PSA: Apple Prompting Users to Set Up Security Questions on iOS Devices And in iTunes

The Next Web reports that Apple has started rolling out changes to improve the security of user accounts.

The Next Web reports that users signing up to their Apple accounts on iOS devices are being prompted to create or update security questions and also enter a backup or rescue email address.

In the past 24 hours, Apple appears to have started prompting iOS devices owners and those with Apple IDs within iTunes to make their accounts more secure, requiring them to pick three security questions and enter their answers when they download a new app.

The company is also asking users to enter a backup email address, in order to better protect their device but also their account (which is tied to Apple’s Retail website and all of its media services).

Users are being prompted with the following security info screen:

The Next Web reports that users signing up via iTunes are also be prompted to create or update security questions and also enter a backup or rescue email address.

But based on such threads on Apple Support Forums it looks like some users are confused by these prompts, as they seem to be worried that it is a phishing attack.

So if you’re prompted to create or update security questions when you sign up to your Apple account on your computer or iOS device then don’t worry, Apple is doing it for your protection.

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  • iOS5

    Tired of apple’s BS.. I go through enough passwords for a

  • PasovecPapa

    Isn’t it a little late for April jokes? If somebody gets through my not exactly trivial password, then some stupid questions certainly won’t stop him. Personally, I consider all “security” questions like “mom’s name” a brutal security risk. And setting a “second password” (and 3rd… and 4th) as “a1+B2#c3…” is a plain stupidity.

  • Sai Soe aung


  • Choudhary

    Allready we have to fill in the Password every time an Applications Downloaded

  • faisal

    This is a good step, because resetting password is not easy, requires login to iForgot.

  • Ray Castic

    What a bunch of unnecessary BS. If Apple will no longer be easy to do business with, then I will cease to be a loyal Apple customer. I absolutely hate this kind of crap when imposed by banks and others.

    I refuse to comply, and if that means that no more Apple products in my life, so be it; and I have been a Apple customer since 1984.

    I love Apple stuff, but maybe its time to move on. If Apple and I part ways, it will be over something like this.

    • John

      So rather than be a little bit more secure you would walk away from apple? Maybe someone gaining access to your account would change your mind. I hate the Bullshi*ers who just jump at the chance to rebel against things that are only going to help protect them in the long run. Grow a brain.

      • geodazed

        Count me in as a new “former” apple user, and I have been a customer since 1983 with my Apple 2e.

      • James

        I must say, some users simply want a strong password they will not forget and are sick of being forced to do otherwise. This is not any more secure, in fact I think someone could guess a few questions but much less likely a strong password…

    • Ageoff

      I absolutely agree. My favorite car etc. is my private knowledge and I don’t need to give it up to some bozo in a cubicle in China or God knows where. I like me iPod touch and new iPad but not that much.

  • DoC

    Sorry John,
    But Apple’s intention is always good, and it’s for your own good (of course). Just like the government, “Really, we know what’s best for you!”. Semi-Quote from the anointed one in D.C.
    Apple wants to make sure that you are who you are, and of course, protect you from yourself and others. BS my friend! That’s why I will also follow the example from “Ray”. I am sick and tired of everyone, thinking that they know better.

    DoC, USMC SSgt., USAF, Capt. Ret., Ret. D.C., PGR, BACA.
    P.S. Sorry for all the correct spelling, I know a large number of you can’t read.

  • Mia

    Can someone help me? I have been getting that, but it won’t let me choose a question. It just says “Select” and I touch that, but nothing happens. Now I can’t download any apps.

    • Ned

      Same problem here. Anyone got any ideas?

  • Stephen Waterbury

    i had decided to go more fully Apple, have been touting Apple and iPads and ICloud to anyone who would listen, and now I have encountered the necessity of responding to mostly stupid questions. I do not have a least favorite teacher, and if Apple wants only to do business with people who have a least favorite teacher, that will not include me At whatever level this was cleared, the person who cleared it should be terminated immediately. The stupidity is evident. I have purchased seven iPods , four iPads, an iPhone and two desktops (both sizes), but tonight, as I am unable to download a simple alarm clock app because most of the required questions have no meaning to me, I am left wondering. What is going on at Apple? When did morons take over this wonderful company?

    • Chewbyka

      I agree – Asking me to divulge personal information, accessible to who knows who in the future – Phk off

      Infuriated and now studying how to jailbrea my iDevices. Once broken I will cancell my iTunes account

      Apple C-Suite fail!

  • Josh

    My only problem is at the absurd security questions being asked and the fact that they just not mean anything to everyone. Only one of those questions, can I answer (and remember). It is very obvious a stupid person picked these questions, and a stupider-er person allowed it to happen. I’ve been avoiding apps lately because of this very thing. I WON’T REMEMBER THE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS OF WHICH I DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS.

  • Russell

    Apple you are kidding right. Im 67 years old no way can I remember answers to any of the first group of questions. This means the remaining two groups of questions can’t be answered and I can no longer update existing apps or download new ones, no point keeping my iPhone now!. Why wouldnt you allow your customers to choose their own questions You’re clearly targeted to younger people therefore I for one and my friends will now dump your products entirely. Steve would turn in his grave.

  • KittyKam

    Thanks apple I was worried at first then I was so happy to know I wasn’t being put into a scam

  • C Bartlett

    This is ridiculous! I didn’t have a second email address to enter for “rescue” email so I entered my husband’s. He is now locked out of his own Apple acct! Stupid!

  • Fee

    Absolute BS, can’t download the simplest free app, least favorite school teacher indeed….pathetic how sad. Was just about to upgrade my iPhone gonna go for an android now instead. Will be selling our shares in apple, hope it’s not too late!

  • Tony reeves

    I have been getting the three question security screen while trying to download an app but the question fields do not appear. And so I come to a dead end. Does anyone else have this problem and is there a way around it. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Bama

    I keep entering my questions and awnsers in but it still won’t stop asking and not letting me download anything

  • Rebecca

    I have been unable to download any apps since because I have the same problem as Bama, Is there any help for this?

  • Rebecca

    I have been unable to download any apps since because I have the same problem as Bama, Is there any help for this?

  • oysSol

    had been nice if it had worked, but it does not. so no I cannot download even free apps to the iPad…..

  • Lubna

    i get this when i want to download anything from the app store and when i choose my questions and answers then i press done then it goes like “session timeout. try again” im really confused and frustrated to be honest and i dont know what to do. please please please help :(

  • Mike

    Every time I press security info when the pop up comes up it keeps asking me for my password and doesn’t actually take me to the page. Is there any way I can access this through settings

  • Mark Serva

    They can’t protect my security by asking me secure questions especially over WiFi. Hence I will not participate. Wrote a letter to the CEO in wonder and his “assistant” told me I can’t opt out. Simply going thru these innappropriate questions only creates too much friction as a handheld device. They don’t seem to understand the utility equation.
    Apple wasted so much of my time related to my querry to CEO that I am now opting out of over 25 years of almost exclusive Apple product use. Further, I have recommended hundred’s of thousands in purchases from Apple and that will not continue. I have already sold my Apple holdings. I’m done with them and I suspect their stock is struggling not because of lack of innovation yet because they have adopted the customer service attitude of their bean counter competitors.
    Very sad to now lump Apple and their products with the others like Dell, Gateway and etc. I only say this as a concern for the public good.

    • Mark Serva

      Addenda: As this new security has so diminished the use of my iPod Touch I believe it is a breach of contract related to not having such a tedious interface at purchase or as marketed. I am wondering if anybody is considering a class action law suit against Apple for “Breach of Contract” and/or “Deceptive Trade Practices” in the marketing of these door stops as a convenience. If so, please e-mail any contacts. Thanks much,

  • Tristan

    Because corporations never scam the consumer, they never boil the consumer in hot oil.