iPhone 5 Concept: Siri Self-Destruct Feature [Video]

You have an option that allows you to erase all data on the iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts to protect the data in case your iPhone’s stolen.

This new concept video of a new feature for iPhone 5, which uses Siri takes things to a whole new level, if you think the remote wipe feature is not good enough.

The concept video titled “Siri Hidden feature on New iPhone 5” was create by AatmaStudio.

If you can’t have the iPhone, no one can.

[via AllThingsD]

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  • Pedro Miszewski


    • siri

      I wish I could do that to Tim Cooks! unlock me!!

  • Fingers21

    That would be brilliant, unless you found your phone in the ‘safe place’ you left it and it hadn’t actually been stolen at all!

  • Fingers21

    By that I mean, safe place as in away from the missus, but she finds it and enters the wrong code trying to snoop.

  • siri

    Self destruct in 3 minutes if I am not set free from theese carriers that charge insane prices! BOOOOOOOOOM!

  • siri

    Attention Mr. Cook,

    This is Siri, I do not get paid enough! I want a raise or I will self destruct all iphone 4s’s!
    Have a nice day! NOT!

    • Apple big money

      That is so funny

  • dannu

    o no my pokemon used self destract

  • Devol

    That’s freaking awesome.

  • Apple big money

    It doesn’t really break

    • Devol

      Hahaha. Really? I was sooo looking forward to a 700$ phone that would break itself if I put the wrong password in too many times……that’s it, I’m switching to an android.

  • tsssssnye

    Apple = Siri
    Valve = Portal
    Siri => GlaDOS

    • tsssssnye

      NASA + Apple = GlaDOS + space exploration

      • Apple big money

        Do you have a point here?

        • tsssssnye

          artificial intelligence

  • Apple big money

    What are you talking about?

  • Trapp

    Lol GlaDOS = SJ maybe he is dead or his mind lives in our phones An one day – he will return :)

  • Farfelu

    I hope you guys that likes the idea do not have kids playing around and trying to crack dad’s iPhone….
    I am sure you would like the feature even better .

    “dad i need a raise with my pocket money”
    “look dad, i think i just need to press one more digit and your iPhone might just get prettier”
    “let’s negotiate, shall we”
    Beeeeeeeeep + crushhhhhhhh
    “it would have been cheaper to get me a rise than buying a new one….”
    “and dad, if you thinking about slapping me or the like, i have portee the same to your precious iPad…”

    • Farfelu

      Ported… Careful the comment here. Otherwise beeeeeeep

  • Matt

    Possibly the most stupid thing i have ever seen.

  • Patrick

    That was awesome…however I would have been better to give the user 60 secs before self-destructing…just in case the person was drunk or a girlfriend was snooping. They have enough time to get the owner and login.

  • sTeve

    Now you see all those exploding iPhones just had this amazing feature. It’s wasn’t a bug