Apple In Talks With Proview To Settle iPad Trademark Dispute

Proview, the Chinese company that sued Apple claiming that they own rights to the “iPad” trademark, may now be ready to settle with Apple out of court.

IDG News reports:

Ma Dongxiao, a lawyer representing the Chinese company Proview, said on Friday the talks were happening, but declined to offer details.

The legal dispute between Apple and Proview is still being deliberated by the Higher People’s Court of Guangdong Province. But earlier this week, the court recommended that both Apple and Proview find a way to mediate the dispute, according to a court spokesman.

Although the case proceedings are still under way at a Chinese court, the country’s law allows for an out-of-court settlement, if the two parties voluntarily agree to talk.

Proview iPad

(Image Credit: TechnoBuffalo)

Apple says that it had bought Proview’s worldwide rights to the iPad trademark in 10 countries several years ago. Proview, however, claims that the agreement didn’t hold in China, saying that the Taiwanese arm which dealt with Apple had no right to sell the Chinese trademark.

Apple is apparently waiting for this issue to get resolved before introducing the new iPad in China.