Windows 8 Vs iOS 5 Running on iPad 2: Feature-by-Feature Comparison Video

Microsoft released the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 – its next generation Windows operating system yesterday.

Microsoft brings the touch-friendly Metro Style UI from Windows Phone for the desktop and tablets with Windows 8. Microsoft says that with Windows 8 it has “reimagined  the different ways people interact with their PC and how to make everything feel like a natural extension of the device, whether using a Windows 8 tablet, laptop or all-in-one.”

The Verge has an excellent feature-by-feature comparison video of Apple’s iOS 5 running on an iPad 2 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview running on a Samsung Series 7 Slate PC.

While Microsoft has tried to bring the Windows operating system to tablets, Windows 8 appears to be the most promising attempt and should give Apple’s iOS a run for its money.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

[via The Verge]
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  • Mr james

    Nice. The windows 8 tablet should bring some good competition to apple.

    • Kristala Pilko

      I think it is already too late to make people switch from the Apple OS; just as it happened with Windows OS in the past, just the other way round…

      • Justin

        Good point. I guess only time will tell. This is how I see it. Windows= desktop genius. Apple= mobile genius. I wonder what would happen if they someday merged… Just a crazy blasphemous thought.

      • mjsk

        I’m sure there are plenty more people like me though, who dislike anything running iOS or OS X. I have iOS devices, and I run OS X on one of my laptops for certain tasks. I would be happy to bring an end to my use of Apple products, and will readily adopt Windows 8 and it’s associated products if they are viable replacements. Currently the only thing keeping me on iOS is a few exclusive apps I like. I agree that it will prove difficult to stray the mob away from apple though.
        One thing I despise about Apple products is that they are so locked down and limited; customization means a new wallpaper. If you want a functional iOS device, jailbreaking your device is completely necessary. iOS devices have very poor multitasking and feel dated and cheap. In my experience with the consumer preview, Windows 8 does not suffer from these same issues and I hope products running this OS earn a large share of the market.

  • Andy

    Opps might have to put a hold on the new ipad 3 purchase. But window 8 tablet looks promising!

  • Flow

    Looks like sh*t

  • Alex

    Internet Explorer not displaying opacity right? Sounds familiar… for me as a webdesigner/programming IE has been the most annoying thing to optimize websites for! I bet there will be a different browser available on that Windows8 device, first download, just like on a PC… a different browser!

    • Dan


    • RichardE

      This is so Fing True!! Whenever i format my computer.. the first then after installing windows.. download different browser (firefox)!!!

  • Vincent

    Windows 8 is great for mobile devices but very frustrating on desktop. I don’t see how businesses gonna deploy this for office environment. Wish Microsoft just separate from Mobile and Desktop.

  • Damir

    1 tip for this guy 🙂
    4 finger swipe up on the ipad :p

  • Dr. Kino

    Honestly looks amazing! Good job Competition is always good

  • Tali

    Looks very interesting but with all the money I have invested in iOS I don’t think I would ever switch. How big is that screen the thing looks huge and it looks mainly to be used in landscape and not potrait, where the iPad works well in either orientation.

  • augustine

    yeah i agree with most comments. i am an sudo apple fangirl , but mainly for products that are really cool, so i just don’t eat and breath apple.. 🙂 like a true fan boy

    Windows 8 seems cool, nothing spectacular for sure. like i agree good competition to keep apple in check . BUT they still didn’t get it, simplicity. why are there 2 menus???? but then again version 1.0 they can improve a lot. i won’t switch too, mainly due to the fact that holy sh*t spent $600 on an iPad 🙂 maybe when it dies i might

  • AT&T rapes me

    It will only compete with the iPad2, the iPad 3 will blow it out the water. Once again other companies are years behind.

  • Jim

    Would be nice if this guy wasn’t so pro windows…… iPad is a lot less clunky !

  • Kimk69

    4 finger swipe up beyotch. It started out good with the gestures and then the apps running side by side in the same window. Pretty awesome but it ends there. The rest of it to me is not to great. Like to see it in another year or two but then again apples will be different by then too. I hope.

  • Boomerang

    The GUI on windows 8 look good, but there’s no way I would buy that crap. It look like a 17 inch laptop when in landscape. It must be weighing in a ton. Too big and clunky for me. iPad just right.

  • OGT

    Very Nice Windows 8.. More complate than iOS5.. I was waiting for iPad 3 but I must get that tablet…!

    Thanks for sharing this IphoneHacks

  • alan

    lol years behind,wake up and smell the are a minimum 6 months to 12 months behind samsung powerwise you fanboys make me laugh…ipad 3 is still only gonna be duel core cpu while everyone else SAMSUNG next products are ready to launch with quad core..and no am not a samsumg fan 😛

    • Alien

      You wake up Alan. I like Samsung but Apple is always gonna be the best… And nop , I am not an Apple fan 🙂

    • Rob

      Samsung is like a fast car in a city with lots of traffic. From time to time when traffics is down, it may be nice to use its power and hit the pedal to the medal but most of the time its just a gas guzzler.

    • DongDongWeng

      Wakeup guys, steve jobs is gone, the only reason apple sells is because of him, he was able to sell a crap OS as if it was the best…now hes gone, i dont think apple will sell as much of their overpriced products…

  • Flow

    Stop it kids, who cares what you like better and if you’re a fan or not?

  • Brian3dee

    I prefer the simplistic navigation of the iPad. The windows tablet interface has some nice features but I really don’t need 12 ways to launch a single app. Other wise the feature set of window 8 look competitive and that’s good.

  • madphx

    Holy sh*t! I am very impressed would definitely consider buying Windows 8 tablet over Ipad. Apple needs to copy gestures and implement them on iOS devices. Everybody copied Apple now it’s their turn to copy others like they did with notifications.

  • fas

    Windows looks little complicated, why would any one want to complicate?

  • Joel

    why is the windows tablet plugged in – something qrong with battery?

    • karl

      If “lasts 12 minutes running all 600 of Windows’ background/startup/bloat processes” is a problem, then yes.

  • Maxwell

    If they can put Windows on a tablet that will run for 10 hours… i’m interested.
    Until then, I’ll stick with an iPad, it does everything what I need to do.

  • gopher_otis

    W8 GUI is overcrowded, cumbersome and ugly as sin. The only cool thing was when the Windows tab went into desktop mode.