Interview: Steve Wozniak Waiting in Line For The New iPad [Video]

new iPad

Steve Wozniak – co-founder of Apple was also waiting in the line for the new iPad since noon yesterday, just like everyone else around the world. He checked in on Foursquare at the Westfield Mall in Century City, California.

As we all know he loves to start a line for new Apple products, this time though he was second in line, beaten to the front by his wife (Well played Woz!).

What’s Trending used the opportunity to interview him where he shared his thoughts about the new iPad, his tradition of waiting in the line at Apple stores, how his life has been driven by apps ever since the App Store was launched, on the legacy and growth of Apple continuing after Steve Jobs death and lots more. It’s always great to hear from Woz.

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  • Kasper

    Coolest dude ever!

  • RLBalt

    I must say. I do love how he doesn’t bullsh*t and just says what he thinks. And I also love how it seems like he is still “a kid in a candy shop” and humble.

  • Michael

    This guy is f*cking loaded and could of sent a personal assistant to do this for him, but in his mind he’s still scraping knuckles against circuit boards in a garage hoping to make enough for rent: that’s f*cking awesome.

  • Frank

    O come on u gonna tell me this isn’t staged. Really. The regular employees run around with iPhone prototypes but he need to wait in line what kind of BS do you people fall for …

    • Enrique G

      He hasn’t been an apple employee since 1985….

      • sahand bet

        ooh no, he is still an employee, matter of fact, he is the longest one too! check out the interview he made with… em engadget i believe, podcasted and ready. oh and by the way he prints his own money!

        (yes i know he doesn’t work there (hands on) but he is employed)

  • Jason

    It’s just a PR stunt.

  • Erasmus

    Wikipedia, for whatever its worth, estimates his net worth as over $100 million.

    So he looks like a hobo, yet he’s one of the richest people in the FING WORLD

  • fas

    He was Apple co-founder and he built Apple, it was his engineering and Steve Jobs mind and business sense.

  • Brian

    ok I am a Blue collar fool who loves technology and I don’t currently own a mac (but may be buying one later this week) I do have a the original ipad and i have had every iphone from the 3G to the 4s this makes me want to go out and effing buy my mac even more this guy couldve just said hey i need one for me and uh lets say my wife and family jsu leave them with my assistant and i’ll pickem up but he went out and beat feet just like every one else kudos to this guy.