Survey: 82% of New iPad Users ‘Very Satisfied’; Heating Issue is a Non-Issue

Research firm ChangeWave has just released results of iPad 3’s initial customer satisfaction survey.

Here are some of the key points from ChangeWave’s new iPad customer satisfaction survey:

  • 82% of the new iPad users are very satisfied and 16% are somewhat satisfied with their shiny new device, while only 2% said they were somewhat not satisfied with their new iPad. This is much better than iPad 2’s satisfaction survey, where 74% of the iPad 2 users were very satisfied and 23% were somewhat satisfied.
  • Not surprisingly, 75% of iPad 3 users rated Retina Display as their favorite feature. This was followed by battery life and 4G LTE capability.
  • The thing that they disliked most of the iPad 3 was the price and the cost of the wireless data plans.
  • ChangeWave also asked the respondents about the heating issue that has been one of the most debated issue since the launch of the new iPad. 89% of the users didn’t have or experience the heating problem, 7% felt it was not much of a problem, while 4% felt it was somewhat of a problem. More importantly, none of the respondents felt the heating issue was a big problem.

ChangeWave concluded that the heating issue doesn’t seem to be a perceived problem for most iPad 3 users, which in our opinion matters more than what review sites like Consumer Reports have to say.

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  • Tom

    I like how a “faster processor” is liked by a fifth of the users… If anything than it is a bit slower/stupider than my ipad 2, brobably because of 5.1….and seriously, when will apple fix the lag/delay of the 4 finger swipe left or right, I’m pretty dure the processor has the power for it…but thats probably because of the way ios is built up…still, they should rebuild it for the dual cores of ipad 2 and 3

  • fas

    What about the rest 18%, are they Samsung users who bought the iPad to give negative ratings. Just kidding.

  • Mikes

    I ‘upgraded’ from an iPad 2 and am kind of dissatisfied. On the one hand I love the amazing quality of the screen, but the added weight and heat kind of annoy me. Also, maybe it’s just me, but the battery doesn’t seem to last quite as long :s They’re small things, I know, but I miss my iPad 2 a little!