Apple Replacing Faulty White iPhone 4 With iPhone 4S Due to Supply Constraints

iPhone 4S

Due to supply constraints, customers who are seeking hardware replacements for their faulty white iPhone 4 may get a free upgrade to iPhone 4S, according to a report on 9to5Mac.

9to5Mac reports that Apple has notified Apple Store Genius Bars to replace customers’ 16GB white iPhone 4 with a 16GB white iPhone 4S unit due to the shortage.

According to multiple sources, Apple has notified Apple Store Genius Bars that inventory of white iPhone 4 16GB replacements units is heavily constrained, and until further notice, stores lacking white iPhone 4 16GB replacements units should upgrade customers seeking a replacement phone to an iPhone 4S.

Apple usually replaces faulty iPhone units with refurbished units, but it is still a good deal for affected iPhone 4 customers as the iPhone 4S comes with a number of new features and improvements such as a faster dual-core A5 chip, much improved 8-megapixel camera, Siri – Apple’s revolutionary personal assistant feature etc.

The supply contraints seem to be limited to United States and Canada currently and seems to be affecting only some Apple Stores.

Regardless, now may be a good time to take in your iPhone 4 to the local Apple Store for that recurring issue you’ve been noticing and let us know if you get a refurbished iPhone 4S in exchange.

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