Apple Starts Blocking SAM Trick to Unlock iPhone

Unlock iPhone

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev team has tweeted that Apple has started fixing their activation servers, which means that it may not be possible to unlock your iPhone using the SAM trick.

The good news is that the backed up activation ticket seems to work according to MuscleNerd. So if you have managed to unlock your iPhone using SAM then please take a backup of the activation key either using iFile or Redsn0w using our step-by-step guide (here and here).

MuscleNerd tweeted:

Looks like Apple’s currently fixing their activation servers. But the good news is that previous tickets gotten via SAM trick still work.

MuscleNerd has mentioned that the SAM unlock method will be a hit and miss until Apple rolls out the changes to block it across all the activation servers so you might still have a chance to unlock your iPhone using SAM. So check out this step-by-step guide to see if it works for you.

It is a pity that carriers in the US don’t unlock iPhones after users have signed for a 2-year contract  (like carriers  in some countries) as it can be very useful while traveling abroad. Hopefully, AT&T unlocking off-contract iPhones is a step in that direction.

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  • dark

    i can comfirmd that rhey have blocked the trick here in la i wasnt able to unlock my iphone 4s with sprint usin a t-mobile sim i live in LA Ca

  • dark

    i can comfirmd that they have blocked the trick here in la. i coulndt able to unlock my iphone 4s with sprint usin a t-mobile sim i live in LA Ca

  • dark

    good thing that i backup my lockfolder with ifile i just unzip everything back and reboot my phone and work so all of u back up your lockdom folder with ifile mail a copy to your self and be carefull dont upgrade too

  • dark

    good thing that i backup my lockfolder with ifile i just unzip everything back and reboot my phone and work so all of u back up your lockdom folder with ifile mail a copy to your self and be carefull dont upgrade too.

  • rafi7234

    I unlocked my iPhone 3Gs using sam 2days ago. i kept a backup using redsn0w also. last night i had to restore my iPhone 3Gs. now, whn im trying to unlock iPhone with SAM its not working. saying to put original SIMID. :/ As i kept a backup .. how can i restore my SAM BACKUP & unlock my iPhone. Can anyone please help me ?

    • Rehan Looji

      You don’t need SAM for 3gs. go to dev team blog and find out how you can unlock your 3gs. if it is not there, try googling it further. As far as I know 3gs can still be unlock with software ( and it is free, so don’t go paying for it!)

  • andy

    I don’t get Apple, first Tim Cooks tell ATT to allow customer to unlock their phone after their contract expired. Why are they blocking this unlock then? Well luckily I got mine unlock last!!!!

    • pakaku

      Probably because it’s not an ‘Apple-authorized’ kind of unlock. But the hypocrisy still remains…

      • James

        Hypocrisy, are you kidding me. When you break everything down, if a phone is still under the 2 year contract with a carrier, they can’t go and let people just start unlocking all their devices. You have to keep in mind, that when the carrier provide that phone to you with that subsidized price, they are paying Apple the difference out of their pocket, up front. They make the money back over the course of that 2 year contract. You might not like it, I might not like it, but the bottom line is the cell phone companies, just like us, are Apple’s clients, and they have to protect their clients. If they don’t protect these companies, then the companies will stop providing the subsidies on the devices, and then in the long run, everyone loses.

        • Elvis

          Do you work for apple

          • James

            No, I don’t work for Apple nor a cell phone company. Don’t think that because I understand why they operate the way they operate, means that I like it. I wish it were easier. With the amount of data our devices use, these companies have to continuously dump money into to upgrading their networks to handle these loads, which in turn, adds more to their bottom line of operating. The only reason these other cell phone companies wound up joining on board with Apple, is not because they necessarily wanted to, but rather that customers want Apple, and if they want customers, then they had to team up with Apple. Apple changed the game in terms of how the handset makers and Cellular companies interact. Prior to Apple, the Cellular companies basically told the makers how things were going to work, Apple flipped that script. Now the Cellular companies, have to cater to the handset makes needs and stipulations.

          • James

            Mind you, ATT was not Apple’s first choice of who they wanted to carry their first iPhone. ATT were the only ones to agree to Apple’s terms. Verizon thought Apple was smoking crack with the stipulations, and amount of money they wanted.

        • Elvis

          Apple has gone down hill after Steve,J died no one at apple is As smart as he was.

        • Johnny50000

          Carrier locks are unnecessary. The ETF takes care of the cell phones economic concerns of providing a subsidized cell phone. Carrier locks are ripping off the consumer.

          • jays_on


        • Kimk69

          Yeah sure but if your locked into a 2 year contract what should they really care if u unlock or not. You still are locked to a 2 year contract and have to pay regardless if your using their sim or a different one. There still getting there money by the month as if it was locked or not and if you pay for the fee to break the contract they will AT&T will unlock it. So really, what’s the difference?

          • Kimk69

            I’m not blaming Apple cause its not an authorized unlock and I’m sure the carriers are putting the pressure on to fix this but the carriers should just unlock for the reasons in my previous post above.

        • Jonathan

          Yeap… Contract is a contract. But, if you don’t mind paying for factory unlock, a third party will do it for you from $70 to $100

        • Charlie

          They should not lock iphone if people pay the full price for it.

  • Miguel Ensenada

    Si puedo confirmar que en Ensenada B.C. ya no es posible desbloquear el iPhone por medio de SAM pero fue bello mientras duro.
    Hope our Dev-Team Ninjas come soon with another idea like this or this give them new ideas on how to develop another sn0w like ultrasn0w and make unlock possible again. Turbo sims are good but software unlock its has always been best.

    • Carlos Mijangos

      I like your comment. I am from Guatemala and as you said it was great, just too short to have it unlocked. I believe that pretty soon we will have another option to unlock our Iphones.

  • JLX

    it was just to good to be true….or to last more than 5 days…:(

  • Elvis

    It’s my phone let me do what I want with it

  • italiano


    • sil

      Can You tell me if anyone is able to unlock their iPhone using the sam’s unlock code?

  • bonelopez

    so what will happened to my iphone if im not going to back it up?

    • bonelopez

      if im not going to back up my unlock ticket?

  • ali

    can anyone tell us how to back up from old back ticket

    • daicacon

      all u have to do is copy the backed up lockdown folder back to the phone and restart.

    • ali akram

      how u unlock plz guide me

  • Apple big money

    Apple will just find a way to take it away from you, I had my iPhone 4 jail broke it locked had to unlocke it with iTunes it updated my phone can no longer jailbreak

  • Cesar

    It was too good and easy to last

  • Bessem

    unlocked iphone : worked yesterday ( 26 April morning )
    stopped working on 26 April afternoon .
    shame on you apple .
    i have tried many times to unlock it before i googled it and notice that it stopped working ..
    i have not saved my ticket .. damn .. 🙁

  • Matt

    Hi have just unlocked mine here in France it’s still cool to use SAM at the min. Turn off the sim pin though.

  • Matt

    Will this effect phones which already have this method working. What must I not do to avoid it? I guess not do a full restore at the very least. But any other way they might stop it working?



    • dark

      first thing you should do if you haven is make a backup of your lockdowm folder with ifile you can restore from there if you have a problem in the future and dont upgrade to any firmware until we know what happen

  • opyz

    is normal that using sam the old way (a lot of steps) when i connect to itunes instead of error message, it said a basebans update, I hit ok and boom!! same baseband but carrier change.
    P.S i used an iphone micro sim, but of other company not att

    • Cesar

      Do you mean that you used old San way and still worked today April 27?

  • iUnlock

    i backed up my iphone4s future activation ticket but now if i want to can i use it on my iphone 4 with that same ticket or need backup again for the iphone4 device for it to work?

  • Jack

    i backed up my iphone4s future activation ticket but now if i want to can i use it on my iphone 4 with that same ticket or need backup again for the iphone4 device for it to work?

  • Craig

    Good thing I can always rely on ultrasn0w

  • Rico

    Cant u people bought an fu iphone?

    • daicacon

      not everyone here has the extra money to waist like u

      • Zangy

        Actually in the long run it is cheaper… Sorry… Life works like that, less hassle and less cost if buy upfront.


        Also, why wouldn’t you buy a factory unlocked phone? To buy a locked phone then complain about it is just plain stupid! What, you bought a locked phone and expected it to be factory unlocked? Sorry, doesn’t work like that….

  • ddeee

    hey guys i unlocked my iphone 4 using sam now can i connect to itunes before backing up

    • daicacon

      not everyone here has the money to waist like u.

      • daicacon

        sorry replied to the wrong people

  • pcjain

    I want to unlock iphone 4 through SAM can I know it only unlock AT&T or all. How to check iphone lock to which carrier. Original sim require to unlock through sam. Please reply.

  • Rafael

    GUYS try using EXTREMESNOW FROM cydia HERE is the repo.ultra GOOD LUCK

  • Rafael

    Sorry the repo is: i will be waiting for your coments

    • tom

      It does not work at all. I cannot even add the repo.

  • Ozgun

    I unlocked my iphone4 with SAM 3 days ago after waiting for a eeek for at&t to reply my request. SAM will no longer be available as we all know.. Today at&t replied for unlock request that i can do if i restore with itunes.
    What should i do??

    • Carlos Mijangos

      Can you post part of the information that they sent you? I have requested to unlock my iphone but, no answer yet. What if you share your information with us, maybe there can copy and paste some portions in order to unlock ours too.

      Do what they say. You will get a popup saying that your phone is factory unlocked.


  • dan

    I have iphone 4 with baseband 4.11.08. I wasn’t able to unlock my phone last night. I tried so many times. Any help would be appreciated? Thanks!

  • nameapple

    i successfully unlocked my iphone 4 with 04.10.01 baseband and i turn off and on everything is working fine untill ….


    pls i have iphone 4 , simlocked;yes carrier; three uk can it be unlock with SAM PLS HELP GUYS

    • Doug

      not any more. Apple has blocked their servers. You waited to long. I got my iphone 4 unlocked with Sam, no more Gevey Sim for me. I am still still waiting for AT&T to get definetly unlock, been waiting 20 days.

      • Brandon

        So is it still working for at&t iphones?

  • George

    This question is for dev team and please reply. I unlocked my iPhone with this “sam’s trick” my question is if I go to tmobile and change my number but still have same sim card will the phone be unlocked?? In other words if I put different phone number on this sim card will I still have an unlocked iPhone? Thank you

    • Cesar

      With this unlock you can only use the sim card you used while unlocking thru Sam, or use any sim card from original carrier.

  • SAM

    What should I do If my carrier is not in the SAM activation list? Can I use just manual activation with my unique IMSI number?

    • tom

      It’s too late anyway.

  • Brandon

    Is it to late for an At&t iphone 4 with 5.1 and 04.12.01?

  • kev

    Hey guys…presntly im in India with mt iphone 4 (bb 4.11.08)….is it possible 2 unlock it wid SAM now?


    pls help i cannot access iphone 4, install SAM and i cannot unlock it ,because of SIMID original carrier, so i try uninstalling it . but now the iphone cannot open again , it shows connect to itunes , when i connect to itunes it request for original carrier sim. which i dont have now. i was using the iphone as ipod before, but now i cannot use it again, please i need help Guys. thanks

    • dabloc

      This no longer works, Apple has blocked the unlocking of Iphones through SAM.

      • kevin

        so are yall guys going to figure out another way to go around it so i can unlock my iphone 4 ?

  • liridon

    I spent all step better but when i disable Sam and connected with itunes i dont get ,,error saying that your phone cannot be activated,, but i get ,,the sim card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported,,
    plsss help

  • som

    Hi, I did backup from redsnow and a lockdown zip folder is there on my computer, can I use that for restoring my unlock for a Tmobile sim, bcz i didnt knew about this fix frm apple and used the att sim again and now its not taking the t-mobile sim………….. plz help

  • santi smarnpharb

    Hi All,

    I have a 4S from Canada its 5.0.1 (9A406) MOD. MD234C Firmware 1.0.14 and unable to unlock it with SAM, can anyone help?



  • Are you people deaf? SAM does not work anymore!!!

    Is there currently ANY other way to unlock iphone 4s 5.0.1 ?? Or anything in the works ?

  • Chettai

    UNLUCKY … I MISSED MY UNLOCKKKK….. ……… :'( pls inform if any updates ……….

  • newbie

    Thee UK unlock for free anyway

    • newbie

      Just go to their website search for unlock put in your IMEI I’ve done 4 phones so far including 2 x 5s the same week that I had them