Has AT&T Unlocked Your Off-Contract iPhone Yet? [Updated]

AT&T iPhone

It’s April 8th, and according to AT&T’s statement issued a couple of days back, the carrier plans to unlock users with off-contract AT&T iPhones starting today.

AT&T lists the following requirements in order for you to be eligible for an unlock:

  • Your account must be in good standing.
  • You should have completed the 24 months contract period, or paid an early termination fee, or upgraded under one of AT&T’s upgrade policies.

According to some readers that have commented on the announcement post, the awareness about this policy change isn’t high enough among AT&T’s customer service reps, so expect a few clueless responses from the other end of the line when you call AT&T for an unlock.

A few comments from readers:

lynda writes: I called AT&T this morning, just after they opened the customer support lines. First customer service rep said that absolutely no-way could they unlock an iPhone, then cut me off. Second customer service rep said the same, but then did a little more research and acknowledged that they now can unlock iPhones that satisfy the requirements. However, despite the rep being able to see that my phone qualifies, they do not have access to unlock codes.

Happy writes: Called AT&T earlier today told them I have three iPhones and that I do not have an AT&T account with them and asked if I would be able to get them unlocked on the 8th and she said as long as they were free of contracts and charges they would be unlocked free of charge:}:}:}:} About time.

One reader whose unlock request did get accepted by AT&T writes in the comments section:

I just called ATT a while ago and requested to unlock my iPhone 4S which I paid the full retail price for. The guy I spoke to asked for my name, email, phone and IMEI. Put the request in and gave me a request confirmation. He confirms I will get details of how to unlock my iPhone a week from the day I called which is today. So fingers crossed.

You can note your device’s IMEI number by navigating to Settings -> General -> About, or by connecting your iPhone to iTunes and checking it from there. (You have to click on the Phone number field twice to see the IMEI number.) Alternatively, you could get this number from the SIM tray.

iTunes IMEI

After AT&T processes your request, which seems to be a week from the time they accept your unlock request, you’d be given instructions to complete your unlock.

You can call AT&T on 1-800-CALL-ATT (1-800-225-5288) or contact them via the online chat feature here and hope that the customer service rep on the phone has been briefed about AT&T’s policy change on iPhone unlocks.

Update 1:

A forum member on iMore claims he has managed to get his AT&T iPhone unlocked:

Today, 4/8/12, I called AT&T to unlock my contract free 3GS. Took 30 minutes on T’s end to get the unlock code, and only 5 minutes to perform a backup and restore via iTunes. Interestingly enough, the phone number shows as NA in the iTunes screen. Same IMEI and ICCID if you click on the same spot.

Update 2:

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

While most readers who are eligible for the unlock are being told to wait for a week to get their unlock instructions, some readers have managed to get their iPhone unlocked. We’re not sure what’s the criteria.

Since it has been less than 24-months since the launch of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the only way you will be able to get your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S unlocked would be if you pay the early termination fee.

Update 3:

Please note that you can also request for the unlock using the online chat feature on AT&T’s website. Use this link to use the chat feature.

Update 4:

Ideally, you should not be required to restore your iPhone, connecting your iPhone to iTunes once your IMEI has been added to the whitelist should be sufficient (Check out Update 8 for more details). So restore your iPhone only if connecting to iTunes after you get a confirmation from AT&T does not work.

Update 5:

If you’ve purchased a used AT&T iPhone, then it looks like AT&T is looking at the original owner’s history and checking if he or she has completed the terms of his contract, to verify if the used iPhone is eligible for the unlock. Hat tip to chpwn!

Update 6:

According to chpwn, the maximum number of iPhones that AT&T will unlock per account is apparently 5.

Update 7:

If you’re eligible for the unlock, then you should receive the following email from AT&T, which provides the instructions to complete the unlock (via MacRumors). As we’ve mentioned earlier, you should not be required to restore your iPhone, connecting your iPhone to iTunes once your IMEI has been added to the whitelist should be sufficient (Check out Update 8 for more details). So restore your iPhone only if connecting to iTunes does not work after you get the confirmation email from AT&T.

Update 8:

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to unlock your off-contract AT&T iPhone without losing the jailbreak.

Update 9:

Users without an off-contract AT&T iPhone can check out this method to unlock iPhone using SAM.

Don’t forget to let us know what response you get from AT&T in the comments below.

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  • Lee

    I also called AT&T and try to get my iPhone 4 unlocked unfortunately my requested fail because I was among the top 5 data user. Any idea to have my phone unlocked anyone?

    • Troy

      Isn’t AT&T blaming you for their network woes, and assuming you want it unlocked to leave to another network would mean you would not longer be on their network to bring it down? Does not unlocking it for this reason make any sense?

      Maybe if their high data usage users leave they wont have an excuse to gouge their customers?

      • Key

        Why would they let him leave when they can still charge him for data usage??

    • chris

      Is there any way you can do it online.I’m abroad right now.!!

      • Ventus

        I contacted AT&T via an online chat. They simply asked for my email address and the phone’s IMEI. I received a ticket number and an unlock date of April 16.

        • iBimmer

          You didn’t receive an “unlock date”. You received a RESOLUTION date, meaning they will “resolve” the ticket you opened by that date. They may deny or approve your iPhone for unlock. Either decision will be your ticket resolution. Good luck!

          • aaron

            hi can you help me to unlock my iphone? i already called at&t they ask for my IMEI and the receipt. I do not have the receipt. Can someone help me to do the unlock my IMEI is 01 242200 9858335 thanks i will pay you

        • marc

          they also told me to wait until april 16 for an answer and so far, nothing… what about you chris?? have you got an answer from them already?? :s

        • hey friend if u don’t mind then please help me…….please friend i never forget you…….
          this i s my at&t IMEI number give this number to customer care and help me to factory unlock my iphone 4………..please i never forget you…….

          Iphone 4.
          My IMEI No:- 012653004821254

          • hey sorry yaar i have mistake

            iphone 4.
            my IMEI no -012417006473005.

  • Lee

    I also called AT&T and try to get my iPhone 4 unlocked unfortunately my requested fail because I was among the top 5% data user. Any idea to have my phone unlocked anyone?

    • ricengga

      gevey sim card
      best bet….

    • boyhjphop

      I’m sorry but can you help me unlook my ipohne please, i don’t have a AT&T customer so they not allow me unlook. So please could you help me ask they allow me unlook
      My EMEI: 012337008231054
      I will never forget you. Thank you so much!!!

  • sam

    In Canada we have this policy long time ago when u finish ur contract,but thy charge 50$ to unlock ur iphone it is good that in the US cell phone companies are not thieves like in canada!!!


    • Joe joe

      I hate how Canada do there cell programs just sucking the people money.

      • Mario

        Care to elaborate? I think AT&T is pretty bad..

  • Ronak

    Woww…just called at&t…the representative initially told me there is bo unlock available..then after i repeated my problem again and again..he finally said tht we have got an unlock solution for you..he asked my mobile number and IMEI number..and requested me to wait for 24 hours.. He assured tht i will receive a call from their executive regarding unlock…
    Super happy n wating for the call to come..

    • From your comments on the earlier posts, I assume you’re from India. So did you have the original AT&T phone number with you?

  • Iphonesssss

    I tried to unlock my iPhone 4S but couldn’t because I didn’t have it with contract for 2-years with it…..Its only been out for about half a year. I’m not sure if they would allow anyone with iPhone 4S’s.

    • qsarsa

      Presumably they’ll unlock anyone who has early-upgraded from a 4S, or paid their Early Termination Fee.

  • P_NY

    I just called AT&T “again” and I got this answer

    iPhone 4 CAN’T be unlock because they came out on June so AT&T said if you purchased the iPhone 4 a full retail price and you have prof for it, then yes they can unlock it right away.

    I have an iPhone 3Gs and that one was purchased on May 4th 2010, so Im gonna be able lo get it unlock on May 4 2012, they set up a return call for that day.

    Now my iPhone 4 was purchase on June 25th 2010 so Im goon be able to unlock it on June 25th 2012

    So bottom line guys even if is a 3Gs it has to be more than 2 years since you purchase it before you can get an unlock(they can get that information thru the IMEI number)

    As I said before only if you have proof that you pay full retail pice for iPhone 4 than you can get an unlock

  • Cliff

    I also call at&t to unlock my iphone 4s the lady told me i did qualified to have my phone unlock after waiting for my code she told me she can’t find one for my 4s so they told i will get it within the week or not!!

    • qsarsa

      *There is no code*.

      *There is nowhere to type a code in*.

      AT&T talks to Apple, your phone talks to Apple, your phone unlocks itself. If your rep has done the procedure properly, you’ll get a text telling you your phone is on the unlocked list. Put in a non-AT&T SIM, and connect it to iTunes, and it will unlock itself.

      • Aj

        I got an email from ATT that I can now restrore my phone and get it unlocked. I resotred my phone twice but when I put another sim it still says service not available. I did not see any pop up on itune saying you phone has now been unlocked. What should I do?

  • Who cares…. The rest of the world has been selling the factory unlocked iphones for years or phone carriers have been unlocking ’em for years as well.
    My question is… Where is the A5 and the new ipad 5.1 jailbreak????


  • majdi

    Today, 04/08/12, I called AT&T to unlock my contract free 3GS. It took me 60 minutes on hold and 2-3 minutes to unlock my 3GS. The CS asked for my IMEI and told me to do restore as a new phone. I did that and a msg on iTunes showed up ” your iPhone is now UNLOCKED”

  • Ash

    In the UK, many of the providers just have a fee, i remember unlocking my old iphone 3g and 3gs on 02 and T-Mobile, 02 only unlocks if you have topped up a certain amount and then also paid a fee to unlock it, T-Mobile on the other hand you just had to pay a fee no topping up needed, simple and my contract was still going on.

  • Troy

    I would think if you leave AT&T and pay the ETF that essentially nulls out the contract, shouldn’t they then be obligated to unlock?

    • qsarsa

      The lock and the contract have nothing to do with each other, so legally no.

      Morally yes, which (many speculate) is why they’ve started doing this to preempt any possible action by the FTC or FCC.

  • hddhgdf

    Anyone worrying about having to restore their phone: don’t.

    *you do not have to restore your phone to unlock it*

    Simply put in an unauthorised SIM, and connect your phone to iTunes. Your phone will switch to ‘needs activation’ mode, at which point you can activate on the phone (iOS5) or in iTunes (all versions). After activation, your phone will be unlocked.

    • JP32

      Thank you for the info but, did you get your iPhone unlocked so soon? Did they send you the process by email ? Pliz let me know.

  • JP32

    It took me about 25 minutes on the phone and they told me to wait a week or less to get a response by email or by phone. I have an iPhone 4 and the 4S.

    • millcity

      they told me the same with my iphone 4

    • Jawad

      Did they contact you back or u still waiting for an email?

  • Kimk69

    I don’t see what the problems are with them making everyone with the iPhone 4 wait. It’s like the reps just don’t know what’s going on yet. Clearly states if you’ve upgraded to the new phone and your a good non data hog I guess, sounds like a new rule, they will unlock the iPhone 4. Even people who paid the early termination fee which is what, $300 & something. That’s like paying for the phone off contract anyway with the money you originally paid when you started the contract they ought to unlock it.

  • Daniel

    The same from me to Brazil i gave imei number and email need to wait

  • nick123

    I called att to unlock my iphone 4 and they said i am eligible and the unlock team will get back to me within a week.

  • Mike

    I got my unlocked earlier today it take 3 hours to get the request to be done from apple after that just restore your phone and will come the message” congratulation your phone unlocked” that it.

  • Simo

    In Australia, Optus and Virgin will unlock your iPhone for FREE at ANY time. I called and got my 4 and 4S unlocked no questions asked. I only had my 4S for a week. Both were unlocked within 24 hours of request. They seem to take the approach that they got you in a 2 year contract to pay x$ per month, what do they care if you actually use their service or not. If you then use someone else’s service they still get their money without having your “load” on their network.

  • Pug face

    I just called AT&T and requested an unlock for my iPhone 4. I bought my phone on Craigslist a year ago so I have no idea about what the contract status was. The iPhone 4 has been out less then 2 years, so the whole two year thing makes no sense. But anyway The AT&T rep told me my phone was eligible and that AT&T doesn’t actually do the unlock and that they need to send a request into apple and that I should hear back from apple soon.

    So we will see.

    • Pug face

      Oh and I should mention that the AT&T rep right off the bat was quick to say its not possible. I had to explain to him it’s a new policy and then he went into his computer and found the new info. So you might have to let the rep know about it..

      • raymond

        Hi I was wondering if you had to give them your account information as well or if you simply just gave them the IMEI number?

        I too bought an iPhone off of craigslist, but do not have an account with AT&T.

        Thank you

        • Pug face

          No I only gave them my name, email and imei#. I told them I didn’t have an AT&T account.

  • boss

    i was able to unlock 2 iphone 3g, iphone 4 and iphone 4s…………..

  • nic

    Nothing like making money off this.

    I called today and had 5 cases made for 5 different imei’s.

    April 16th.

    We’ll see.

    • Prckybgd

      How did you manage to unlock iPhone 4s

    • I called from the uk at 2pm Gmt which is 9am in USA CST Time
      First caller I don’t own the phone as I got it from eBay the lady found the previous owners details and filed the unlock for me with my email
      She said 16th April or before you will Recieve an email with instructions
      Check Out My Unloxk video on YouTube Just Search MrCinnamonChallenger

  • Ton

    Just got off the phone with at&t and they only way they will unlock your iphone is if you bought it from them more than 2 years ago. They dont care if you upgraded your old iphone needs to be 2 years old with at&t.

    • JP32

      Call them again.

  • jackodude777

    I’ve just call and ask to get my iPhone 4 unlock and they say that they don’t unlock iPhone yet.

  • IP4

    Just called ATT and told that they can do it. after verifying account information they said that i have to complete full 2 years. since iPhone4 came out in June i have no idea how any of you getting unlocks. she clarified that they would unlock if phone was purchased without contract or after 24 month.

  • I have just I doubt in mind. Some say to just restore, but won’t that bring me up to 5.1? Right now I’m at 5.0.1 and there’s no way I want to upgrade my system. Also what if I’m not eligible and I restore I’m really messed up for who knows when there will be a jailbreak for 5.1 and it’s bb.

  • Ronak

    Hi rounak..
    Yes i am from india this is the at&t official number which i got fron an indian at&t executive 18003310500 if ur calling from india dail 00 before the number..
    Watin for the call to come from at&t..

    • Hari

      Hi Ronak did you call the AT&T? Can you unlock without a AT&T account? because me i am using my i phone 4 from 5th November 2010 ( with gevey) I am from India.I can`t make account with AT&T.How can i unlock my i phone 4?

      • Hari

        Hi Ronak,
        Just now i call to the at&t customer service . And i given my IMEI Nr. and my e.mail address. they told that they send a unlock code before 17th April . We wait and see. I have call to this no. +1 800 3310 500 you no need a at&t account.

        • raghul

          hey man how u got unlock code for you att phone if u don’t have the account details? please do share the details…

  • Lizy

    I cancel my ATT service a few months ago and paid the ETF, does that mean i’m qualify to request an unlock for my iphone 4?

    • Mario


  • Old timer

    I got two IPhone 4 unlocked today talk to technical support that’s who does it they put your imie number in and several hours later you connect the phone to iTunes and click restore an when it finishes it will say congratulations your iPhone is unlocked. At least that’s what it did for me

  • Ronak

    Hi old timer..
    Even i contacted at&t the executive asked for my imei no n assured me to call me back..
    It has been over 12 hours i did not receive any call i am thinking to restore my iphone as you did hopeing that my iphone gets unlocked but i am worried that if i restore my iphone my base brand would get updated and in case my iphone diesnt gets unlocked i would unable to use it with gevey sim too..so i am confused..
    Can any one guide what to do in this case??
    Should i restore with no basebrand custom firmware created with redsnow?? Will this work?

    • no don’t do that. If you are using gevey u may loose that. For every one here expecting how the unlock happens. Just wait either keep on your iphone connected to Pc (via itunes), It will automatically asks for activation(waiting for activation).And just you dont need to restore it will automatically activated over in few minutes.But your pc or mac needs to be connected with internet remember this.If you don’t have enough time to keep your iphone connected with pc please keep on checking connecting with itunes frequently…

      • Old timer

        Just plug it into ITunes and see if the phone number says na if it does it should be unlocked.

  • I’m in Nepal with 5 at&t iPhone 4 in my hand. I don’t know how to contact them.I tried registering online and it also failed. Anyway i could unlock them contacting them?????

  • Ronak

    Thank you Saurabng..
    I vill do what you say..hope the process works automatically..
    Bt still i have not receiver any confirmation from at&t..

  • Ronak

    Thank you Saurabng..
    I vill do what you say..hope the process works automatically..
    Bt still i have not receiver any confirmation from at&t..
    By the way can you tell me that while checking with itunes do i need to remove gevey sim??

    • i never did tried with gevey but anyway as far as i know may be it will work using gevey, coz it doesn’t has link wid any gevey or ultrasn0w.I have tried unlocking unlocked with ultrasn0w, it has worked simply, it was just asking for activation as i connected with pc(itunes). As you connect to pc with any sim it will ask waiting for activation and just after few minutes it will show your phone is unlocked. That’s all. Anyway bro can u help me, with my iPhones.If you could make contact wid at&t will u please ask for unlocking one of my iPhone? if you could please here is my imei:: 012652000106397..

      • harry

        your phone is unlocked!!

  • Ronak

    Hi saurabng
    That means ur phone got unlocked via itunes..cool..good to hear something positive..
    Neither i am getting any activation pop up on itunes nor i received any call from at&t as they said..vill keep on trying as per your method..and vil hope my phone too gets unlocked as urs..
    Sure mate ill forward your imei no if in near future i call at&t customer service..

  • Grandpaw

    Best way to tell if your phone is unlocked is if you plug it into ITunes and where the phone number should be it says na it should be unlocked.

    • nope bro that’s not true. It’s na when you dont insert any sim..

      • Zeke

        I just performed the restore of my iphone 4 after talking to AT&T this morning.
        The phone number does say n/a now, and the SIM was inserted all the time, so what you said Saurabng is inaccurate. Please stop posting innacurate statements and getting people confused if you do not have a clue or if you are not 100% sure. People like you ruins the internet with false information.

  • Jays_on

    Thanks iPhonehacks for keeping us updated! You are doing a great job!

  • Rey

    i’ve called att but the customer service said that they don’t do unlock iphone 4.. if anyone can help me to contact them and give them my IMEI would be appreciate, since im living at Malaysia. IMEI: 012431001942716

  • H

    I just called AT&T a couple of times. 1st guy said no, second guy mentioned something about it being a refurbished phone, and then flat out told me its not eligible for unlock without an account number or a proof of receipt from the apple store or AT&T, which sounds like BS. I then called again, and was told its bit eligible for unlock yet. And couldn’t give me details of when it would be eligible. I feel like a dumb ass, coz I bought an iphone 4 brand new from apple, but the version at the time couldnt be jailbroken, so i returned it, and bought a used one for more than the brand new one off Craigslist. Guess I’ll just keep checking back

    • Hugo

      use an application called itools from the net, it will tell you when the contract was established. Then you know when it will be able to be unlocked.

  • Donkey

    Called AT&T just now rep asked for IMEI and account info. I bought this iphone 4 from a friend of mine who just upgraded to an iPhone 4S. After she had IMEI number she put me on hold and keep telling me she is putting the request through. After 15 minutes of that she said it will be 7-10 days till I get an email with instructions on what to do 🙂

    • Hari

      The same thing happens to me also. My i phone 4 is locked with at&t but i never activate the at&t SIM. b`cos i am living in Europe. I can`t use the at&t SIM here.

    • JP32

      Can you tell the intructions they sent you by email?

    • S

      I just called AT&T also and all they asked for was IMEI. I had a relative’s iPhone 3 (she upgraded) and they did ask for the number that was associated with the phone if I had it, which I did. Since the policy is so new, it sounded like the representative hadn’t had to do this yet (she said she was just reading up on it when I called) and I think she only asked for the previous number associated with the phone because she was trying to figure out how to submit the unlock. She also said they would send an email with instructions if it’s eligible (by 16th or 17th) and if it isn’t, then they would also say why in the email.

  • Adeal

    Just called at&t and got the date for Apr, 17. They just asked me if i was a current customer told him no he said no problem. Took my IMEI number + email and provided me with there reference number. I purchased my iphone4 on Craigslist on Oct,2011 been using it as a ipod because its on 4.11.08. I really hope this works.

    Contact number for At&t is 1-800-331-0500.

    by the way I’m currently in PAKISTAN.

    • Ronak

      Hi Adeal
      even i called at&t again also they asked for my imei number + email + contact number and also gave me an april 17 date. and told me that they vill get back to me on 17th and verify weather i have paid the contract termination fees and weather i am the 1st owner of the iphone..
      eagerly waiting for 17th to come..

    • Adeal

      Just called att. The rep said they are experiencing high volume of unlock request. Said i would have wait for day or two would be notified by email.What the hell was att thinking that they would get about 10 request a day. No sh*t they would be a high volume for the unlock request. Any update from other users?

      • Adeal

        Finally got a email form att and my iphone is officially unlocked.


  • B

    What’s the biggest advantage for unlocking ur phone besides higher resell value?

    • iPhone5

      Travel oversea and use the local pre-pay SIM

  • Just called ATT rep said with unlock they providing phone will not work on local carriers …. so no Simple Mobile or T-Mobile in US. Now WTF with this so called Factory Unlock ? Let me know guys if you hear anything cause I heard that with all new 4 4S and 3GS that come preloaded with iOS 5 you can take them overseas and they’ll work out of the box without any problem.

    • Gordii

      The Rep does not know what they are talking about if you live in the US it will work with T-mobile and Straight talk sim cards. My Iphone 4s Currently has Straight talk on it right now.

  • Kevin

    I bought my iPhone on Craigslist. I called the AT&T this morning. They took my imei, Email and phone number. And said will email back within 24 hours. 5 hours later. I connected my phone with iTunes. The phone number is n/a. But when I inserted the tmobile sim card. It said no service.

    • mike

      u have to wait till u get the email

  • Gordii

    Well offically am waiting to get my 4s unlocked have to wait 3 days woot 😀 Thank God i Out right bought my Iphone 😀

  • Aaron

    Any number I’ve tryed to phone doesnt work. Im in the uk if this makes any difference

    • Adeal

      try dialing 001 before 800

  • Aaron

    Thanks it worked for me

  • Apel

    said they would contact me 5-7 days, legit gevey sim gonna go bye bye

  • Chris_FL

    I emailed AT&T yesterday, and the called me back today. I provided my iphone 3GS IMEI number to them, and they told me to restore the iphone and it would be unlocked. After a fresh restore, I popped in a T-moble Sim card and it worked like a champ.

    I finally don’t have to worry about an unlock solution anymore. 🙂

    • gmt

      Which att email did you use to ask then for the unlock?

  • Cesar

    I bought an iPhone 4 on eBay last year, how do I know is off contract, does it have to be from AT&T

    • Adeal

      yes it does.

  • George08035

    I was able after 20 minutes on the phone to unlock one of my 3 iPhone 4 phones. The second phone was a disaster. I read the IMEI number and there system said I purchased it in July 2011. After a lengthy discussion with the AT&T rep, and explaining I had upgraded all my iPhones in 2011 and this phone was purchased in June 2010 she sent me to apple. apple checked the serial number and said I purchased and activated the phone in 2010. I asked him to inform AT&T, which he did. I was transferred back to AT&T where the next tech support guy tried to unlock it but when he checked the system there was no unlock code for him to enter. He created a ticket and told me they would SMS me by the 17th with affirmation the phone was unlocked.

    I spent more than 1:30 min to get to that point.

    This reminds me of the early days of activation.

    The good news is, after he enters your unlock code, and your backup and restore your phone, it is unlocked for good. Finally!

    • JP32

      I did not need to restore my iphone 4S. After I got the email confirmation, I put a tmobile sim card and restarted the iPhone and it was unlocked !! Thank you At&t!

  • F*** on At&t customer care representatives, they don’t what’s unlock..hahaha.. I argued for more than 30m with them calling +18003310500 and finally the girl after a long run argument asked me for imei and i gave them 3 of my iPhone’s imei no:. And she just told these phones can’t be unlocked. It all ended up in a wind blow. F*** their boring system. If anyone from here can reach at&t please give them one of my imei number which i posted above 012652000106397

  • The next if you have at&t customer account you can also unlock it through at&t official website loggin inside and under my account credentials just enterin imei number. Please if you have at&t account do mine 012652000106397

  • @iphonehacks according to me,please all the customers should not restore the iPhone even after confirmation.Instead they can use the alternate method using sam preference through cydia or using redsn0w to deactivate iphone and then re-connect to itunes to activate it.Isn’t it easier and safe???? Please update it if you think m correct??

  • cool i called at&t 15th or 16th time via skype+18003354685 and then a nice at&t representative replied me asked me for my imei i gave her all of mine and she told me to wait till april 17th night and i’ll get my iPhones unlocked….cool

  • Finally you can get rid of AT&T.

  • zk

    you don’t have to restore your Iphone to unlock it, pop in sim card from different provider, ie T-Mobile after you got email confirmation that your phone is unlocked and as soon as you connect it with itunes it will ask you to activate phone, and voila your phone is unlocked

  • anarogue


    i have a 3gs locked to att but i’m from greece and i cant call the support nor create an account since i dont have any wireless or internet status there…
    does anyone know how i can contact them?
    thanks guys

    • Adeal

      Download skype and you can call from there because its a free number.

  • Harrison

    i spent about an hour on hold last night just to have them tell me that they would submit my case to apple and i’d get an email by the 17th. so big waste of time so far. i reccomend just using the online service. we’ll see if they actually unlock my phone because as we all know at&t is a network full of JEWS

  • Ronak

    Wating for 17th to come as at&t made a case for my iphone unlock and assured that i will be informed about my unlock on 17th..
    Should i restore my iphone before that hoping that my iphone might have been unlocked..?? I am confused.. And worried that if i restore my base brand would get updated which would turn my iphone into ipod..
    Any one who have restored their iphones please help..

    • Harrison

      this is an imei unlock not a baseband unlock. so unless you plan on using a smart sim or waiting on ultrasn0w or react0r to come out for 4.11.08 or higher, you should be fine. baseband shouldn’t affect your imei unlock just your ability to jailbreak.

      • Aaron

        Baseband has nothing to do with jailbreak. Learn your stuff first then comment about it

        • Harrison

          to unlock via jailbreak dumb ass

    • audrey

      Did they send you the email yet? They made me a case also but I have not receieved any email.

  • Harrison

    has anyone gotten their phone unlocked right away or gone into the store to have this done? just wonderning if there is a way around the wait time

  • It is funny how I was complaining last week how is that possible that after paying your phone you do not have the right to unlocked and now they say this: “Mr. Peralta, thank you for chatting with AT&T today. I am happy to help you with your iphone unlock request”. Then after a mild wait on the chat line they said this will need to file an unlock code request case. This will take about 5-7 business days to get the code and instructions. I hope I can find and have it unlocked before tomorrow and find a prepaid plan either on simple mobile or with att. Kirsten att said: You can contact prepaid at 770-995-9692. They can discuss all prepaid options and plans. Done with this step, now is to completely unlock and have prepaid service on my unlocked phone. To be continued…

    • Harrison

      you dont have to unlock the phone to do pre paid at&t

  • Enrique

    Just call today to unlock my iPhone 4, and they said that i qualified to unlock my iPhone 4, and that i should expect an email confirmation by April 18!
    Hope it work!

    • Aaron

      For faster AT&T unlock request call 611. It’s way faster

  • Hugo

    I Still haven’t understood how is it possible they are unlocking iPhones 4 if the 2 year contract is done for any of them. it was only release on the 24th june 2010 so in principle it would be only eligible by june 2012.

    When i called i was told that mine was not eligible since the 2 year contract was not over yet.

    How did you guys managed it?

  • Hoser

    I have been jailbreaking and unlocking my older phones to hand down to my kids to use on AT&T plans without having to pay for data. If AT&T unlocks them, will I be able to use them the same way and upgrade to newest iOS?

  • Samuel

    I bought my iphone 4 on craigslist and been using it with a Gavey sim… So i called Att this morning to have my phone unlocked and they couldn’t find my IMEI number on their systems… could it be possible that this iphone is from another att carrier? Anyone know how i can find out?


  • Akansha

    So I called AT&T on 3 dys back, and gave my IMEI number to them, the customer care representative told me that they’ll me a mail within 48-72 hours telling my whether I’m eligible for an unlock or not. Also, if I’m eligible they’ll unlock it till 19th April.
    But I haven’t received any mail yet. Should I call them back or wait till 19th?

  • nick123

    i got my iphone 4 unlocked yesterday. recieved an email from them regarding instructions.

  • john

    I’m from the Philippines and I acquired my iPhone in the US last year via BestBuy without AT&T contract. First time I called AT&T customer support, they asked for my IMEI / phone number (US number) and email address but the representative also required me to fax the iPhone’s receipt to prove that it was purchased with no contract. I tried looking through my things and the receipt is no longer to be found. I called the next day pretending that I never called them before and provided the same info, this time the lady didn’t asked for the receipt and she told me that she saw no grounds on why the iPhone can’t be unlocked so she provided me the case number and advised that she will forward the request to apple and I’ll receive an email from them within 72 hours or the maximum is on the 18th. After two days of waiting, still no email, I tried to insert my local SIM without Gevey and connect to iTunes, and then fireworks*** the phone recognized my local SIM without restoring it. So for those who are still waiting for the email from Apple, try your luck, no risk involved of getting the baseband upgraded via restoring iPhone. 🙂

    • john

      BTW, mine is iPhone 4.

    • Mani

      Thanks.It worked for me.I registered my phone on 10th of april.They asked me to wait for upto 19th.After seeing your mail today i did the procedure what you said.Hurray….It worked….Thanks a lot dear.

      • john

        You’re welcome. Atlast, we’re free. 🙂

        • Cesar

          I will try it today

  • Sako

    I called them on 04/10 and the At&t rep. said system won’t let her to unlock my iPhone4, and earliest i can do is July 08 2012. I called them next day and a cool rep. told me my phone is eligible for unlock and he said i will receive an email after 8 days, ( 04/19th ) but it didn’t took that long. I received that email today (04/13) saying my iphone will be unlocked if i connect and restore with itunes. So just in 2-3 days! Thanks At&t.

  • mike

    does any one know wat i can do cuz my iphone 4 has unlock by att but when i put my tmobile sim card in i only havea 1 bar of service how do i fix it also any one no how i would unlock my iphone 4s if att unlock it i do not want to restore but i cant use redsnow to deactivate it help

  • Luay

    i recieved an email saying my phone has been unlocked so i linked it to itunes restored the phone and put a tmobile sim card but it didn not tell me congradulations your phone is unlocked it told me sim not supported what do i do?

    • Adeal

      call att

  • Mickey

    Just got my iPhone 4 unlocked! Got the e-mail today saying all I have to do is restore my iPhone. For those who have got the e-mail from At&t to unlock and don’t want to lose your jaillbreak or don’t want upgrade to 5.1, Just install SAM from cydia and de-activate the phone and get rid of the hacktivation. This will result in the phone reseting and needing to activate with a sim card again. Insert a sim card like T-mobile and connect the phone to iTunes and itunes will say congrats your phone is unlocked! best part is that your data will be unharmed and you will still be jailbroken. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Amit

    Call AT&T last week Sunday they than told me I would get an email/call in a few days letting me what I needed to do.3 days later got an email stating I needed to fax over additional information (some of which I didn’t have) but the AT&T rep told me to fax over the information thati did have and 3 days later (yest) got another email explaining what to do . Did a quick back up and restore and now I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 !! 🙂 no more gevey sim but I am thankful to the gevey team without them I would have had a very expensive “iPod touch” .i lost my jailbreak but I don’t mind a new untether one should be out soon.

  • Amit

    Damn!!! Mickey I which I knew that .i lost my jailbreak 🙁

  • bc

    Called this number: 18003310500

    call took around 15min, they had to check the IMEI number and setup the email. Hope this works.

    I am not an AT&T customer. I`m in Canada but have a AT&T branded phone.

  • cristian

    Yes!! my phone was officially unlocked yesterday! and I’m so excited to say that i could use my iPhone!

    • Hari

      Hi Cristian di you got a mail from at&t.And how you did unlocked details pls.

  • John

    Email me with your imei number. If your phone is not in black list it will be unlocked

    • Cesar

      I called att on April 8 and they gave me a case #, I have an iPhone 4. I don’t have an email from them yet. I connected to iTunes and nothing happens. I use gevey sim now. What should I do?

      • Adeal

        You should call att.

  • JojoS

    Did not have to restore! Just used a non AT&T SIM, connect to iTunes and Iphone 3GS requested “Activate Now?”.

  • Adeal

    People who are confirming there iphone 4 has been unlocked should provide proof.

  • Chetnubbler

    AT&T unlocked my iPhone4 no problem, they said that they would call me in a week with the unlock code.. important note though, they said that since i didn’t have an AT&T wireless account with them, i could only unlock 1 iPhone.

    • Chetnubbler

      edit: im not unlocked yet, they gave me a case # and said i would get a call in a week. but she did say that my phone qualified

  • Oliver

    Anyway to gain access to online chat without having an account or needing an AT&T wireless number??

  • Isth

    If my iphone 3gs is unlocked by ATT, can I use ATT prepaid plan sim card in it? or I still have to do jailbreak? thanks a lot!

  • audrey

    I called ATT 4/13 and gave them my imei number and email and they gave me the case number. It is 4/18 and I still have not received anything. They said wait til 4/21 but it seems as though others are getting their emails within 2-3 days. What should I do?

    • Anshuman

      Same here. Called on 4/14 and today is 19th .. I was wondering if getting a case number is a surety that my Phone is eligible for the unlock

    • Anshuman

      Same here. Called on 4/14 and today is 19th .. I was wondering if getting a case number is a surety that my Phone is eligible for the unlock.

      • Adeal

        same here i called on the 9th. Got the date for 17 but no email still waiting for there email and there is nothing you can do. Just sit back and wait for the email or call.

        • Cesar

          I called on the 9, I also faxed a copy of receipt from eBay, I have iPhone 4. They said by April 17, still waiting.I have called them about 10 times . Also I had another iPhone 4 I bought on eBay, sold it to a friend, he called on the 12, 3 days after he got the email and was able to unlock.

  • audrey

    So I just talked to the AT&T rep and told her I have not received an email and she said all I have to do is just wait.. Also, she said they will notify me if tit is eligible or not. I thought that if they gave you a case number it was automatically eligible ? Does anyone know?

  • morvic

    What is a jailbreak? I thought is was so your phone could be used on another carrier than
    AT&T. Why is it necessary to keep it after AT&T unlock your phone. I rung AT&T 10 april, and am still waiting to hear from them.

  • CaliforniaDreaming

    I connected to AT&T technical support chat via ATT.com and was able to receive a case number confirmation from the representative who said I would receive the unlock instructions in 5-7 days via email. Cheers!!

    • CaliforniaDreaming

      BTW that was for an iPhone 4S that I purchased about 1 month ago via Craigslist (it was brand new)

  • Audrey

    ***Does this mean my iphone will be unlocked?***

    Dear Audrey ,

    AT&T is following up with you to request the unlock code for your device. My name is Michelle. I can definitely help you with your inquiry.

    I have reviewed your account and submitted a Case to request for the subsidy unlock code and unlock instructions for your iPhone to be sent to you. Your Case ID is (***********).
    You will be contacted by email on or before ( 05/03/2012) to advise you on the status of your case.

    Audrey , my name is Michelle, and I would like to thank you for being part of the AT&T family!

  • Received e-mail today.

    Request Date 4/9/2012
    E-mail Date 4/24/2012

  • Soundwave

    I FINALLY got the email after waiting over 2 weeks (I called and got a case # on 4/9/12). So for those still waiting, have patience.

  • Ronak

    Ahhh finally got an email from ATT confirming tht my iphone is eligible for unlocking..bye to gevey sim.. To whome who have not receive any response yet please wait..thank you ATT and thank u IPHONE HACKS..

  • Avi

    Got the email after 11 days and the restore did not work. Have restore almost ten times yet no result. Long calls with ATT did not resolve the issue. Lot my Gevey unlock and now repenting.
    Any pointers, how to go about?

  • black jack

    I received the confirmation from ATT that my iPhone can be unlocked; however, when I deactivate my iPhone then reactivate it, I didnt receive the message that my phone was unlocked. What should I do now? :((

  • Amir

    I have recieved the same email and i contacted at&t and they also confirmed my iphone 4 has been unlocked but tried the above method my iphone wasnt unlocked so i contacted at&t again they told me i should backup,restore and update to latest firmware and my iphone will be unlocked. I tried this also but my iphone is stilll locked. In the course of this i also lost my sam. Please help me what should i do as at&t is saying that they have unlocked the iphone but I have after several attempts the phone is still locked.

    • black jack

      You should jailbreak your iphone then copy SAM activation ticket (which you saved) into lockdown folder then reboot using redsn0w (because we’ve just had tethered jailbreak method for iOS 5.1). It worked for me. If you didnt save SAM activation ticket, just wait for ATT :((

  • Oldlight

    AT&T now allows only AT&T’s customers iPhone to be unlocked.

    • retard

      Stop talking out your ass. I am NOT an AT&T customer (I use Tmobile) And they unlocked my iphone 4 last week.

  • Annie

    Can anyone pls tell me approximately how long does at&t take to respond to our request?
    Secondly they just took my IMEI and forwarded the case. I wanna know does that mean my Iphone is eligible for an unlock?

  • Tom

    After waiting 2 weeks i finally got the email from AT&T and was able to unlock my iphone4

    My one problem is, since unlocking and using on Tmobile i have noticed that sometimes i lose service and i cant get it back. I try using the airplane mode on and off and the service still doesnt come back. I have to restart the phone and it works again.

    Has anyone else had no service issues on tmobile?

    • Soundwave

      I’ve also encountered this problem as well but only when I’m at work. Very weird. When this happens, I turn airplane mode on and off and it actually finds my carrier but then I’ll lose service again.

      • Tom

        For me it happens and both work and home. I have noticed its happening in parts of my office where i dont get good reception.

        Did you use the gevey sim before unlocking? I was thinking maybe since you have to cut down the micro sim a bit to make it fit maybe its coming lose or something. Just a thought.

  • chinkyeyes

    I called AT&T yesterday regarding unlocking my iphone 4 and got the below email from them today:
    Dear Customer: Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your AT&T service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The issue has been resolved. Should you have any further needs regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to call us at 1 800 331-0500 and reference the tracking number shown above. Sincerely, AT&T

    What does this mean? I haven’t received the email like the one on UPDATE 7.

    • Joe

      It means your Iphone is unlocked! i got the same message and just unlocked my phone by deactivating via redsnow and entering my sim then opening up itunes.

      It said congratulations you iphone is unlocked :))

      Dont wait for the unlocking instructions.


  • Matt

    I was also told you can only request 5 unlocks per year.

  • True Neyugn

    Does anyone have an e-mail address to AT&T, for unlock request?