Aero: Stylish App Switcher For Jailbroken iPhone

SBCoders – developers of jailbreak tweak such as Deck that added a hotbar to iPhone’s Springboard have released a new jailbreak tweak called Aero.

Aero is a replacement for the default iOS app switcher or multitasking bar. It doesn’t offer additional functionality like Imperium, but it looks quite cool.

It comes with various animation styles such as: Linear, CoverFlow, Rotary, Wheel, Cylinder, Time Machine etc. You can use Activator to configure Aero to be your default app switcher or assign some other Activator control to access it.

You can also tap and hold on the app icon to close the app (which kills the background process). It’s difficult to describe it, so check out the demo video to get an idea:

Aero is available on Cydia for $1.99. Let us know what you think of the jailbreak tweak in the comments.

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  • P_NY

    $1.99 really?, that should be free

  • Jailbreak A5X

    Multifl0w over everything!

  • Chris

    I really like the look of this, very iOS 5 congruent… but holding down on an app to terminate it? Idk, maybe I’m just being too picky but multiflow’s solution of the red X is much easier and intuitive. Sometimes I’ll have like 6-10 apps all going at once, having to hold down on each one to terminate sounds tedious.

    • Chris

      Despite my better judgement, I bought it just now… I admit the app closing is no issue, they actually made it quite easy. BUT, it’s practically impossible to navigate this thing, it’s REALLY sensitive to scrolling and always scrolls past the icon I want, and usually there’s about a 50/50 chance of it actually landing on the icon I want instead of one on either side. I’m going back to multiflow which may not be a sleek and cool looking but is much more functional.

  • Mediascapenorth


  • Jason

    I like it. Been using Multifl0w since it was released, and this is the first one I have liked enough to buy since. It is very smooth (iP4) and visually appealing. I don’t mind the hold to close feature because it’s pretty responsive.
    Would like more background options, and ability to remove app names.
    I’d recommend it for $1.99!!

  • jailbreaker

    More and more useless jailbreaks have become nowaday!!

    • fas

      Its cool but yes not needed that much.

  • G.4

    $1.99 is crazy for this. Looks cool, but I’ll stick with Imperium for now… Will try it if it ever goes down in price.

  • HumanCentiPad

    Dub step is ghey.. Duh

  • Maxtor182

    Can’t find it in cydia

    • nrgy

      try again, saw it just now….

  • DOESN’T change SMS looks which is the ONLY thing I really wanted… “If you can see it, you can customize it” My A$$ LOL Anybody know of an app that will change sms bubbles and backgrounds within the native messaging app without having to SSH in.