A 30-Year-Old IBM PC Compared With The iPhone [Infographic]

It’s always interesting to see how technology products from a few decades ago stack up against the ones available now.

Alfred Poor and David Foster of Input Output created and designed an infographic that compares a 30 year old IBM PC with the iPhone 4.

It’s just amazing to see how clock speeds, memory sizes, battery capacity and screen resolutions have increased over the years, while at the same time shrinking in size so as to fit in a device that you can carry in your pocket.

IBM PC versus iPhone 4

So the next time someone tells you that he or she isn’t happy with their iPhone, point them to this link to remind them of how far technology has come.

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  • Slick

    Unbelievable if this was then,
    Welcome to the future everybody !
    Soon skynet will be in control,
    Would u like the red pill or the blue ?
    Either way the future is inevitable,
    or is Dec 23rd it ? ? ?

    • scary, a few words to think about…

  • In the past 100 years human progress leap more than humanity as a whole in 10.000 years.

  • Kimk69

    That was cool. But the iPhone is actually 6 & $700.

  • Melvarius

    Showing my age here…. I used to have 1 of them. No locked down systems in those days. Happy days lol

  • sghfjc

    The ‘instruction size’ section is incorrect/nonsense: ARM instructions are 32 bits long, whereas x86 instructions are variable length.

    I think it’s meaning to say ‘register size’, but that’s not as straightforward to conpare as you might think. The ARM architecture’s general-purpose registers are 32-bit, just like the Pentium 2, the 68000 and the 386. 32 bit registers have been around for a long time, because 32 bits is a really useful size to work with. It can be argued that the ARM’s SIMD (SSE and Altivec are trademarks used by Intel and Apple to refer to SIMD) vector registers are 128 bits wide, but they’re not really comparable to regular registers because they hold four, eight, or sixteen values at a time.

    To be pedantic, it seems a little ridiculous to compare the iPhone’s battery, its main source of power, with the battery the PC used to keep its clock set.

    Finally, props to the IBM Model M keyboard. It may weigh more than an iPad, but hit both of them with a sledgehammer, and it’s the Model M that’ll keep working. And if you spilled your coffee on it, a series of channels conducted it safely through the keyboard and out holes in the bottom.

    • ItsyourBoy

      I think u missed the point of this “comparison” thier wasent any need to get so technical over it dexter

      • Yurkie

        yea what a douche

        • martlash

          Wonder how long that took him to post via his 30 year old IBM

        • City023

          Why a douche? Cause your list in translation!

      • BloodShed

        I think you missed his point.

        Yes, it’s supposed to be funny. It would have been plenty amusing if it was accurate. The joke is ruined when the facts are incorrect. Consider the other posts where users have pointed out the inaccurate price of the iPhone. Perhaps it’s only acceptable to you if you can relate to the information.

        Though, I did find the battery comparison funny.

    • -X-

      Hello Egon…English!!! Speak English!!!

      This article is in its simplest form. To show numbers and dollars on the differences in 30 years.

      So let’s be “pedantic”…there’s No need for equations by computer calculations that can measure our solar systems plus other galaxies…Einstein. Yes, that last sentence made as much sense as your entire novel.

  • SkinnyV

    Best part of that useless article was sghfjc’s reply lol.

  • Umm Da Dum

    $200 for Iphone 4?????? its not even that cheap now, defo wasnt at release

    bet you dont have to jailbreak the IBM to get it to run unsigned code.
    Bigger screen
    little if any viruses, trojans etc for it.
    no angry birds
    no facebook

    IBM wins

  • Thor

    Was a little skimpy on the p0rn also.