pod2g Now Has All Exploits Required For iOS 5.1 Jailbreak

greenpois0n absinthe

We have some good news for jailbreakers. pod2g tweeted earlier today that they have all the exploits needed for a new jailbreak.

Back in March, pod2G who was part of the Jailbreak Dream team that brought us Absinthe jailbreak – the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 for A5 powered iOS devices had said that he was actively working on finding vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1. It looks like he has managed to do it. He tweeted few hours back:

News: we have all exploits required to do a new jailbreak. I’m working on bypassing ASLR at bootup.

pod2g hasn’t provided any more details, so it is not clear if this new jailbreak is the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 that we have been waiting for and will it also support iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3.

But based on the last update, we’re assuming that it will be an untethered iOS 5.1 jailbreak for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 1, iPod touch 4G and iPod touch 3G.

Currently, Redsn0w that was released by the iPhone Dev team in March supports only a tethered jailbreak for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G and iPod touch 3G. You can only perform an untethered jailbreak on iPhone 3GS with older bootrom.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as we have any further updates, so stay tuned at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or add us on Google+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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  • So glad this is on the way!

  • Mark Mintram

    These jailbreak guys are geniuses. I’ve had an iPhone for a few years now and I wouldn’t even know where to begin with a jailbreak exploit. Brilliant work as usual, keep it up 🙂

  • Nik


  • Brando212

    hoping for untethered appleTV as well

    • TheRealMoe

      what do u get from jb’ing an apple tv?

      • AppleCider

        A whole lot more! Install Firecore’s ATVFlash and you can have all your DVD, Music collection on a NAS drive and play them without turning your computer on. That’s just one thing, there’s more apps that come with ATVFlash.

    • Will

      Im sure a new seasonpass wil be released shortly after this new JB is.
      oOr maybe even before, Firecore stated yesterday in their ATV Flash 1.5 update that they had some very promising things in the works for an untether jailbreak for the Apple TV 2 and 3.

  • Randomicious

    I have no problems with my untethered 5.0.1, but my girlfriend just bought an iPhone 4 and it was already upgraded to 5.1 =/. So I’m definitely happy for this update!

    • TheRealMoe

      well your gf is a woman its ok.

      • lvlisslvlelissa

        how rude 😐 *throws shoes* >:P

      • elim

        not necessary a gf must be a woman….. hahaha. just kidding !!

        • kbatrph

          but it IS much more fun!

  • mystic

    Just what I’ve been waiting for. Tomorrow I’m off to the apple store to get me an iPad. Long live the jailbreak devs/team

  • amej

    Good news… finally…

  • Jake

    When will it be released?

    • :D

      Dont worry about that dude 🙂 the longer the better (not too long lol) as then we wont have buggy Jailbreak tools 🙂 just make a backup of ur SHSH incase apple decide to release a 5.1.2 or somin down the lines 🙂

  • I have been going nuts waiting for this jailbreak! Keep it coming jailbreak team…

  • lordkramuk

    Can’t thank these guys enough, they really do the business every time

  • Yo Mama!

    No Hurry…! Take your Time! I’m ok with my 5.0.1 Untheter Jailbreak…

    • Evan

      What would I have to do to upgrade from a 5.0.1 jailbreak to a 5.1 untethered jailbreak when it is released?

  • Souskei

    Sweet! Thanks guys!!!

  • :D


    i swapped my jailbroken iphone 4 for a 4s and some money, but the guy updated the 4S to 5.1 as he didnt know u could just restore from a backup!! been waiting so long for this news!! im now gunna go n slap my wife 😀

    • mark

      have you seen this, could help you whilst waiting for untetherd JB on 5.1.
      iPad 2 And iPhone 4S Can be Downgraded to iOS 5.0.1 From iOS 5.1 [Updatex3]
      Posted by iPhoneHacks on Mar 25, 2012 | Comments (88)

      We’ve some great news for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users who may have accidentally upgraded their jailbroken iOS devices to iOS 5.1.

      iH8sn0w, developer of Sn0wbreeze – developer of popular jailbreak tool for Windows users has just revealed that he has managed to successfully downgrade his iPad 2 to iOS 5.0.1 from iOS 5.1.

      He tweeted:

      Found a loophole in Apple’s apticket system. Restored my iPad 2 to 5.0.1 from 5.1. Works on all A5 devices. 🙂

      A5X devices will work too once Apple pushes a new firmware for it.

      BTW, This cannot be applied to basebands. Only iOS itself.

      It is currently possible to downgrade iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPod touch 4G and iPod touch 3G from iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.0.1 using the SHSH blobs saved using TinyUmbrella or TinyCFW.

      With this latest development, it means that iPhone 4S and iPad 2, which are powered by A5 chip and in the future the new iPad, which is powered by Apple’s A5X chip can be downgraded to the previous firmware versions as well.

      So users will be able to downgrade to iOS 5.0.1 and enjoy the untethered jailbreak until the jailbreak for iOS 5.1 is released (Update on iOS 5.1 jailbreak available here). Update: We’re assuming that you will need SHSH blobs saved using TinyUmbrella to downgrade to iOS 5.0.1.

      This is an amazing achievement as Apple had made it extremely difficult to downgrade to a previous iOS version with the release of iOS 5.0. iH8sn0w hasn’t mentioned when he plans to provide details on how to downgrade to a previous version.

      • :D

        i have but unfortunately he never saved his SHSH using TU nore did cydia save it for some odd reason, i looked instantly when i read it, thanks for the heads up though dude!

  • John

    Cool! I can’t wait to jailbreak my New iPad.

  • ilove

    At last some good news. I will be donating as soon as they pull this JB off. Im always amazed how they find a way to JB!

  • Blah

    I really need the 5.1 untethered jailbreak. Me and my girlfriends PhotoStream are link. too many girls have been playing with my phone and taking pictures with it… I’m not cheating on her but I have lots of girls who are my friend (I don’t want her to get the wrong idea). Everytime they use my phone to take pictures without telling me, I have to Hurry and Upgrade my Firmware to 5.1 just to delete pictures on PhotoStream, then I have to downgrade back to 5.0.1 by using my SHSH Blob. I’ve done this more then 30 times since I 5.1 firmware came out…

    • yeah_yourecheating

      How about not letting your hoes use your phone to take pictures? that is an option. If you are careless about your phoen then yuo are lucky I am not your friend cause I would be leaving you pictures of my balls!

      • Blah

        Wow… Are you serious? You go out of you way just to diss someone online, that tells me your balls are probably the size of two pixels, I’m pretty sure we’d have a good laugh.

        • Iso

          Lock your phone with a password. It’s common sense you need, not a jailbreak.

    • 1ofThoseGuyz

      Settings> iCloud> Photostream-OFF = problem solved

  • Moe

    Thank you guys I can’t wait to jailbreak my apple tv

  • MoeD

    Can’t wait apple tv without jailbreak is useless

    • Wave Gang

      Not Really You can air play mirror anything on your phone. just get XBMC With THe Navi X Plugin on your phone or ipad and Air Play AWay!

      • moe

        i thought u need jailbreaking to get xbmc on apple tv

  • Alex

    Cant wait!

  • Neemaj_21

    hello friend , sorry for my Englis , but i dont understand ! its posible jailbreak my iphone 4S with IOS 5.1 ??

    • Off your high horse

      Maybe, maybe not. The question is what did you have for dinner last night?

    • no1453

      No, it is not currently possible. The jailbreak is being worked on.

    • André

      not yet my friend , but by the way thing are going we will be able to do that pretty soon 🙂

  • ginsu

    finally good news…..cant wait…..

    • jeewaka

      what do u have? i( have ipad 2 with 5.1)

  • jeewaka

    yess!!! is it available for public now?

  • Phebar

    Jeewaka yes it is!!! Hurry up to get it;0)

    • :D


  • 1001001

    I admire these guys. Hopefully I can resolve the issue of jailbreaking my iPad 2 without having shsh blobs.

  • Pete

    My iPhone would be useless to me without a untethered jailbreak.
    Awesome dudes!

  • Chuck Cornell

    Is there a way to jailbreak my iPhone by just using my phone, or do I have to use a computer. Thanx in advance for your response.

  • Dirt

    If you buy a new ipad 2 from target (or anywhere for that matter), will it have 5.1 on it or the jailbreakable 5.0.1?