Apple Launches New Section to Highlight iPhone’s Enterprise Features

Although the iPhone is no longer deemed unfit for business users, Apple has a long way to go in this market which was earlier dominated by RIM and Microsoft. To help businesses choose between the wide variety of mobile platforms presently available, Apple has updated its website with a dedicated “iPhone in Business” section, which highlights enterprise grade features of iOS.

The page shows off third party as well as Apple’s own apps made for business users, the iPhone’s capability to integrate with existing company infrastructure and the iOS developer enterprise program to develop and deploy apps in-house.

The apps listed on the page fall under various categories like CRM, invoice management, project management, collaboration and travel. The “Integration” section talks about the iPhone’s compatibility with enterprise servers, VPN, SSL encryption and the in-built security safeguards built into iOS.

iPhone in business

Apple also profiles various companies, large and small that are using the iPhone. The names include companies like Standard Chartered bank and General Electric, and also small businesses like a Marine rescue company and a kids’ furniture company.

The Apple website has a similar “iPad in Business” section for the iPad, although that has been up for a while now.

With RIM struggling to survive as a company, the enterprise market is wide open for smartphone manufacturers to tap. Apple, with this one-stop enterprise portal, is clearly looking to increase their presence in this market.

[via 9to5Mac]

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