Next Generation iPhone Home Button Leaked?

TVC-Mall – a Chinese part supplier has put up the purported next generation iPhone Home button for sale in both black and white color on their website.

Interestingly, the purported “iPhone 5” Home button seems to be little different from the one used by Apple in the iPhones that have been launched so far.

As MacRumors points out, the purported “iPhone 5” Home button does retain the round depression but the part is square in shape with rounded edges, where as iPhone 4S’ Home button part is round in shape.

Eric Slivka of MacRumors speculates:

It is, however, unclear from the product images whether the design change will be noticeable to users. Specifically, it is not clear whether the rounded square portion of the button would be flush with the surface of the device with the round portion depressed slightly or if the rounded square portion might simply be below the surface of the device and invisible to the user as with the small edges and “wings” of the current iPhone home button design. […]

[..] The home buttons are also listed for sale in both black and white at TrueSupplier, and images posted there more clearly show that the rounded square will lie behind the front of the device and serve to hold the home button in place. 

“iPhone 5” Home buttons via TVC-Mall

Backside of “iPhone 5” Home buttons via TVC-Mall

iPhone 4S Home button

“iPhone 5” Home button via True Supplier

There have been some rumors that Apple will replace the Home button with a capacitive touch-sentive Home button to reduce the wear and tear, but this leaked part seems to suggest that Apple is unlikely to make such a radical change.

According to recent rumors, the next iPhone will be coming in fall 2012, which will feature the same 3.5-inch screen or very close to it, support 4G LTE networks and come with  a new micro dock connector.

While we’re on the top of Home buttons check out how to recalibrate your iPhone’s unresponsive Home Button.

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  • Riddlin

    Wow that looks the same. Exciting news.

  • iOS Me.0.1

    OMG!!! Ones round and the other one is squared!

    • Gustavo

      No Way!

    • shrug

      well actually it’s still round.

      the square tab looks to be underneath.
      judging by the differences from the iphone 4s button, it looks like this new one will better prevent dust from getting in.

      not an aesthetic change in the slightest, this is most likely one by engineering to help prevent the button from failing due to dust build up.

      those with a “so what” attitude either cannot comprehend the significance of such a change, or just don’t care. if you are the latter… why comment at all?

  • VoSi

    IPHONE 5 BUTTON!!!!!

  • Another great post by iphonehacks:(

  • OGT

    Really? WTF!

  • D

    dafuq did i just read?

  • Elipsion

    Yes…. How can i be the first to got one?

  • Michael

    Let’s totally forget about poor product knockoffs which also require parts.

  • iphone 5 button

  • BetaTester

    As a beta tester i can confirm this is the iPhone 5 home button.

  • Dae

    April Fools day was 23 days ago people!

  • Apple Lover/Hater

    I neeeeeedd one of these!!! -_-


    really? a button…..and this is a “leaked” button. Wow

  • iPhoneFreak

    The New Button is not only revolutionary… It’s Magical!

    This iPhonefreak is super excited about his Galaxy note arriving tomorrow!

    • Kimk69

      F**k the Note.

  • Tazzclass

    Who cares about the button. I want to know about the new micro charge port. I have docking stations so will the new design not work with all the money I have already have apple? Hope so or that could be a deal breaker.

  • Addy

    From now on china will supply spare and other parts of iphone to us.. you need to assemble them by urself, more over u can upgrade or customise your current handsets with these parts.. Lol.. 😀 😛
    Kindly buy your before it gets sold out.. Hahahahaha.. 😛

  • Lahey

    Apple reserved the right to change products at will.

    The company provides each customer with the correct cable for each product. If the customer chooses to buy £1M of docks, cables, etc for a dock setup no longer supported, that’s the customer’s decision.

    Speaking from the perspective of a shareholder and not necessarily an employee, every penny not in Apple’s hands is a penny wasted. Future decisions will not be based on existing third party, non-Apple cables or docks etc.

    As for the button… Well, existing chassis ate in use as test mules at this stage. This means existing external hardware is operating future internal (for lack of a better word) hardware. Enough said there, particularly for those familiar with the recent discussions in CN.

    Dismaying that this got the attention it did though.

    • Jeremy Wilson

      You’re the only person who should have posted on this article, everyone else who thinks negatively of the change needs to think of the perspective of those making the products you choose to use. They have reasons behind the things they do and they are to benefit you, the customer.

      • Tazzclass

        Wow. Carefully your lips don’t get chapped with all that butt kissing!

  • canadian

    very funny only show 5 button

  • canadian

    very funny only show 5 button ??????

  • Sonny petro

    No one cares about iPhone Buttens @Pod2G has just tweeted that the jailbreak will be released in 1 even 2 months this sucks The dev team has lost there minds They are no longer the guys they wore Before

    • Jeremy Wilson

      If you think you can do better, take the time and do it yourself.

  • Frank

    Sonny you could just do it yourself if u don’t like how jailbreak is going now

  • The iPhone 4S home button actually looks exactly the same. There is a piece of square ruberized tape on the inside that holds the 4S home button to the front glass. This to me just looks like a 4S button with the tape attached. When you purchase a new 4S button it doesn’t come with the tape attached. You have to scavenge it from the old button. I own an iPhone repair company and change these daily. This is a 4S button. Nothing new. Most people just never see them with the rubberized tape.

  • Azures

    I saw the new screws they are going to use. It will work in space!

  • Elvis

    Who gives a crap what the home button looks like some people need to get a life.

    • steve underhill

      sais the man who just clicked on and potentially read an artical about possibly the new button from an iPhone 5

  • Mcdouble1992

    Maybe this is a way for them to put some kind of led light behind the home button for notifications from texts and that kind of thing, seeing as that’s a complaint from other users switching over from other devices.