Mockup of Next iPhone With a Taller 4-Inch Display

As reported earlier, The Verge forum member – modilwar showed us how Apple’s next iPhone could come with a larger 4-inch display, but avoid impacting all iOS developers despite the change in resolution of the screen.

modilwar explained that Apple could change the aspect ratio from 3:2 to 9:5 to increase the screen sizewhile maintaining the same 326 ppi. The change in aspect ratio would keep the shorter side of the iPhone’s screen the same, i.e. 640 pixels at 1.94 inches, but increase the length of the longer side to 3.49 inches (1152 pixels).

The increase in height of the display could allow Apple to add one more row of app icons to iPhone’s home screen. We have also seen how the increase in height would impact Apple’s pre-installed iPhone apps and third party apps that use standard and custom interface elements.

9to5Mac reader Spencer Caldwell has created a mockup of what an iPhone with a taller 4-inch screen and 1152×640 screen resolution will look like.

While there is a good reason why current iPhones sport a screen size of only 3.5-inch, Apple cannot ignore that they are losing customers to Android based smartphones who want a larger screen.

We don’t expect Apple to retain iPhone 4’s design in the next generation iPhone as shown in the mockup. According to rumors, Apple’s sixth generation iPhone could feature a new, sleek look with 4-inch display, unibody casingsupport 4G LTE networks and come with a micro dock connector.

Let us know your thoughts on the possibility of the next generation iPhone getting a taller 4-inch display in the comments.