How Many iPhones And iPads Did Apple Sell Last Quarter?

iPhone and iPad

Apple’s expected to reveal iPhone and iPad sales figures for the past quarter this Tuesday at their quarterly earnings call. If you remember, Apple posted record iPhone sales of 37 million units for the quarter ending December, thanks to the momentum created by the launch of iPhone 4S in October.

The iPhone 4S has continued to expand its availability in the US, as well as other important markets like China and Apple’s on track to introduce the new iPad to 9 new countries this Friday in addition to the 12 countries in which received the last week. Although these new countries won’t contribute as much to the numbers Apple reports in the earnings call (the figures are from January to March), it shows that Apple is pushing its manufacturing line to churn out iPads and iPhones as fast as possible in order to meet demand.

Fortune’s Philip Elmer-Dewitt spoke to various analysts and compiled estimates from all of them for both, the iPhone and the iPad

Would Apple surpass the record figure of 37 million iPhones sold? 13 out of the 48 analysts seem to think so. Most of the estimates are in the 30 to 40 million bracket. For the same quarter last year, the sales stood at 18.6 million units.

The iPad estimates for the same period range from 9 million to 15.5 million, as compared to last quarter’s figure of 15.43 million iPad sales. If you’re wondering why is the estimate low considering that the new iPad comes with a number of upgrades, remember that the device went on sale on the 16th of March, meaning that it only got a sales window of two weeks in the 3 month period.

Apple’s quarterly earnings call is scheduled for the 24th of this month, and we’ll be bringing to you all the key announcements from there, right here. Stay tuned.

For all the estimates, head over to this link for the iPhone and this for the iPad.

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