Generate Random Tattoo Designs With Instattoo



iOS developer Amidio Inc has launched Instattoo for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – the first application to allow users to generate random tattoo designs.

Instattoo is the first iPhone application and iPad application that allows its users to generate patterns and designs for potential tattoos. All you have to do is swipe the screen a few times and voila, you’ll have a custom design that you can print (via AirPrint) out onto tattoo transfer thermal paper and get etched on your body.

Rather than letting you draw your design as such, the application lets you choose from one of twelve different styles and adjust accordingly. You can tweak size and can further move the design around to modify it. The application will use algorithms to ensure your design is completely unique. There are mostly floral and tribal designs at the moment but one new design will be introduced each week.

GottaBe Mobile has word from the developer regarding their application:

We consider this a real breakthrough in the tattoo industry and just a really cool entertainment / design app for the creative people.

The app employs an advanced algorithm to generate the designs on a random basis (no predefined pictures are used) and makes it possible to further manipulate them in a kaleidoscope-like manner with a simple swipe gesture. Thanks to the ability to change design sizes, modes and styles, Instattoo can be used to create literally billions of fantastic tattoos.

A full list of features from the App Store description:

  • One tap to generate a new UNIQUE tattoo
  • Fully interactive tattoo design process, NO DRAWING
  • Easy controls: swipe to discover new shapes, pinch to zoom
  • 12 built-in tattoo styles, male/female/unisex
  •  5 tattoo sizes from S to XXL
  •  5 tattoo generation modes
  •  “Revert to previous design” feature

Instattoo is $4.99 on the App Store, which may be a bargain or a ripoff depending on who you ask. If you’re a tattoo specialist who can whip out your iOS device whenever a customer needs a burst of creativity or if you’re sporting tons of tattoos and are an obvious enthusiast, you can check it out via its App Store link.

Check the demo and overview videos of the universal app below:

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