Quasar: Jailbreak Tweak Allows You to Run Multiple Apps at Once on Your iPad

Do you want to be know what’s going on in your Twitter feed, while you’re surfing on your iPad’s mobile Safari browser?

A new jailbreak tweak called Quasar now allows you to do just that.

Pedro Franceschi¬†–¬†developer of Quasar says that it is a Windows manager for iPad. It essentially allows you to run apps in a window that can be resized, moved, closed or expanded to full-screen mode.

This means that you can run more than one app (two seems to be the most optimal) at once on your iPad.

Quasar is integrated with multitask tray / app switcher and allows you to kill the app by tapping and holding on the close button.

It is deeply integrated with iOS so when you launch apps from the Notification Center or from Safari, the apps are launched in the window.

You can check out the video of Quasar in action below:

Quasar is available in Cydia for $9.99. We haven’t tried it out yet, but it seems to be quite impressive and seems to be a must-have for users looking to run more than one app simultaneously on their iPad. It is also appears to be a much better version of Polyonix jailbreak tweak that was released last year.

The developer is currently working to fix few bugs and also plans to add Bluetooth keyboard support in the future.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • TJ

    A lot of potential. Hopefully we see a more refined version in iOS 6. This isn’t worth the 9.99 yet. A lot of glitches. So much work would have to go into making this function work right… hope it does

  • ShAdOwXPR

    Well it’s windows or OS X multitasking which is better than nothing but I like win8 2 app at a time multitasking better…

  • mkimid

    It is just a jail break apps,
    Even it is great apps, but, it is only for jailbreak only

  • Hajo

    Just bought the application. Seemed to run nicely on my ipad2 at first. Then I started noticing glitches when scrolling in Facebook (even in fullscreen). Also, somehow the app initializes all applications upside down, sometimes rotating them correctly after a sec, sometimes just leaving it that way, forcing me to rotate them manually with the rotate button.
    However, I like the idea of it and therefore don’t mind having payed $10 for something which is still more of a test release, although I really hope the developer will use it to improve the app since for now I’ll leave it disabled due to functionality issues.

  • Shuaib

    This is awesome but few errors and I think we should make an iPhone version aswell

  • Antonio

    Bought it yesterday, awesome tweak at first look, but.. due to glitches left it disabled until the next fixed update comes out. Don’t regret having paid 10$ though, hope the dev will continue working on it.
    I guess Apple will include something similair in iOS6, 7, or 8 LOL

  • Cj

    This would be nice to have on apple tv

  • Chris

    Where was this one week ago? I was driving to see my girlfriend and I searched EVERYWHERE to see if there was an app just like this so I could run navigation and iRadar on my iPad. AHHHHHH!

    • Chris

      Hmm, after trying it out I have to agree with all the other comments. Too many bugs to use right now, even for the simple application I explained because iRadar is an app that was only made for iPhone and apparently this doesn’t play nice with iPhone only apps. I’ll definitely keep it installed tho and wait for bugs to be fixed!

  • Antonio

    The update fixed the orientation bugs, but it is still incompatible with Facetime, I get just black window or black screen. We’ll see.

  • eric c

    I love this app on my ipad3. However, it disables face time, so face time has a black screen. However, if Quesar is disabled, then facetime works again. I hope the developer can fix the problem. Anyone has the same issue?