Reflection App Allows You to Mirror Your iPhone 4S / iPad 2’s Screen to a Mac Using AirPlay

AirPlay – the feature that allows you to wirelessly stream audio and video content from your iOS device to your television via Apple TV is one of our favorite iOS features.

If you’ve have iPad 2 or iPhone 4S then it is even better as you can wirelessly stream what you see on your iOS device to your television via Apple TV.

But one of the disadvantage of the feature is that you need the second generation Apple TV to use it.┬áNow thanks to a Mac app called Reflection, you will be able to wirelessly mirror your iPhone 4S and iPad 2’s screen to any Mac (OS X 10.6 or later), including audio using AirPlay.

The setup is quite straight forward. All you need to do is connect your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to the same Wi-Fi Network as your Mac and your Mac will magically appear in the list of devices in the AirPlay options. When you select the Mac, your iPhone 4S or iPad 2’s screen along with audio will be wirelessly streamed to your Mac within a frame that mimics the iPhone 4S / iPad 2.

As you can see from the video below, there is hardly any lag and it’s also quite responsive.

The application also allows you to record screen activity and saved it on your desktop. It’s great app for developers or business users who want to project their app or presentation to the Mac. It’s also a cool new way to play games on your Mac with iPhone 4S or iPad 2 as a wireless remote.

Reflection app is available for $14.99 for a single license or $39.99 for 5 licenses. You also have the option to try it for 10 minutes before buying the app.

So download it using this link and let us know what you think.

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  • Chris

    That’s really cool but way too expensive unless you had a practical purpose for it. I wonder if there’s anything similar to this at a more reasonable price…. There must be.

  • OK

    Although it’s cool feature, but too expensive IMO. Also I thought that majority of people want the other way(mirror what’s on the mac/pc TO phone/ipad?

  • -X-

    LAME and EXPENSIVE!! I hope this app gets jacked and posted on ihacksrepo. DisplayRecorder allows you to record your screen for a fraction of the cost and if you wait a little bit, you will be able to mirror to your TV via apple tv2/3 and Mac. Skip this pos and save yourself some $$.

  • fas

    Well Apple is planning to offer this in Mountain Lion anyways.

  • manny

    I guess someone will find use for this app, but airplay to your mac? really? what about from the Mac to your big screen internet TV, so you bypass the apple tv and/or the expensive HDMI expensive connectors all together.

  • DoctorTim

    iPad via airplay to MAC,
    then Mac via HDMI to TV,
    so you get iPad to TV without a worthless Apple TV. Not bad if it wasn’t so expensive. I’ll wait for mountain lion.

  • HD

    Airserver – only $5 and does the same!

  • B

    I can think of many practical purposes for this, especially for anyone in the business of developing apps. For instance, being able to mirror an app to your Mac and record as video or broadcasting an app demo over a web meeting. The other solutions mentioned here require an Apple TV ($99) or jail broken device.