NCSettings: Jailbreak Tweak Adds Popular Settings Toggles to Notification Center

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We’ve seen quite a few jailbreak tweaks that have brought some of the commonly used Settings toggles to┬áNotification Center for quick and easy access from anywhere in the iOS.

But we haven’t anything quite as sleek as NCSettings without taking too much space in the Notification Center, which is at a premium.

NCSettings brings several System Settings toggles to Notification Center such as – toggles for Wi-Fi, Volume, Brightness, Orientation Lock, Location Services, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, and Respring to Notification Center.

You can also rearrange the toggles by tapping and holding the icon to enter the reorder mode, similar to the way you reorder app icons on the Home Screen. You can also enable or disable each toggle via the Settings app (Settings -> NCSettings).

NCSettings is available for free on Cydia. It is also supports iPad. Please note you need to enable the NCSettings widget in Notification Center via the Settings app (Settings -> Notifications -> NCSettings) after installing it.

The developer JamieD360 plans to add more toggles in the future.

Check it out and don’t forget to let us know what you think of this tweak for Notification Center in the comments.

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  • So… Another SBSettings?

    • A better looking one

      • Sghdfdhh

        Seconded: it looks a lot prettier, and being in the notification center makes it more convenient, and visiting the notification center more often makes the notification center more useful.

  • Ziko

    Why no 3g toggle?

    • KK

      You have to slide….to see more feature

    • GT III

      If you slide to the right, there is a 3G toggle and much more

  • Sghfdhh

    Personal Hotspot toggle is something I’d actially use. Mute is on the side of the device, brightness adjusts itself with the ambient light sensor, it’s very rare to need to turn off wifi, and there’s no reason to switch off location services.

    • dsadsad


    • lou

      haha i don’t know about you, but i actually leave the house so i need to turn off wifi a lot.

  • ifonix

    look’s very cool but….
    SBSettings doing the same thing with more options.
    just sweep finger from left to right and you have it all.
    as a fan of shortcuts on my iphone i find SBSettings still more usifull.
    but it is a step in right direction.
    for all developwers.. keep the good work.

    it is very appraiseted.

  • Rumour Mill

    Rumour has it that some people switch wifi off to save battery life when they know they are not in a wifi hotspot Sghdfdhh. Strange but true.

    • Sghdfdhh

      These people are wasting something valuable (their time) to micromanage something cheap (electricity). Wifi on idle uses next to no power, especially compared to the 3G modem. Battery life with and without wifi on is practically indistinguishable; the only reason to switch it off is to cope with a network that says it’s working, but isn’t.

      Wifi being used actively takes a lot of power, as can be seen if personal hotspot is left on: as well as taking 40 percent of the battery life, the iPhone heats up from the effort. Whether anyone’s using the hotspot or not.

      The ideal solution would be myProfiles, but it never worked properly, and doesn’t work at all with iOS 5.

      • Echob4ter

        The acidification of our oceans and the emission of toxic and/or greenhouse gasses is not cheap, even if you don’t pay much money to do it.

        I have to turn off wifi every time I go to the coffee shop or am on campus as many services won’t work with their routers and I prefer a fast toggle to airplane mode when in class. I also think SBSettings is ugly as sin, slow as hell, and buggy as the last New York hotel I slept in. NCSettings was good enough for me to donate to.

        • Echob4ter

          That being said, NCSettings does leave much to be desired in it’s current incarnation. TeatherToggle most notably to me.

          However, I firmly believe it is on the right track. Being built from the ground-up for iOS 5 notification center is a major advantage. Surely it can’t be too hard for the hacker community amongst us to get the hang of plugging into it.

  • Apple Lover/Hater

    This is old. Is iPhoneHacks just finding this now? O_o thought i found it here.
    It is quite good in a sense that it doesnt lag the notification center though

  • fas

    How often do we even change the settings.

  • Shmll

    What’s the shortcuts option all about?

  • soldier

    I love it! This thing works like a champ. It lets you reorder the icons too. Please add hot spot toggle dude, that would be groovy.

  • Anthony


    It seem really neat! I’d love it if you could add an option I have in sbs settings. It’s call “Vibe/Silent” I find it VERY usefull.