Brydge Adds Full-Sized Keyboard and Speakers to the iPad

A new Kickstarter project called Brydge aims to transform iPad into a laptop.

The iPad accessory boasts a variety of features that augment the potential of the iPad and make it look and function astonishingly similar to Apple’s line of MacBooks, offering a full-sized keyboard, a stand, stereo speakers and more, Brydge comes in a size comparably smaller than Apple’s MacBook Air.

Your iPad will be housed using what is supposedly a patent-pending hinge, which allows nearly 180-degrees of adjustable viewing. Similar to positioning the angle of the screen on a laptop, the Brydge allows you to swivel your iPad to suit the desired angle; whether you’re watching a movie or are simply typing something, it’s extremely easy to prop your device up without the use of your hands. A full-sized QWERTY keyboard protrudes perpendicularly from the housing area.

Constructed from machined aluminum, the external portion of the Brydge attains the common simplicity Apple manages to pour into every one of its products. Unfortunately, the iPad itself will be exposed to harmful culprits; dropping the Brydge leaves your iPad at risk.

Another one of the Brydge’s prominent features are the built-in stereo speaker that will project audio when your iPad is connected to the accessory. According to the Brydge’s promotional video that is embedded below, the creators claim that the integrated stereo speakers are “a huge improvement over the limited iPad speaker”.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Brydge comes right on the heels of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s dismissal of an iPad-MacBook combination. If you’re seeking out improved functionality for the best tablet on the market without having to upgrade to the entry-level MacBook Air, which retails for $999, you should be satisfied by the Brydge. Pledging $170 on Kickstarter will secure you a unit lacking speakers; upping the ante to $210 will get a full-fledged Brydge with all of the aforementioned features.

The image pictured above shows an iPad 2 evident by the background on the device. It isn’t mentioned whether or not the new iPad is compatible, but the slight dimension difference shouldn’t make much of a difference.

The iPad accessory has already generated a lot of interest, as the project on Kickstarter has received backing for more than $170,000 from 800+ backers at the time of writing this post – a lot more than the $90,000 Brad Leong was looking for, to help make his dream of bringing Brydge to the market come true.

Below are the product’s promotional video and also a shake test demonstrating the hinge’s strength.

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  • Legion

    Give me a half decent keyboard THAT ACTUALLY PROTECTS THE BACK… then give me a call…

  • Ryan

    Just add a Zagg skin and it should be perfect!

  • Jamiel

    Looks cool

  • Dr Puttingham

    Without a mouse I don’t see how an iPad can replace a laptop. At least for me that is.

  • FU

    Apple’s idiots will look at this and a few days later, surf the web and saw ASUS Transformers and said – “ASUS copy Apple!”

  • Stu

    turning your ipad into a half ass laptop… smart

  • Gillian

    An integrated touchpad is the only thing missing, add that and order me one! Hope it will stay in the 100$-150$ price range.

  • Frank

    Laptop more powerful and make more sense then this

  • Frank

    So we waited a long time for laptops to catch up with desktops now they have more or less but the idiots have gone totally the other way to a tablet that doesn’t have a third of the power. Just because apple tells them this is it. We are screwed up for sure. U can buy a full power laptop for what u pay for a book reader (iPad kindle) with a thumb drive for storage

  • Steven

    i really like this idea and i dont think this is backwards, i want a mac but i can not afford a mac. matter a face i have no computing device at all. this at least give me the option to type up a paper at home. i think this is a great idea. Everyone is not rich, until i can afford a mac this will do

  • Mystic

    Pardon me but I don’t get the fascination with trackpad/mouse on this device. I thought the whole idea of the trackpad/mouse was to allow interaction with icons and features on the screen of which can be done purely by touch and gestures on the iPad. Why anyone would want to replace that feeling with a mere mouse beats the whole logic of having an iPad in the first place. As for me I like the whole idea of the brydge especially the stereo speaker part.

  • Rico

    No track pad = no buy

  • cthroughblue

    Forget the trackpad , Its not needed at all. but if they could somehow put a usb port on there so i could attach an external drive! it would be an awesome product

  • Zed sefi

    hmmm, with my ZaggFolio I could allign my iPad both horizontally and vertically. I get full body protection and my keyboard is as slim and functional as the Brydge. I do not need the fancy external speaker if I am taking the keyboard with me to do work in the library. This is going to be a pass for me.

    • Zed sefi

      Did I mention that Zaggfolio will cost you half the price of Brydge? Now you know.