

  • Ahsan musazai

    Hi my dears can anybody show me the jailbreak method from zero step by step that what I need first to download…..I mean for iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1

  • Narendra

    Hi Team,

    Accidentally I updated my 3gs phone to ios5.1 and that broke my phone, it locked the phone.
    After going through this site I was able to downgrade the ios to 4.1 however the base band appears to be 06.15.00. I managed to jail break the phone but it is not getting unlocked.

    I tried installing ultrasn0w 1.2.5 form cydia but it is still not unlocking the phone, is there a way to fix this issue. Please suggest me.

  • Kevin

    I was wondering when you tethered jailbreak iPhone 4 can I still respring or that’s is also rebooting which will require redsn0w boot only directly from computer. ? Please advice. Thanks

  • Braylon

    Everytime I open it, it says “Incomplete iTunes libraries” and continues, “Certain operations (like the A5 jailbreak) are disabled due to incomplete iTunes libraries. Please be sure the latest iTunes is installed.
    Failed to load required function(s):
    CFPropertyList CreateWithData” Then I try to continue to jailbreak, but it can’t read my phone and I end up having to restore it in iTunes because its in “recovery mode.” My iTunes version is 10.6.1, the newest version. Please help!

    • chris

      I’m having the same problem did you find a fix?

  • gregthekid

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jailbroke my iphone 4 (iOS 5.1) using redsnow and now it won’t reboot. I know I have to use redsnow to reboot it and i did that the first time and it worked fine, but now when i try to reboot it, everything that has to do with the computer works fine, but then it gets stuck at the pineapple logo for a while (around 10 min). Eventually, my phone vibrates twice and the apple logo comes up and then it acts like i didn’t boot it using redsnow.

    • Romy

      The same thing happened to me, and I have no idea how to fix it. Help Please.

    • Tom

      and me… is there a fix ?

  • WORKED PERFECTLY!!!! yay!! BUT PLEASE HELP ! semitether doesnt work and safari continually crashes :-(((((

    • Ron

      Try booting with red snow again. Sometimes the cydia app won’t open along with some stock apps such as Safari. Here’s how you do it.

      1. Plug in your phone
      2. Open Redsnow
      3. Do the “Just boot” selection.

      It should work. This happened to me as well. Funny thing is that it happened right after I jailbroke it. But yeah, it should work.

      Good luck 🙂

  • Yep this works well with iphone 4 and ISO 5.1. only thing is the boot tethered is such a pain. Would love to see a fix for this so we can just power on. Great work folks my first JB and it went sweet. Nice clear instructions and redsn0w_win_0.9.10b8b worked well. cant wait to see some new stuff. An FWY for folks that want tv on comp or hdmi 3rd party cables dont buy the tv-out stuff iso 5.1 seems to have it locked somehow. Unless I am missing something then hit me up an msg reconf example ect. nice to meet you all hope we can help all others.

  • SadGuy

    My 3gs is a mess. jailbrake state 5.0.1. reboot loop and when i tried to fresh restore using itune. ( 5.1 now ) . it cant . stuck on restoring iphone software and appear error (1).

    and now my iphone is consider as a brick iphone? i cant use it.

    software problem and how can i fix it back? any idea?

  • Ann

    Help, please! Downloaded redsn0w today and it put my ipod touch 4G 5.1 in DFU mode. It is stuck there. Tried to restore and received a restore error message. Any suggestions?

  • Castro

    i did the jailbreak on iphone 4 ios 5.1 it some apps crash it a lot , then i decide to uninstall cydia by going to cydia install it now every time i jailbreak cydia is not showing up on my phone :((( help please ??? I need cydia again.

  • Lady from sydney

    Will i be able to use the internet of an iphone4/ipad2 using a wifi if its imei blocked? Thanks.

  • Ericka

    I’ve looked online everywhere and can not find an answer to my problem… at this point I’m HOPING at least one person has encountered this issue…

    My iPhone 3gs is running iOS 5.1 [have NOT updated, and will not], and it jailbroken and unlocked… ever since I made the mistake of updating to 5.1 a few months ago, I had to redo the jailbreak [which is now this new tethered version], and ever since my phone randomly shuts off. I’ll have 80% battery, click on an app, and poof phone turns off. Now this wouldn’t be a huge issue if I carried my laptop everywhere, but I don’t. It’s rather irritating, and like I said, I can’t find anything anywhere about this issue. So I don’t know if it’s something with the iOS and the jailbreak… or just the phone in general.

    Any advice would be awesome.