Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel Star in New iPhone 4S TV Ads Featuring Siri

Apple has started airing two new iPhone 4S commercial featuring celebrities Samuel L. Jackson and  Zooey Deschanel.

Apple has rarely used celebrities in TV commercials, so it comes as a surprise. The ads feature Siri – iPhone 4S’ personal assistant feature.

The first ad embedded below features Samuel L. Jackson, where he tells Siri to cancel golf from the calendar, find a place which sells organic mushroom for risotto, asks Siri “how many ounces in a cup” and set a reminder to “put the gazpacho on ice”.

The second ad features Zooey Deschanel, where she checks with Siri if it is raining outside, places that can deliver tomato soup, tells Siri to set a reminder to “clean up” and play music.

The ads also features Apple’s three iPhone carrier partners – AT&T, Verizon and Sprint at the end.

Apple has been sued by two iPhone 4S customers for misleading them with the iPhone 4S ads featuring Siri, but based on the new ads, it doesn’t seem that they’re too concerned with the lawsuits (not surprisingly).

Have you seen the new ads? What do you think about Apple’s strategy to using celebrities in their ads?

[via The Next Web]

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  • ryneb


  • iOS Me.0.1

    I would have loved to hear Samuel L Jackson curse…

  • Brent

    These are AT&T’s ads, not Apple’s.

    • The videos embedded here feature AT&T but we’ve seen videos which have featured Sprint and Verizon as well.

  • Louis

    I Love Zooey! As for the people suing Apple for being misleading I hope they don’t see the Lowe’s ad that shows a woman comig home and unrolling a carpet type item and as it unrolls across her bare yard it is full of flowers and all kinds of plants. Gee how deceptive … for people without a grip on reality.

  • Joe

    If Siri were a decent feature they would not have to overpay actors to gloss over the holes in the product.

    • Paul

      Siri delivers as advertised. The problem is that most people don’t know how to use this type of technology and with a jailbroken 4S and Siri extensions, the sky becomes the limit.

  • Hmmm?

    Siri is “cool” and all but I wonder what they would be marketing if the company that developed it was bought out by someone else. I didnt see the need for it and I thought it wasn’t much of a feature to upgrade to the 4s. Still don’t understand why it’s not available for the 4 or the new iPad and how long before its out of beta?

  • Poor1

    What a ‘liberal’ campaign, just give the caucasian girl a white iphone and the afro-american dude a black one. The most ironic part is that Zooey uses a blackberry in real life and Samuel uses a Vertu Constellation T ….so dont believe this hype about Siri (its the most useless gadget since the laptop steering wheel desk!).

    • Paul

      Can’t afford it, huh?

  • Elvis

    Siri is not worth your time needs a lot more work.

  • Sammy J! Yea, these commercials rocked. Love how they put Samuel L on an iPhone commercial! Smart move!

  • Ken

    If you used just one of your brain nerve, you would have figured out they used celebrities here for a reason. Celebrities have personal assistants, and now they use Siri as their personal assistants, and you can have the same. And you don’t know they reason why Samuel and Zooey have to behave so dumb and arrogant in these?

  • Misa

    How retarded you must be to be in an add and ask the phone if it is raining? Zooey should go through psychiatric evaluation. O look I live like a pig , let me tell my only friend that lives in a phone all about it. Today my phone and I have to dance.