iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Status Update: pod2g Has Found Two Big Vulnerabilities

greenpois0n absinthe

Few days back, pod2g had revealed that they had discovered 5 exploits that were required for the iOS 5.1 jailbreak.

pod2g has some more good news, he has just tweeted that he has discovered 2 more big vulnerabilities over the weekend.

He just tweeted the following update:

News: a productive week-end. Found 2 big vulnerabilities. 1 kernel land and 1 root land.

pod2g had also posted a poll asking users if they should hold off the jailbreak for iOS 6 to be released or release a jailbreak for iOS 5.1 as soon as possible, which would mean that the exploits used for the jailbreak would be patched by Apple in iOS 6 or in the next iOS software update. With 2 days still to go for the poll, it looks like majority of the users (61% of the 135,961 votes and counting) want pod2g and team to release a jailbreak for iOS 5.1 as soon as possible.

The ideal situation would be if the hackers don’t have to use all the 7 exploits discovered so far for the iOS 5.1 jailbreak and the exploits that are not used are enough for the next jailbreak. So it remains to be seen if the two big vulnerabilities that pod2g has discovered over the weekend can be used for future jailbreaks.

If you haven’t voted, we suggest you check out our post where we go through the pros and cons of releasing the jailbreak for iOS 5.1 immediately and holding off the jailbreak for iOS 6 to be released and cast your vote on pod2g’s website.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve any further updates so stay tuned at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or add us on Google+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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  • Johnny

    Anyone know if this will work on the Apple TV 3?

    • Andrew

      Hey go to the website and vote let’s get this released now. Who the hell really thinks apple is gunna release iOS 6 anytime soon. I’m mean come on its apple. You know ios 6 isn’t gunna be out for a long time.

      • Exactly! And I believe we should JB IOS devices regardless cause you know that 6.0 might be difficult to crack right? So I say Yes!

  • Ken

    I think they should wait

    • Markymark

      You obviously don’t think at all, maybe you should take up knitting.

      • Andrew

        Omg u r so stupid to say wait. Come on its apple u know ups 6 isn’t comming out for at least 6 more months maybe even a year. Release the jailbreak for 5.1.

        • subverted

          Wait six weeks. Release then. There is NO RISK as long as you save your SHSH blobs with pod2g’s tool.

        • Uraninite

          Idiot… First off, the iOS 6 will be a lot better than 5.1.1, and will almost be guaranteed to be released in the wwdc (worldwide developers conference) on June 11th… Its too late though… 63%?

    • Kraken

      IOS 5.1 adds virtually nothing over IOS 5.01. In that sense, wasting 5 exploits on it is a waste. In contrast, major version IOS upgrades often add new features or are required for certain apps to run. The last major upgrade took many months for us to get an unteathered jailbreak. I’d hate to see a delay even longer for iOS6 because all usable exploits were exhausted in advance.

      In contrast, if you just bought a new iOS device or were forced to restore one, you likely want a new jailbreak of the current iOS version just so that you can utilize your device.

      • ChrisK

        You’re missing the idea. Even if 5.1 didn’t add much, there are lots of people upgrading devices or just buying new devices that are on 5.1 with no jailbreak. You’ve got the ipad3, atv3 and anyone upgrading to an iPhone 4S from an older phone that is just stuck with stock.
        I have a wifi only ipad2 and really would like a verizon ipad3, but don’t want to wait 6 months to a year for a jailbreak.
        Everyone has their opinions for different reasons, but I THINK the number of people on stock 5.1 devices is going to out weigh the people on jail broken 5.01 devices.

        • sky

          5.1 adds att 4g

          • subverted

            I say wait six weeks just in case. And the “4G” is just a label. The data connection hasn’t changed.

            I’m new to the jailbreak community and i didn’t know to save my shsh blobs or know not to upgrade, and i still say wait six weeks. Plus, new 5.x.x could be released anyway in that time period. Newer 5.x.x users would benefit too, as newer phones will come with the latest update

          • Andrew

            Sky ur an idiot that was a marketing move on AT&T. The iPhone 4s is technically 3.5G not 4G. It will never be 4G. A software update doesn’t unlock hidden antenna capabilities so u can have 4G. Read up on it. AT&T was just trying to market the phone as 4G to make more money that’s all.

      • Andrew

        Yeah but what if apple finds those five exploits and fixes them with the iOS 6 update then waiting will have been a complete waste of time. All I saying is that either way it’s a risk. But having said that I still would like to see the jailbreak for ios 5.1 released. We can prolly will not see ios 6 for at least 6 to 8 months.

  • Cuong Tran

    Release the jailbreak for 5.1 as soon as possible please

    • Wenger

      Are you blind or you just don’t understand english you retard…just wait.

      • John

        Because clearly some people with new iPhones that are forced to use 5.1 should just wait til iOS 6.

        • Markymark

          Because you both are retards, when 6 comes out iif and when it comes… The current holes will already be plugged since the cat is out on vulnerabilities. Morons!

          • Kimk69

            Really, come on. When do these people think ios 6 is comming out. A couple of weeks before the new iPhone in sept. or October. Or do people think its comming in June? Huh. Just wait, yeah okay.

          • dabloc

            Shows how mature you are with the name calling pal!

          • subverted

            The cat’s not out…

            Again, this is all for the newer users (new iphone or 5.1 users new to jailbreaking)

            Waiting six weeks is not a big deal given how long and hard it is to exploit vulnerabilities with each update. We’re lucky if apple doesn’t encrypt the entire software with 128-bit AES

          • Nick

            why not just wait until iOS 7 or 8 just in case.

    • Rizz K

      I think they should release the jailbreak because god knows how long it will tak for ios 6 t be public. first itll be in test mode for developers and then officialy released for use. regardless of the hackers waiting to release the jailbreak when the hackers release it right on the time when ios 6 comes out then apple will even patch that since they have the entire script for the ios. so waiting is useless. waiting just means more time. its doesnt mean any acomplishments since they will regardless patch it after ios 6. now people, yall are saying that ios 6 if waited can be jailbroken at the same time as ios5.1 …wrong….what if it doesnt. so the ios 6 people will regardless have to wait. so why make the ios 5.1 people wait fo that long when they already have the device and have been waiting. which means if ios 6 launces they will have the jailbreak for thise users immediately. i think thats wrong for the people that waited. please release the jailbreak.

      • subverted

        … Good point. With the iOS 6 release there will be plenty of bugs. If we’re waiting for iOS 6 we might as well wait for the next round of bugfixed updates, like iOS 6.0.1 or 6.1. Therefore, i think JB’s should always be released after the first round of updates for any new iOS. That could be a while. Anyway, releasing 5.1 will be for new users (like me.) If the last JB was in january, i guess a new update is due? I change my vote: release now.

  • ginsu

    cheers pod2g…..hopefully 5.1 jailbreak coming out soon…

  • ///MPower

    If iOS 6 releases before October – wait. If not… i’ll be needing that 5.1 jailbreak before I restore my phone and get it replaced at Apple so I can jailbreak the new one. 🙂 My 4S is busted – won’t charge or sync over usb. Only charges from wall charger. Strange……

    • dabloc

      It is not your cable if the cable works from the wall. My guess is it’s your pc not recognizing the device connected to it.

      • dvdgv

        Actually, if the impedance of the cable is wrong, USB data (AC) won’t transmit cleanly, but the flat DC charger identification voltage will pass fine.

        Similarly, if D+ and D- are shorted, no data will pass at all, but a charger will still work, because 3.something volts on both rails is a valid signal from a 500ma charger.

    • fadz

      i had similar issue with ur problem.. my iphone can be charged normally, but when it connected to my pC, it does nothing.. However i can still connect it to the car Ipod dock and it can still play the music inside.
      i used to sync wirelessly before to tackle the issue until i changed the port hardware and it has resolved my problem..

    • Justin

      You can always fix it for pretty cheap!

      • ESPEZY

        How cheap is cheap?

  • MoeD

    I hope they realse it as soon as possible

  • ShAdOwXPR

    iOS 6 will have new vulnerabilities no need to wait IMHO…

  • Munib

    Release the jailbreak for 5.1 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im stuck in 5.1 on my ipad 2

    • Tom

      How did you get into that situation?? Lol…I understand i have really no choice with the new ipad…but if you had the second shouldve just stayed on the jailbreak fw


    I say run with 5.1, it is likely that many of the weaknesses found may be found by Apple as well. Apple is starting to be more aggressive in finding their own vulnerabilities and patching them up as they go. If so, any unused vulnerabilities would be wasted.

    • subverted

      Save ur SHSH blobs and they won’t be “wasted”. U can do that with pod2g’s tool

  • Herc

    Unleash the jailbreak pod2g please this will
    Everyone up in these miserable times

    • Kimk69

      I hope all you people who want it released ASAP are voting on his website. Let em know.

  • Elpitufo

    Release the jailbreak for 5.1 as soon as possible please

  • chris

    I say if they have found in total 7 just use 1 loophole and use the other 6 for IOS 6.x 🙂

  • PSN: GTAXpert

    I say go for the 5.1 jailbreak!
    All we want is a jailbreak for now, its too boring without it.

  • len61

    Its the story of peniccilin, somwhere in future there wil be no more exploit’s to find or treath ! Treat now you mayby ,cant in ios.6 ,its a balance pro vers. con . Glad im not judge .but super job and many thanks ,to all the guys ,that hold the banner high, My Device My Software!!!

    • dabloc

      What? lol

      • len61

        Sorry for my spilling ……. Spelling !

  • Pandaa xo

    People who want jailbreak now.
    Your all just a little retarded.
    A. We can tell your dumb for wasting a upgrade on 4S all these years you haven’t realized every 2 years is the major upgrade. But anyway

    B. how long have you been without jailbreak? Since 5.1 came out correct? Think u can wait a little longer
    Say they release it WOOPTIE DOO.
    Apples now flips u over releases 6.0 now your phone crashes need to restore. Because you were so impatient. Now you have to have the same pain you did when you was on 5.1.

    If you wait. 6.0 gets released, you all get jailbreaks and restoring the phone isn’t that bad.

    Is it really worth it to waste 6+ exploits for a maximum of 3ish months? Use your brain

    No point in replying I never check my replies …

    Have a good night

    • Katar2

      A: how bout 4s that already came with 5.1 dumm ass????

      • Adamanium

        Or the replacement iPhone 4 you get when yours malfunctions stupid ass.

        • Pandaa xo

          If you had a replacement iPhone4 u can still downgrade. Beef

          And like I said for buying a 4s your handicapped, idc if it came stock 3.1.3 or 5.1. UNLESS, UNLESS!! It was your first iPhone. Even then still fiancé of mine is still waiting patiently for th next phone you know why? Bcause every 2 years the big poppa phone drops. Not that crappy in between like the 3GS that came with a compass UWWWW WOWWW

          • Secret

            and you never check the replies eh… 🙂

    • Olaf

      Pandaa licks panda balls. You’re a moron.

    • Vin

      So if Applle will release IOS 7, would we have to wait again !

  • release jailbreak for 5.1 !!!

    Pls release the jailbreak for IOS 5.1 !!!! We have been waiting the jailbreak for ipad 3 been too long !!!I want 5.1 jailbroken !!!!

  • iOStress

    I guess since my 4S and iPad 3 both came pre loaded with 5.1, I will wait until the iPhone 10 and iPad 8 come out before thinking about getting a new device. Release the JB. These JB guys are incredible and will be able to figure out new weaknesses in upcoming sw versions. It will forever be a cat and mouse game.

  • Nunya


    • Kraken


  • mkimid

    Even they use or not hole, most of holes will be closed when Apple release the new firmware. Because of Apple is tracking.
    They can use the holes which deeply relative with OS core now. Because of The new core will be a major updates,

  • Macsimos

    In my opinion, they should wait for the next iOS to be released. If you updated your phone when you shouldn’t have, that’s your problem. If you upgraded to a new phone, just be patient because there is no sense in jailbreaking now when a new iOS version will probably be released in the near future.

    If one exploit could be used and the rest saved for the next iOS, that would be ideal. Either way I can wait for the next jailbreak and will not rush anyone to release a jailbreak because I know I can’t do what they do, and know they do it for free on their own time… with the possibility of getting donations.

    • Adamanium

      So wait about 2+ months for ios6 and another 3+ months for a jailbreak. So maybe wait a half of a year to jailbreak. And if your phone is a replacement that’s

      • Adamanium

        ^ your fault for being unlucky.

    • Pandaa xo

      Thank you

  • PSN: GTAXpert

    No, we shouldn’t wait.
    Were all desperate for a jailbreak, except for the selfish people that are already jailbroken and want to make us wait just for their convenience.
    Im sure ios 6 will also get jailbroken, so I say release 5.1 JB and well all be happy with our jailbreak. So when ios 6 releases we all have to wait.

  • Loen

    I think they should wait .. N save for the .. ios 6.. But in the meantime they should find a way to downgrade to 5.0.1 this will be gud for all

  • Apple, Inc.

    Do you seriously believe that we haven’t already fixed these exploits? iOS5.1, 5.2, or 6.0… The cat and mouse game will continue.

    • Apple Pawn


  • Mouse

    They need to release it ASAP for two reasons. Te entire current generation of iPhone 4s and iPad 3s aren’t part of the jb club yet. 2nd you’re assuming these vulnerabilities will still be around when 6.0 is available. The reason to release now is to bringing current hardware. If they release iPhone 5 and the vulnerabilities are still around then one could argue and say lets wait for iPad 4… When do you release?

  • Stop Stalling Already

    Stop Stalling already and looking for points. Just release it already Jesus.

  • Stall Tactics

    Now or Never, there are so many unknowns about what may,if,could,etc BUT NOW IS CERTAIN….besides what fun would be there for jailbreaking 6.0 or 10.0 if we are waiting past all other versions????/

  • Jaykyte

    They should release when it is ready , great work btw….just for info , is anyone working on the new iPad ?

  • Tarique Mirza

    Dude Just hold on to it til OS 6 comes out i understand why u r not releasing it but its for the better good of the user who haven’t realized what u r tryn to say

    So the ball is in ur court, use it or abuse it


  • Rico

    Did u guys click the donate button?

  • MoeD

    There just messing with your heads ppl , I’m sure when they get it done they will realse it and not wait for the ios6 loooooooooooooool

  • Dingle

    Pls release for 5.1 cause i missed 5.01 and am stuck on 4.3.3. Also this will help hack the atv3 as well im sure. Also since 6.0 will be a major upgrade who knows if these exploits will work and apple will stop signing 5.1 so it will all go to waste!

    • subverted

      Wait for the 5.1 JB. As soon as it comes, upgrade to 5.1 immediately, before apple can respond with the next update. And then, of course, follow JB protocol: save your blobs.

  • Uncle Wong

    A lot of New Ipad(3rd Gen ) user waiting for jailbreak .
    Plz release asap . Thank You Very Much

  • oBIGTo

    I want to break my Atv3, bring it!

    • Pandaa xo

      But again to all the poor saps with iPhone 4s.

      I Pity you

  • Roy

    Release 5.1 Jailbreak. Every comment from anyone stating to save the vulnerabilities is wrong and can easily be turned the other way around.

    Yes they could just come out with 6.0, and if we wait till 6.0 they could just come out with 7.0. Jailbreaking is a race and a fight to keep pace. Stay the course. Yes you could save some of the vulnerabilities and use them for the next release, while only putting to use 1 or 2 of them,but they could also be wasted if apple manages to patch them itself on its own. Lets say you wait, and the patch all 6-7 vulnerabilities, then your stuck waiting again, and will be presented the same questions when they release 6.As some have already posted, each new OS has had its own set of vulnerabilities, as im sure iOS6 and 7 and 8 and so on will have as well.

    If i said to you, “would you take 10 dollars now or 20 dollars in 6 months” which would you take? THe smart take 10 now, cause the value of the 20 will be diminished in 6 months. Same concept here, take 5.1 jailbreak, and worry about 6 when it gets here.

    Let us have 5.1 Jailbreak, were ready for it!!

  • Nitsud

    1st and foremost, just release it so I can stop reading all the complaints! Dear lord!

    I have 4s on 5.1 and would love the release as soon as possible but I understand if we have to wait because pod2g doesn’t want to use what he has found. He has been working hard for free and it’s no ones business to tell him to release anything. I have no knowledge of even where to begin to create a new jailbreak and I’m sure the majority of people wanting the 5.1 jailbreak and the COMPLAINERS! are in the same boat.

    I think it should be released because it is a great accomplishment to find the exploits and rise up and say “We pwnd Apple again!” It is all unknown when or what IOS 6 will turn out to look like and/or if these 6 or 7 vulnerabilities will be useful in the future IOS releases. So I understand the fork in the road that pod2g is at if he is still wanting to exploit future IOS releases.

    So if we have the technology, let us use it. Maybe not all of them if we don’t have to but keep up the hacking / jailbreaking moving forward with pwning another IOS. Plus it will finally shut up all these complainers.

    Thanks to pod2g and all others working on jailbreaking and giving time to let others get the most out of their devices. Yes I have voted on pod2g website to release ASAP.

    • len61

      Quite well put !

    • Nick


  • mess1ah

    First it’s we have 5 vulnerabilities…then it’s we found 2 more vulnerabilities.

    As I said in another thread, I think we’re all being fed a pile of sh1t !
    IF they really had 5 viable exploits, why were they still looking for more ?

    Don’t drink that kool-aid !

  • James king james

    If you save these exploits for iOS 6 there is not garantee that they will work on the new iPhone model…. So I say use the exploits on iOS 5.1

  • Worm


    • MP

      You would not be saying that if use just bought an iPhone or iPad with 5.1!

  • Natasha

    I want to be able to jailbreak my iPad 3 ,I’m bored.RELEASE

  • Victor

    Release it now! I’m a developer myself, whenever I release a major version upgrade, highly possible is that the whole architecture of the framework is changed. In order to compete or keep up with WIN8 philosophy, it’s wise to make major changes to IOS 5, and incorporate many features that’s compatible with Mac OS. The future strategy is to merge all devices on a unified platform, laptop, touchpad, desktop, TV, etc. Current IOS 5 framework obviously is too lightweight for that purpose.
    With the progress in hardware technology, IOS will soon lose its advantage of responsiveness / smooth (as its underlying system is initially designed for iPod, pure entertainment) to more complicated system as Windows and Android.
    In this matter, I suspect most exploits will not be in the new IOS 6, unless it’s a hardware related. Release it now or maybe we risk to lose most of them. Or even we only talk about half, we need to wait for another half year or more for all the exploits needed for a JB to be found in 6.

  • moe

    how to make jailbreak in ipad3(the new ipad) os 5.1

  • Jacques

    If they release the JB for 5.1 cant you just save the basesband/SHSBlobs or whatever its called before upgrading to IOS6 and save your JB? Just a question.

  • MacTech

    I need that 5.1 jb on 4s thats all i have to tether with. My wife pluged it in to her laptop to charge and it auto updated 🙁


  • iCy

    I thought I read somewhere that iOS 6 was set for June…if that’s true I would wait…don’t know of its true tho…either way good work on the exploits.

    • Izz

      Yeah and i read somewhere that santa will also come in june 😉

      Expect both santa and ios 6 by the end of the year!!

  • Izz

    All those selfish users who say: “wait for ios6” are horse’asses
    Why not wait for ios 8 then?

    We are ipad 3 users and we would like a jailbreak.
    We did not have the chance to stay on 5.0.1 because our device shipped with 5.1.

    So stop being effing selfish and for once think of ur fellow humans!!!

    • MP


  • HamHam

    It is all over, the Poll is closed…and we win (release it now)….Now what?
    how much longer do we have to wait for the jailbreak????????

  • Phebar

    Plz release the Jailbreak for my “new iPad” ill keep my iPad 2 untill i Got a JB for the new one;0)

  • MP

    I just bought an iPad 2 and it had 5.1 My iPhone 4s had 5.0.1 from the beginning and has been Jailbroken since day 1. Thank-you to the folks who spend hours and days figuring out how to Jailbreak. Keep up the great work and please keep on truckin’ with the 5.1 JB for the A5!!!!

  • Andrew s

    Screw waiting wtf i had to update nd lost my jailbreak now my ipad is vitually useless to me please release asap….

  • Steve bobs

    Please release the aanal probe app for ios i 5.1. I think hamham is going crazy

  • Mark Mintram

    pod2g had just tweeted that his iPhone 4 is running untethered on 5.1 🙂