iPad 3 Vs. iPad 2 Vs. iPad 1: Boot up Time Compared [Video]

new iPad

Apple’s new iPad comes with dual-core A5X chip with quad-core graphics.

So does the new A5X chip boost performance of the new iPad? Benchmark results have shown that it is as fast as iPad 2, which is powered by the A5 chip.

What about boot up time?

Folks at iClarified who had brought us the video comparing the network speed of iPad 1 vs. iPad 2 vs. iPad 3 have just published the video comparing the boot times of the iPad 1 vs. iPad 2 vs. iPad 3 on iOS 5.1.

While boot up time doesn’t matter when it comes to daily usage, it is always nice to know that your shiny new iPad is slightly faster than the older one. But check out the comparison video embedded below and you’re in for a surprise.

Please note the video is synced on the down click of the power button. The logos are supposed to appear at different times.

Surprisingly, in iClarified’s test, the iPad 1 takes the least time to boot up, followed by iPad 2 and iPad 3. iClarified says that this could be due to the new hardware features added by Apple with each model.

However, we and other blogs have observed that the new iPad actually boots 2-3 seconds faster than iPad 2, so we feel it probably depends to some extent on the iOS features that have been enabled/disabled and not just hardware. So it is a little difficult to conclude if the boot up time has increased or reduced due to the conflicting results.