How Easy Or Difficult is it To Tell The Difference Between The New iPad & iPad 2?

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The new iPad has a lot of differences from the old iPad 2 — the Retina Display, the upgraded camera, the 4G LTE compatibility, slightly thicker and heavier. Given that, you’d expect people to easily differentiate the new iPad from the iPad 2, but for the average consumer this difference doesn’t seem to be much.

The folks at The Next Web did a little social experiment outside an Apple Store, where people passing by were shown both, the new iPad and the iPad 2, and were told to identify the new one. The video (embedded below) features 9 people out of which only 3 were able to identify the new iPad correctly.

Obviously, if given more time to inspect the iPad and the freedom to hold and feel it, these people would have had a better chance of getting their answers right, but this does show that for many people the Retina Display isn’t really much of a difference, at least at first sight. Funnily, some of these people were coming out of the store with their just-purchased, new iPads.

The folks at Gizmodo did a very similar test, in which the subjects were their coworkers at Gawker media. These people were handed an iPad 2 and told that this was the new iPad. No one noticed this, and more importantly most of them loved it. Head over to Gizmodo to watch the video.

This highlights Apple’s insane marketing power, and its ability to convince people to buy new devices as soon as they launch. While it’s not fair to dismiss the retina screen as a marketing gimmick, the video shows that for a lot of consumers (some who’ve just bought the new iPad), spotting the retina screen is a difficult task.

Did you get the new iPad? How easy or difficult is it to tell the difference between the New iPad & iPad 2?

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