Mockup of Next iPhone With a Taller 4-Inch Display

As reported earlier, The Verge forum member – modilwar showed us how Apple’s next iPhone could come with a larger 4-inch display, but avoid impacting all iOS developers despite the change in resolution of the screen.

modilwar explained that Apple could change the aspect ratio from 3:2 to 9:5 to increase the screen sizewhile maintaining the same 326 ppi. The change in aspect ratio would keep the shorter side of the iPhone’s screen the same, i.e. 640 pixels at 1.94 inches, but increase the length of the longer side to 3.49 inches (1152 pixels).

The increase in height of the display could allow Apple to add one more row of app icons to iPhone’s home screen. We have also seen how the increase in height would impact Apple’s pre-installed iPhone apps and third party apps that use standard and custom interface elements.

9to5Mac reader Spencer Caldwell has created a mockup of what an iPhone with a taller 4-inch screen and 1152×640 screen resolution will look like.

While there is a good reason why current iPhones sport a screen size of only 3.5-inch, Apple cannot ignore that they are losing customers to Android based smartphones who want a larger screen.

We don’t expect Apple to retain iPhone 4’s design in the next generation iPhone as shown in the mockup. According to rumors, Apple’s sixth generation iPhone could feature a new, sleek look with 4-inch display, unibody casingsupport 4G LTE networks and come with a micro dock connector.

Let us know your thoughts on the possibility of the next generation iPhone getting a taller 4-inch display in the comments.

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  • Rick

    Would you lose the gay home button already!

    • Trapp

      Hmmm longer means gay? Are You short on something?

  • Rick

    And Christ, it’s not gonna have the same look as the iPhone 4.

    • kk305

      Which is exactly what the article says if you would have taken the time to read it.

  • mihaimm

    The only way Apple is ever going to increase the screen is by making it edge-to-edge. There will never be an increase in the physical size of the phone. Besides… remember when it came out and everybody was saying “that’s a HUGE phone”. The size of those droids is getting ridiculous. To the point where manufacturers don’t know if they are phones or tablets…

    • jays_on

      That’s the point dude, the phone size isn’t changed. Just less wasted bezel area.

  • Ash

    True say, am happy with the size of the iPhone, Droids are getting to big and ridiculous

    • Dave

      True say? Is this some form of chav talk

    • jays_on

      Guys look at the pic again, and my previous statement…

      “The phone size isn’t changed. Just less wasted bezel area.”

  • Kwopau

    Well I do like the iPhone 4/4S form factor and I actually like the screen size as it is right now. I hope they don’t increase it at all and just keep it the same. I was at Best Buy Mobile yesterday and most smartphone that had greater then 3.5 inch were huge, not to mention the Samsung Note, it is big and fat, no way I would want to hold that into my ear.

    • jays_on

      Then keep your phone, don’t upgrade.

  • Kenton

    they shud keep the same size, its perfectly fine. you want a bigger phone on a screen, then buy an android for christ sake

    • jays_on

      You want the same size screen? Then don’t upgrade! Some of us like the advancement of technology.

  • Whatevs

    I dunno… My friend has a Motorola razor. It’s thinner with a larger screen and I have to say I DO like the feel. Reading text, web pages it just feels better with a lot less zooming in and out and I don’t notice any real problems one handed. At this point I think saying the iPhones screen is optimal for one handed use is kind of a cop out.

  • Joe

    Reading email and web pages is so much better on the larger screens. The problem is that Apple will have to admit defeat because they have entrenched themselves so much on their current size. The simple fact is that for people with larger hands (any man of just below average size or larger) the phone is too small. I love the iPhone in general and don’t want to switch to an Android just because of screen size, but I know that the iPhone would be so much better if the screen and device were ~50% larger. Small is certainly not everything in a phone.

  • OGT

    Horrible….! “Wider better”

  • iOS Me.0.1

    Meh…. Here we go…. Once again the rumors are racking up…

  • Jf3rr3ll

    I am in hopes Apple goes with a bigger screen. I switched to a Skyrocket (4.5″ screen) and loved the phone and would of kept it had it ran iOS! ;-P What else can I say, I love my iPhones! I am sure they know they need to increase the size of the screen. We know LTE is coming on the next gen (hope they allow you to toggle it). I like the home button. It makes the phone more simple. Try using a Droid with all it’s multiple screen touches to do something simple. And leave the 30 pin connector alone!!! All the gadgets people have using the 30 pin already. WHY change that up!!! Boo on that one for sure.

  • Yuse

    Apple needs a major revamp as most phones are more smarter looking and the functions to go with it apple should now be playing catchup I am seriously considering changing my handset if they don’t make any changes in the design of next ip

  • City023

    You guys are talking nonsense. Android, Samsung, ect….phone are huge but just about right. I’d rather watch a video or pics on them rather than an iPhone. Apple needs to catch up. It’s either screen from edge to edge or change the size. I would rather have them work on the battery life.

  • Genji

    Big phone like samsung are to much no offense, but no way im gonna spend money on a jumbo phone, well some might , -_-;

  • Greg

    No. Bad idea changing the size like this. They need to keep the proportions the same, and if possible the resolution, or a multiple of so that graphics scale properly. If the proportions change developers will need to rewrite their apps, yet again, yet still allow them to render on older devices. And the same if the resolution changes.

    By my reckoning, apple could increase the size to 3.2″ using the same resolution as the current 4 and 4S and retain the ‘retina’ display quality without developers having to alter their app’s graphics at all (coming down from 326 to 300dpi). However, 3.5″ would come down to 274dpi and 4″ down further still to 240dpi. Your average Joe probably wouldn’t even notice the pixels, but it wouldn’t be strictly retina quality.

  • jays_on

    I love it, The phone isn’t any bigger than the current iphone 4/4s. Same form-factor, larger screen. Brilliant.

  • jays_on

    And give me a break guys, “OH NO! A developer has to develop!” If a dev is afraid of development changes then they need a new job. Seriously, the very definition means to change/evolve! “to bring out the capabilities or possibilities of; bring to a more advanced or effective state: to cause to grow or expand.”

    • Greg

      Sure, devs could do it, but think about the size of the resulting apps. Already universal apps for iPhone and iPad are bigger than single platform apps. It’s a known fact that the revised apps for the new iPad’s retina display swelled iWork apps considerably. Now add in revised graphics for a different ratio and you’ve got graphics for a third display on one app.

      This, devs will have to release 3 versions of the same app, and charge you for each one. A costly exercise for families sharing an app store account who want the same app on different devices.

  • Frank

    Bigger screen! And better battery a must! No reason they can’t do both

  • sidenine

    You people who like the 3.5″ screen size of the iPhone must have the tiniest fingers on the planet. I moved to a 4.3″ Android after 2 years of using an iPhone and typing has gotten so much better. My wife has the 4S and every time I pick it up, I can barely type, even with iOS’s great keyboard (which is pretty much better than most Android keyboards). The space for the keyboard just isn’t big enough anymore. I don’t have abnormally large fingers, just average.

    If Apple made a 4″ or larger screen, I’d go back to an iPhone, but only if the width was increased too, not just the length. That wouldn’t solve the typing problem unless you rotated the device into landscape mode, which I don’t have to do on my 4.3″ Android.

    Going from 3.5″ to 4″ isn’t that big of a jump. That’s only 0.5″ in diagonal length, but by pythagorean’s theorem, the length and width would need to be less than 0.5″ each so the diagonal size could be 0.5″. So, add on a tiny amount to the width, and a tiny amount to the length. Have you really changed the size that much that you will notice a big difference? I don’t think so. In fact, go to any wireless provider’s store and check out a 4″ phone and see for yourself.

    I agree, the iPhone needs to evolve in size, not just technology.

  • Looks like a tower bolt, fail.

  • Gustavo

    C’mon boys, stop dreaming…this are the same gossip and stories from when the iPhone5 are going to went out last year, nothing serious…

  • sherv

    It is odd that Spencer Caldwell has the time to do mock ups and post them here, when we have paid him to do design work on our iPhone app, and he not only has taken our money and has not delivered, but he also has stopped responding to our emails, calls or skype messages. We have come to find out that this seems to be a pattern for him that he charges people for design work, and once he gets paid, he disappears and stops responding to emails. Maybe that is why he has left Utah and move to Latin America!!!
    Spencer, respond to our email, finish the work or return the money…