Deals Roundup: 61% Off MacFlux – Powerful Mac Web Design Software And Lots More

We’ve some great deals available in our Deals Hub.

Here’s a quick roundup of all the deals, so you don’t miss out, as some deals like the one on MacFlux – powerful Mac web design software.


MacFlux – an advanced HTML5 website design application, capable of creating stunning sites completely from scratch is currently available in our Deals Hub at a 61% discount.

MacFlux provides everything you need to create and publish your own website the same day you start using it: pre-designed website templates, a drag-and-drop interface, simple palettes for style changes, and an editing interface that shows the website the way it would be displayed on the Internet. Professional web designers can even drill down to the source code to truly unleash their web design skills.

Please note: the price of this offer will increase $1 everyday until the end of the sale so if it’s something you’ve been looking for take advantage of it while you can.

Only $39 .. usually costs $99.99! That’s a 61% savings

Time left – 11 days to go. You can grab it here.

Let us guess…you’ve wanted the opportunity to learn how to code your own website but for a number of insignificant reasons you haven’t pulled the trigger yet because procrastination has taken over.

Well it’s time to take control.

By the time you’re done with these two video courses you’ll be a certified web developer and will be able to implement strategic SEO tactics to make sure people can find your brand new website.

Between these TWO (separate) video courses you’re going to receive over 16 hours of informative content taught to you by two seasoned vets.

Now for a limited time you can mop up these two video courses for only $79! That’s 72% off that you might not ever see again if you don’t act now. 

Time left – 12 days to go. You can grab it here.

Stack up on over 1,000 creative items before it’s too late! This top quality design bundle contains icons, vector elements, Photoshop templates, an essential designer’s strategy guide and a lot of useful bonus files for pennies on the dollar! Items by Go Media, BrushLovers, EmberStock, Ultrashock, Influxis, Learnable and more!

There are over 1,000 creative items with a total download size of 1.4GB, all bundled together at an insane price! Valued over $1,000 for just $49! That’s a whopping 95% off!

If you’re a designer, this one’s for you!

Time left – 3 days to go. You can grab it here.

Ruby on Rails with Michael Hartl

If you’ve ever heard of Ruby on Rails you’ve most likely heard of Michael Hartl as well. He’s the master of the Rails community and now you have the chance to learn his secrets and methodologies.

This Ruby on Rails tutorial for beginners is the perfect comprehensive video guided tour of modern Rails web development!

Get a grasp on the newest, most effective approach to web development as Micheal Hartl walks you through the entire Rails development process: installing and setting up Rails, designing Rails applications with MVC and REST, building dynamic pages, coding effectively in Ruby, implementing registration and authentication, adding social features, even testing and deployment.

Only $59..usually a $129 value! That’s a 54% savings!

Time left – 4 days to go. You can grab it here.

The Ultimate Designer Toolkit

If you’re a creative looking to upgrade your ammo, we’ve found just the designer toolkit for you.

For just a moment, try to imagine the capabilities you as a designer will have with OVER 60,000 premium design resources!

Yeah, it gives us the butterflies too. Adding something like this to your designer quiver will just make you that much more dangerous out there in the designer world.

Think about the capabilities…we’re talking 27,000 Photoshop Gradients, 18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles, 2,986 Photoshop Brushes, 1,290 High Resolution Textures, 1,129 Vector Elements, 1,454 Vector Illustrations, 1,105 Adobe Add-ons, 815 Photoshop patterns, 340 Seamless Vectors, and thousands of other cool designer toys.

Only $49..usually a $99 value! That’s a 50% savings!

Time left – 1 days to go. You can grab it here.

Test Any Mobile App

Just because you’ve “built” a mobile app doesn’t mean it’s ready for battle. Testing is essential, and is why we’ve got a video course that will teach you strategic ways to test out your software to make sure it’s ready for your audience.

What you’ll learn:

  • Many practical mobile-specific testing strategies as you create a complete test plan for a mobile app of your choice
  • How to discover bugs that commonly plague mobile apps
  • How to check all the features of your app and its robustness in step-by-step lab exercises
  • And much more

Guess what? No background in programming or software testing is needed.

When you finish the course, you’ll have a complete ready-to-use test plan for your mobile app. Because the approach is platform independent, your test plan can be re-run to support cross-platform development, multiple deployment configurations, and retesting later versions.

This video course is applicable for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and mobile apps using HTML5.

Now for a limited time you can mop up the video courses for only $49! That’s 62% off that you might not ever see again if you don’t act now. You can grab it here.


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